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If you live in a frigid climate, thermal insoles are one of the best ways to keep your feet consistently warm. In this thermal insole buyer’s guide, we have provided insight into how thermal insoles work, what different kinds of thermal insoles there are, as well as a few of the best thermal insoles and their features.

Heated Insoles with Internal Battery ThermaCELL Original

How Do Thermal Insoles Work?

Thermal insoles work by insulating your shoes perfectly, sealing in the warm air thoroughly and allowing it to circulate, keeping your feet nice and toasty. Make sure to choose the right thermal insole size and shape for your shoes, as thermal inserts tend to work the best when they can cover all the sides that make contact with your feet. Thermal insoles are usually thicker with a higher profile, built to keep your feet toasty inside snow boots. The thicker the thermal insoles are, the more heat they can build up and radiate back inside your shoes.

There are a few other mechanisms of action by which thermal insoles keep your feet warm. Thermal insoles are usually highly absorbent, removing the moisture off of your feet quickly. They wick the moisture away without affecting your feet or their temperature. The base of thermal insoles is usually made from a heat conductive material that acts as an element, catching additional heat. Examples of these insulating materials are aluminum or latex.

Different Kinds of Thermal Insoles

There are different kinds of thermal insoles that one can use to keep the cold out. The two main types of thermal insoles are:

  • Merino Wool Insoles – merino wool comes from a particular variety of sheep, known as merino sheep. Their wool has the finest wool fibers on the globe (1/8th the size of a single strand of average human hair) and is used in many athletic, outdoors and thermal products. Merino wool is very soft, insulating and breathable, allowing for moisture to seep through naturally without letting any warmth out. Thin merino wool insoles in can be used to keep your feet dry and cool in Summer as well as warm in Winter.
  • Aerogel Insoles – aerogel is a very stable gel made by replacing the moisture content in ordinary gel with air. This creates a very sturdy, firmer insole that effectively traps heat inside your boots or shoes.

Top 5 Thermal Insole Features

Thermal insoles are made to keep feet warm, but they also come with a whole host of other great features:

  1. AntiMicrobial – the top layer of thermal insoles are sometimes antimicrobial, keeping foot infections at bay. This is achieved by infusing an antimicrobial fiber into the insole.
  2. Shock Absorption – gel pads or shock absorbers will do wonders if you are very active on your feet or athletic. Shock absorbers prevent force from impacting your feet, redirecting the impact away. This helps protect the feet from damages and prevents them from tiring out fast.
  3. Deep Heep Cup – a deep heel cup with a good fit for your feet gives you more control over the way you walk, encouraging healthy feet alignment. A deep heel cup is also perfect for helping to alleviate foot and knee pain and improving comfort.
  4. Adaptive Arches – a thermal insole with adaptive arches supports all foot types throughout the day. Adaptive arches mean that the arches of the insole move with the arches of your feet, holding their exact shape with every step you make.
  5. Stabilizer Cap – a stabilizer cap is an additional layer, often only covering the underside of the insoles heel. It’s denser than the insole and holds the insole in place in the shoes to prevent them from sliding around.

Reviews: The Top Thermal Insoles

Find your favourite pair of Thermal Insoles from our selection down below!

  • ThermaCELL insoles have been developed to generate external heat to your feet through internal batteries inside the Insole.
  • These High-Tech insoles are powered by a rechargeable, built-in lithium-ion polymer batteries.
  • Single Charge can last up to 5 hours of constant use (on medium heat setting).
  • They can be trimmed to almost any size, and fit easily into your shoes or boots.

  • Thick wool insoles may be just the solution you need to block the cold out of your snow boots!
  • The simple design keeps the heat in and works for all low or medium arches (including flat feet).
  • A thick layer of wool keep the feet properly insulated and also gives them a boost inside your shoes.
  • Trim to fit perfectly inside your shoes to ensure proper results.
  • Ideal for cold weather, poor circulation, snow-shoes or snow sports.

  • The 3M-Thinsulate Thermal Insoles are a very popular choice when it comes to insulating snow shoes for extreme cold weather.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial, reducing the risk of developing foot fungus.
  • Moisture-wicking and absorbent, the insoles will keep your feet dry above keeping them warm.
  • These insoles are designed to support the feet with a soft, flexible fill that keeps the arches feeling comfortable and protected.
  • Say goodbye to smelly feet at the end of the day, as these thermal insoles are also odor resistant!
  • Includes a mild heel cup for a straight back posture and correct foot pronation.

  • If your feet are cold on a daily basis, then these are a great cost effective solution to resolving that problem.
  • The best feature of these insulation insoles is that they are low profile, unlike other thermal insoles.
  • Made using a thin layer of aerogel, forming a layer of some of the best thermal insulation known to mankind.
  • Scientifically proven to keep feet warm even when placed on dry ice!
  • Block all the cold from the ground and plug up your boots with these thin thermal insoles.

  • These thermal insoles are made with a thick layer of 100% pure merino wool to keep your feet nice and toasty!
  • Merino wool is world renowned for its exceptional thermal properties, keeping people insulated in just about every climate imaginable.
  • A hyper-thin layer of merino wool backs these insoles to deflect any shock or forceful impacts you may need to endure.
  • The wool is of impeccable quality and is entirely antimicrobial, keeping your feet free from fungus and bacteria.
  • Indulge in the softest of all boot comforts this Winter and get you a pair of these thermal sheep-like insoles.

Comparison Table: Best Thermal Insoles

1ThermaCELL Unisex Heated Insoles - Internal Battery Heated Rechargeable Insoles
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Inspired by NASA
2Moneysworth Men's Polar Insoles - Thick Wool Thermal Insoles
  • Trim to Fit
  • Suits All Feet Type
3Jobsite Men's 3M Thinsulate Thermal - Soft Padded Thermal Insoles
  • Reinforced Padding
  • Cold Resistant
4Safety Works Men's Thin Thermal Insoles - Thin Insulating Aerogel Thermal Insoles
  • Summer and Winter Insoles
  • One Size Fits All
Safety Works97
5GG Foot Care Unisex Fuzzy Thermal Insoles - Pure Merino Wool Thermal Insoles
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Shock Absorption
GG Foot Care95

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