Insoles for UGG® and Replacement

We all know the oversized and thick, Sheep leather UGG boot brand, these boots originated from Australia and New Zealand and have taken the fashion market by storm.

They are the perfect casual wearing boot and can even be used as a slipper in the winter time.

Warm and thick comfy boots with shearling inners, and a plush and comfortable insole.
Yet the time may come when you need to replace or enhance the insoles on your beloved UGG boots.


UGG Boot Popularity and History

UGG Boots feature

UGG Boots are a unisex Sheepskin style boot which was first found in Australia and New Zealand.

UGG boots are usually manufactured from twin-faced sheepskin, with the fleece wool side on the inside for warmth and coziness, and the smooth tanned leather side on the outside, along with a thick rubber outsole.

The term UGG BOOTS originated initially from the Australian utilitarian boots used for warmth mainly by surfers in the 1960’s.

In the late 19190’s the UGG boot became a fashion trend in the UK and USA, and by the mid-2000’s it was a popular trend all over the world, and still is today.

Insole Types for UGG Boots

Although you do get particular UGG boot insoles, which are manufactured to fit your UGG boots specifically with the UGG boot brand name, you likewise can use other forms of insoles.

In general, any insole that will fit your UGG Boot is acceptable and can be used for additional support and comfort, although I would be a bit more meticulous in choosing a replacement insole, as the genuine UGG insole is quite thick and hardy.

Because of the genuine sheepskin and shearling leather features of the UGG boot, a sheepskin leather insole, preferably with a fleece or sheep wool top layer would be the best option for a replacement or additional insole to your UGG boot, as this is more fitting to the overall style and function of a UGG boot to begin with.

Characteristics of an Good Insole for UGG Boot

Natural Sheepskin Insoles Men's & Women's – Acdyion Super Warm Cozy & Fluffy Premium Thick Wool Fur Fleece Insoles for All Shoes (Natural, Women US Size 9) 2 of 6

For the most part, a good insole for a UGG boot needs to provide soft comfort and warmth, although other options such as cushioning, arch support and stability may likewise be desirable.
None the less,

Here are some great features you can consider:

  • A plush fleece or curly sheep wool top that comes in different millimeters of thickness.
  • Genuine sheep leather with a non-skid bottom.
  • Foam padding such as EVA.
  • Arch support or a heel cup.
  • Trim to fit option so you can adjust the size and fit.
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • They are insulated for warmth and comfort.
  • Cushioned support.
  • Anti-Microbial treated.
  • Perforation holes for ventilation.
  • Different levels of thickness.

Reviews: Insoles for Genuine UGG Boots


Specifically designed for the UGG boot brand these men’s insoles have a sheer and warm top layer, as well as a shock absorbing heel pad for added support and protection. Will fit snugly in any men’s brand of UGG boots or shoes.

  • Manufactured from the finest quality pure sheepskin, with a sheer sheep wool top layer.
  • The top layer consists of 7mm of dense, and plush curly sheep wool.
  • A Poron Heel Pad ta absorb shock and provide heel cushioning.
  • Features antimicrobial protection to keep your feet odor and germ-free.


These insoles, specially designed for women’s UGG boots and shoes have a thick, plush moisture-wicking top layer and a dual density foam bottom layer, for superior warmth, comfort, and support.

  • A durable synthetic sole.
  • The upper part features 17mm of plush sheepskin with curly sheep wool for warmth.
  • Ideal moisture wicking capabilities, to keep your feet dry and warm.
  • The dual density bottom along with the plush sheepskin ensures excellent cushioning and support.
  • Keeps your feet comfortable and snugly warm.


The Acdyion Natural sheepskin insoles are not specifically aimed at UGG boots, although they offer a universal fit perfect for the UGG boot and shoe brand likewise.

  • A plush sheepskin insole with 18 mm of soft and comfortable sheep wool.
  • Genuine moisture-wicking sheepskin keeps your feet warm and dry.
  • An EVA cushioned and breathable under-sole for better circulation and cushioning.
  • These replacement insoles are ideal for UGG boots and shoes, and many other winter boot and shoe types, as well.


The Premium Range from Shoeslulu features three different types of insoles, a Thin and latex free sheepskin insole; Natural sheepskin, and a thick shearling sheepskin insole for those cold winters.

  • An excellent universal fit for all boot and shoe types and brands.
  • A full layer of premium lambswool in the shearling option, with a less thick layer in the natural and thin option.
  • The Anti-Slip latex bottom holds the insole securely in place.
  • Slightly perforated and padded for cushioned comfort and excellent breathability.
  • Handcrafted with three different versions to choose from.
  • The ideal fit for all Shearling boot types, such as your UGG boot range.

  • Features exceptional thermal insulation properties for those very cold winter months and conditions.
  • Moisture wicking to keep your feet dry and odor free.
  • The perfect replacement insoles for UGG boots as well as slippers.
  • Available in different size options for men and women as well as three neutral color options to choose from.


Not Uite into the thick and fluffy, shearling insoles for your UGG boots, well why not try the Pedag Royal. These insoles offer light padding and a more breathable and less insulated option.

  • Manufactured from vegetable tanned sheepskin, without the shearling top.
  • Slightly padded with cushioned and durable latex foam for better support.
  • The Active Carbon Filters in the insole, aid to prevent odors from developing.
  • A breathable and moisture wicking insole that will prevent moisture and bacteria build-up, as well as reducing odors in your shoes.

Index Table: UGG Insoles & Replacements

1UGG Men's Twinsole - Poron Heel Pad Insoles for UGG Boots
  • Antimicrobial
  • Poron Heel Pad
2UGG Women’s's Accessories - Sheepskin Insoles
  • Plush
  • Moisture Wicking
3Acdyion Unisex Natural - Sheepskin Insoles for UGG Boots
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Versatile
4Shoeslulu Unisex Premium - Insoles to Fit UGG Boots
  • Options
  • Anti-Slip
5ABUSA Unisex Premium - Fur Lined Thick Sheepskin Insoles
  • Thermal
  • Moisture Wicking
6Pedag Unisex Royal - Foam Insoles for UGG Boots
  • Padded
  • Carbon Filter
  • Breathable

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