Thick Insoles

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Thick Insoles

Advantages of Wearing Thick Insoles

Wearing thick insoles comes with a few great advantages when compared to thin insoles.

  1. Maximum Comfort – Thick insoles offer up to triple the comfort of thin insoles, provided your shoes are roomy. The extra thickness usually allows your feet to sink in, giving your feet the most padded support and cushioning possible.
  2. Height – Many people love to wear thick insoles to give them a height increase and a confidence boost. Unlike high heels, elevation insoles are hidden inside your shoes which creates a convincing illusion that you are that tall.
  3. Moldable – Most thick insoles are moldable to the shape of your feet, offering the precise support your foot type needs.
  4. Protective – If you work in construction or have a heavy duty job that requires you to wear work boots or safety gear, opt for a thicker pair of insoles to protect your feet. For similar reasons, those who are diabetic or who have sensitive feet should also wear thick insoles for added protection.
  5. Insulating – The thicker the insoles, the better they are at insulating your shoes. If you live in an extreme climate, particularly where it snows, thick insoles can keep your feet snug, warm and comfy.

Thick Insoles Materials for Optimal Comfort

Some of the best thick insole materials are as follows:

  • Memory Foam – Memory foam is used to make thick orthotic insoles because it is highly adaptable to the shape of your feet. Unlike leather or other natural materials, it only takes a maximum of 20 mins before the insole conforms to your foot shape. When choosing memory foam insoles, make sure it has ventilation or is covered with a breathable top layer.
  • Cork – Cork is a very sturdy all natural material that will last you a very long time. After a week or two, your feet will wear cork insoles in and make them into a pair of the most comfortable insoles you’ve likely ever worn. Cork is also naturally antibacterial and absorbent, making sure your feet feel fresh while you wear cork insoles.
  • Wool – Thick wool insoles are the best choice for increasing the comfort of any shoes, especially during cold weather. Aside from being plush and incredibly comfortable, wool is also moisture wicking, antimicrobial and allows your skin to breathe.

Features of a Good Thick Insole

The best thick insoles will likely have two or more of the below features.

  • Shock Absorption – If you are looking for foot protection and maximum support, shock absorbing insoles are a fantastic idea. Shock absorption can deflect impacts as well as distribute force evenly along the feet, making sure that the feet are exposed to minimal impact. This protects the feet from fatigue and injury.
  • Durability – Thick insoles tend to last a longer time than thin insoles, especially if made from cork or EVA-backed memory foam.
  • Moisture Wicking – A moisture-wicking insole dries out quickly, keeping your feet free of perspiration.
  • Antimicrobial – The feet are a common place for infections such as Athlete’s Foot to occur. This is because wearing shoes all day keeps your feet in a dark, warm and potentially moist environment. Antimicrobial insoles help to prevent infections like this from occurring and keep your feet healthy.
  • Pronation Control – Pronation is described as the way the foot rolls when we take a step. If one under or overpronates, it can cause foot problems, hip pain and even affect body posture. Pronation control insoles prevent any of these problems by making sure every step you take is in perfect alignment.

Reviews: The Best Thick Insoles

Below is our top rated list of thick insoles with their best features, each one catering to a different need from protection to height elevation.

  • Compared to many memory foam insoles, these ones are consistently thick all the way through, allowing any foot type to sink right in.
  • On the underside is a gel shock pad which will protect your heels from excess shock or impact.
  • The ventilation right through the insole allows your feet to breathe easily and keeps them cool all day long.
  • Alleviate pressure from your feet and keep them feeling comfortable, preventing plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and more.
  • Ideal for sports, casual wear, work, and any closed shoes.
  • Not ideal for diabetics or those who require wiggle room.

  • These insoles are great for increasing your height without compromising the comfort or integrity of your shoes.
  • Made from memory foam, these insoles will conform with precision to the shape of your feet, cushioning your heels particularly well.
  • The underside comes included with a built-in shock absorbent half insole, distributing pressure evenly over your feet.
  • These insoles will add 1 inch to your height instantly, making you appear believably taller than you are.
  • One size fits all as each insole comes with guidelines on the underside for trimming to your foot size.

  • These authentic Australian sheepskin insoles are the real deal when it comes to keeping feet cozy in Winter.
  • The soft, plush nature of thick Australian wool comfortably molds to the exact shape of your feet, compressing to give a thick 1/4 inch of padding.
  • If you have to work in the extreme cold, then these insoles will make a welcome insulating addition to your work boots.
  • You can place these over your orthotic inserts for extra warmth, padding, and comfort.
  • Wool is naturally absorbent and moisture wicking, which means it will keep your feet 100% dry at all times.

  • If you are looking for a thick pair of all natural, protective support insoles, then Birkenstock will quickly become one of your favorite brands!
  • Cork is lightweight and lends itself to your foot shape after wearing them in, making them one of the most comfortable insoles in the long run.
  • Tailored arch support helps your feet feel comfortable while you are breaking these insoles in, providing optimal support.
  • These insoles are one of the most durable too, lasting an average of 5 years or more.
  • Originally made to replace the insoles of Birkenstock shoes, these cork insoles will work to support your feet in any large shoes or work boots.
  • Ideal for fighting off foot fatigue, heel pain, pronation problems and so much more.

  • If you want to boost your height by more than an inch, then these are the best thick insoles you will find.
  • These insoles sit comfortably behind your heels, giving the illusion to those around you of extra height.
  • Made from memory foam and backed by sturdy EVA, the insoles provide the best padding for your heels, and they alleviate heel pain.
  • The top layer is breathable and also offers antimicrobial protection, which not only keeps feet infection-free but also reduces unwanted odors.
  • Suitable for all foot types, one size fits all as long as you place them in shoes that have enough room.

  • Gosuban memory foam insoles are wonderful for those who crave thick support under their sore feet.
  • Made with two layers of thick memory foam padding, the insoles adapt to the shape of your arches, providing exact support even when your feet flex.
  • A deep heel cradle controls pronation and keeps your feet stable inside your shoes.
  • The top fabric is antimicrobial with a good grip, eliminating odors and promoting a healthy foot environment.
  • Ideal for those who have heel spurs, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, neuromas or athletes who have hurt their feet and need the support.

  • These thick insoles will make a perfect gift for somebody who often complains about foot fatigue, cold feet and cushioning in their shoes!
  • Containing an extra thick layer of fluffy wool as well as dual-density foam, the thick padding of these insoles will keep your feet comforted like no other.
  • The wool is moisture-wicking, absorbing moisture quickly and drying out very fast, ensuring your feet remain dry.
  • A synthetic sole deflects shock with gel shock pads and an energy return design, also offering you with semi-rigid arch support.
  • The thermal properties of the wool will keep your feet cozy in cold weather and cool in warm weather.
  • Perfect for slippers, loafers, winter boots and other casual shoes.

  • HappyStep memory foam insoles come with a thick slope of memory foam which precisely conforms to the shape of your feet for supreme comfort.
  • A high rebound keeps your feet stable and extends the lifespan of your shoes and these thick insoles.
  • A semi-flexible arch support shell prevents movement of your feet in your shoes and optimizes support.
  • Great for all foot types from high to low arches.
  • U-shaped heels let your heels just sink into the thick memory foam, hugging your feet for better motion control.
  • Designed to be lightweight and ensure that you never feel a moment of discomfort.

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