Wool Insoles

Wool has been used by man for more than 5000 years, continuing to uphold its magnanimous reputation in the form of insoles.
Find out more below on how wool insoles work to your benefit, what the best wool insoles are made from and a brief discussion of the best wool insole features available.

Wool Insoles

The Benefits of Wearing Wool Insoles

Wool insoles have been used for thousands of years by mankind across all cultures and climates. Wool is one of the world’s most revered clothing fibers available because it’s natural, soft and lasts a very long time. Fewer people are allergic to wool than many other materials used to make clothing.

Traditionally wool was used for its superior insulation, doing an excellent job at keeping warm air trapped inside our clothing and letting cold air out. In hot climates, wool does the opposite, keeping you cool and wicking any sweat away.

Wool insoles are primarily used for insulation in shoes for those who live in cold climates or who don’t have enough blood circulation in their feet. Aside from keeping your feet warm, wool will also keep them dry, since it is highly absorbent and quick drying. They will last a long time, provided you don’t wash them in warm water!

A Discusion of Superior Wool Insole Fibers & Insulating Materials

Different species of sheep (and other livestock such as alpaca), produce a different type of wool. Merino wool is the best wool fiber to use, being the finest and most efficient wool fiber.

It’s finer than human head hair and is often used in very thin layers in specialized sports gear. Merino wool is also antifungal, antimicrobial, as well as odor resistant thanks to the lanolin content found present inside it.

Wool insoles can be paired with the following materials for enhanced effects:

  • Latex – a latex backing to the wool insole gives it some body and stability. Depending on the type of insole, it may also provide arch support.
  • Aluminium – aluminium has been used in insoles in thin sheets to provide insulation akin to astronaut gear. Ideal for wearing in extremely cold climates.

Features of a Good Wool Insole

Here are some of the best wool insole features and a brief look at how they can benefit you.

  • Thickness – a pair of very thick wool insoles adds additional dimensions of comfort to your shoes. It will also give your feet extra padding and precise arch support, allowing your feet to sink into the insoles and shape them.
  • Wool Blends – blending finer wool such as merino wool with heavier wool such as alpaca wool can result in an even warmer pair of wool insoles without ruining their natural integrity.
  • Arch Support – If your insole is backed with latex, make sure to find one with arch support. If you have medium to high arches, this feature is crucial! Arch support will help protect your feet from damage, foot pain, as well as fatigue.
  • Heel Cup – a heel cup helps keep your foot straight and in alignment when making a stride. It also keeps your foot from sliding in the shoe, contributing to the stability of the insole. A deep heel cup helps protect your knees, whereas a raised heel cup is perfect for high arches or heel pain.
  • Aluminium Backing – aluminum backing on your wool insoles is ideal if you live in an icy climate and need a pair of low profile warm insoles. Aluminum prevents any heat from escaping the wool and makes it’s insulating properties twice as efficient!

Reviews: The Best Wool Insoles

Choose from our below list of premium thin wool insoles to keep your feet toasty during those frosty days!

  • Pedag is a Germany based company that takes pride in developing sophisticated Euro styled insoles.
  • These superior insulation insoles consist of three layers: wool, foam, and aluminum.
  • The wool forms a breathable and luxuriously soft top layer that gets the warmth started inside your Winter boots.
  • The aluminum plate lets the heat stagnate, keeping your feet warm and toasty.
  • A sturdy latex heel cap lines the underside of the insole, keeping your heels protected from shock and your arches supported.
  • Enjoy the comfort these low profile wool insoles provide without compromising the shoes you love to wear the most!

  • Only both the softest Alpaca and Merino Sheep wool was used to craft these superior organic wool insoles.
  • The combination of these wools is heavenly soft, pampering your feet with all natural comfort that’s been alive for centuries.
  • A very low profile ensures that you can use these insoles to insulate any pair of closed shoes you own.
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial and breathable, these shoe inserts will keep your feet dry as well as warm.
  • Keep your feet at the perfect temperature, whether you are braving the Swiss Alps or taking a trip to some tropical islands!
  • Only made from two ingredients and free from all synthetic materials, padding, chemicals, toxins, and additives.

  • Here is a pair of luxury merino wool insoles that could easily be mistaken for a pair of cozy wool slippers!
  • Treat your feet to this odor resistant pair of pure organic merino wool insoles, designed to keep the heat inside your shoes.
  • These insoles will absorb any excess moisture and discourage perspiration, allowing your feet to breathe without suffocation.
  • Under the insole lies an anti-slip silicon strip, designed to keep the insoles in place inside your shoes.
  • The insole will mold to the exact shape of your feet after a few days of use, making them extremely comfortable and arch supportive.

  • Wearing these insoles is likely the closest thing you will receive to wearing an actual sheep!
  • Made using the finest quality of sheep fleece, these insoles have been tested and proven to be wear resistant and highly durable.
  • Backed with a sheet of latex, the insole will not slip inside your shoes and will give your feet a reasonable degree of support.
  • Let your feet just sink in without taking up all the space you have in your boots, slippers or flats.
  • Hand washes and hang to dry to keep them in the best possible condition.

  • If you need a pair of space age insulation insoles, you could be looking at the final frontier!
  • Sophisticated insole technology traps the heat inside the felt, while the aluminum fibers seal the heat in and prevent moisture build-up.
  • The aluminum is woven into the Felt, providing the most effective form of micro insulation.
  • Ideal for those with diabetic neuropathy and other similar medical conditions in which the feet get very cold!
  • These insoles work very well in icy climates and are capable of keeping feet warm at temperatures of -25C (-13F) and up.

  • These ultra plush sheepskin insoles are made to give your shoes a cozy slipper-like appeal while still offering orthotic arch support wherever you go.
  • Under the thick layer of fluff lies a layer of super comfortable foam padding which helps to support your feet and prevent fatigue.
  • The heels contain a gel shock pad for shock absorption, reducing the impact on the sensitive areas of your feet.
  • The top layer is 100% moisture wicking, keeping your feet pampered and blister free.
  • Optimal for those living in a colder climate, the insoles will keep your feet feeling snug and warm.

  • All the great orthopedic support of powerstep pinnacle insoles are inherent in these insoles with the addition of soft felted wool.
  • Wool offers excellent moisture wicking capacity and will keep your feet dry all year round.
  • The dual-layer cushioning of the foam will prevent shock or jarring impacts from tiring out your feet.
  • Provides excellent temperature regulation, keeping your feet cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.
  • In-built arch support takes all pressure off your feet, preventing the onset of conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • Ideal insoles for hiking boots, trail running shoes or any outdoor activities.

  • Superfeet has now introduced these fabulous Merino Wool Insoles to their range, offering all the support and comfort of their GREEN insoles plus wool!
  • Merino wool is the finest quality of wool, offering the best temperature regulation and moisture wicking capacity of any other type of wool available worldwide.
  • A deep heel cup coupled with a stabilizer cap provides optimal motion control and balanced pronation, preventing pressure buildup on your feet.
  • Perfect insoles for foot pain, arch pain, heel pain, a ball of foot pain or tired out feet.
  • The insoles offer high arched support and can be used by all foot types.

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