The Best Insoles for Shoes that are Too Big

Spending a day or even just a few hours in a pair of ill-fitting shoes, just for the sake of looking fashionable and smart is one of the worst ideas.

Shoes that fit properly, neither too loose or too tight are one of the major factors that come into play when you want to keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

Big Shoe Insoles Feature

So no, unfortunately, you have purchased those shoes you have been eyeing for so long, and fitting them on you realize they are a bit loose. This is not a trains smash, not good either, but luckily a shoe that is too loose, wide or big can be made smaller by the simple step of using a shoe filler or insole.

Dangers of Wearing Shoes that Are too Big

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Whereas shoes that are too small are much more dangerous to your feet than shoes that are too big. Loose fitting shoes can cause many issues in them.

The most likely complication is that loose fitting shoes cause chafing and blisters, which is not that bad when you think of it, but when you have diabetes or other conditions it can become very serious.

Shoes that are too big will likewise cause a tripping hazard as you cannot walk properly with your feet slipping inside the shoe, and this may result in a loss of balance.
A shoe that is too big also places stress on all the wrong areas of the foot which may end up in pain and foot fatigue, from your feet trying to compensate and hold on with each step that your take.

In the end, a shoe that fits snugly but not tightly is key, and unfortunately, there is no remedy for shoes that are too small, though we can still make a plan with shoes that are too big.

What are Shoe Fillers

A shoe filler is a device that you place inside a shoe that is too big to adjust the fit and take up the excess space, in order to make the shoe smaller.
Likewise and insole can reduce shoe size and help for your shoes to get a better fit, reducing the friction and chance of blisters.

Shoe Filler and Insole Features

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When deciding on the right insole or shoe filler for your oversized shoe, here are a few features to consider;

  • The filer or insole should be well padded.
  • A heel grip can help to prevent slipping.
  • The filler should fill the empty space adequately for your shoe to fit.
  • Look for materials such as EVA, leather, Gel or other durable and washable materials.
  • Make sure that the filer or insole is right for the type of shoe you want to use it in.
  • Get the right size.

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Sloggers are a cut-to-fit Insole that is ideal when you wear in between sizes and cannot find the right shoe size, or if you have a narrow foot.

  • A one size fits all option that can be trimmed for the perfect fit.
  • You can easily make a shoe or boot, particularly the Sloggers brand ½ size smaller.
  • Ideal for in-between sizes.
  • Soft, comfortable and durable.


There is no brand that comes close to Dr. Scholl’s when it comes to comfortable Gel insole. These are ideal for women who like to wear dress shoes, courts, and high heels.

  • A heel liner that protects your heeled shoes from slipping or rubbing.
  • Improved shoes fit that is much more comfortable.
  • They are manufactured ideally for women’s feet.
  • Excellent for those slipper or loose fitting court shoes, dress shoes and high heels.
  • Manufactured from the soft and comfortable, high-quality gel.


The Pedag Fit Right is one size, variety pack of heel and forefoot grips for you to choose from for the perfect fit.

  • Included is 4 padded heel grips, two pairs of forefoot grips, also padded, and eight strap grips, available in black or tan color options.
  • They are manufactured from high-quality vegetable tanned leather with cushioned filling, ideal for both men and women.
  • The perfect fit for any shoe type where you need some additional grip.


Schoolex brings you the Big Shoe Filler, a unisex insert that will give a medium fit to a large sized shoe, if you can put it that way.

  • Offers half a size smaller in any shoe type.
  • Will help to prevent heel slippage.
  • You can fill the empty space of your big shoes giving them a better fit.
  • Hand washable and reusable for both men’s and women’s shoes.
  • You can use them in heels, loafers, flats, boots, athletic shoes and casual or dress shoes alike.


A plush heel cushioned insert from A’s Choice, for those loose fitting shoes for both men and women.

  • A non-slip heel inserts sold in a set of four pairs, of which three are a nude color and one is a black color for open or dress shoes.
  • Works well with heels, wedges, boots, athletic shoes and men’s dress shoes.
  • An easy to attach adhesive to keep the insert in place that does not cause any damage to your shoes.
  • A slightly fluffy surface to prevent slippage and cushioned for comfort.


The Sizers Round Toe Insert, is a uniquely designed shoe insert to make those big shoes fit well and comfortably.

  • Ideal for in between shoe sizes to give you that 1//2 size smaller option.
  • Super comfortable and a perfect fit every time.
  • Available in a 1/3, ½ or 1 whole size up according to the color codings pink, purple and orange.
  • It is easily worn with all closed toe boots, flats, heels, and athletic shoes.
  • Likewise helps to prevent heel slippage.

In Conclusion

You should no longer have an excuse not to wear those loose fitting, or half size too big shoes, with these filers and inserts you can now get the perfect snug fit that you have always wanted.

Heel Cushion Inserts are a true-life saver and can make the difference between a short trip out, and a long-lasting day at leisure without needing to worry about dealing with pain.
Pamper your feet and click Add To Cart -button now. Your feet are worth it!

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