Best Superfeet® Insoles

Superfeet is a shoe accessory and insole company, sparked by the simplistic idea that everyone deserves the best when it comes to footwear and comfort.

Using podiatric science and innovative technologies and materials they have a winning combination that pushes the principles in foot comfort and support to the limits.

The promise is that you can experience foot pain relief, and enjoy life-changing comfort with every pair of Superfeet!

Superfeet feature

How Do Superfeet Insoles Work

Superfeet uses design technologies and materials to target and support your feet in red to better support and provide pain relief and comfort in your knees, ankles, back, and overall body alike.

Their insoles provide the proper support and arch support specific to every arch type and foot type, aimed at different foot conditions in or to alleviate the symptoms and correct the underlying issues. Superfeet insoles similarly provide effective alignment and aid in preventing excessive pronation, which in turn can correct and alleviate many other feet and lower limb related problems.

Superfeet Color Coded Options and Their Features

Super feet have a vast variety of insoles available for both men and women for every purpose, condition and foot type. I have decided to go a little more in-depth with their color-coded range which is one of their most popular ranges;



The Black range offers a low profile and low volume fit that takes up the least amount of space in your shoes, so you will feel much less shape underneath your feet, which in turn offers better stability.



The Orange model features the popular AEROSPRING Dual Comfort foam technology and a very deep and narrow heel cup for better shock absorbency on hard surfaces. This insole is aimed at individuals who do plenty of walking and running on harder surface types.


Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles,Green,E: 10.5 - 12 US Womens/9.5 - 11 US Mens 1 of 2

The Green range is a high volume and high profile fitting insole which works very well for individuals who have a higher Arch-type. It offers high cushioning volume and excellent arch support specifically for runners and people who enjoy walking with a high arch type.



The Copper, again offers a high volume, but low profile fit and is a complete replacement insole for almost all shoe types. Also a good choice for high impact activities and running, the low profile shape ensures a much more stable fit and reduces stress on your feet.



The Yellow Option is ideally suited for people who ice skate, or take part in ice hockey and Cycling. They have a low profile shape and stability features, as well as some excellent air circulation features that work with Hockey skates and cycling shoe outsoles.

Yellow Carbon:

Still in the Yellow Range, I want to highlight the Yellow CARBON model, which is also very popular and something completely different, This model offers super comfort aimed at tight-fitting athletic footwear,. It is very lightweight with full foam cushioning, ideal for walking, running and all sports on hard surfaces.

Some Superfeet Insole Features to Look For

  • Cushioning required for your specific activity needs.
  • Good Shock Absorbency.
  • Antimicrobial, moisture wicking top layer.
  • A Narrow Heel and heel cup for stability.
  • Different profile levels for more or less support and cushioning.
  • Breathability.

Reviews: The Best Superfeet Insole Models


The Black range from Superfeet offers a lower profile and less volume, so you will have less volume of your shoe taken up, and less underfoot cushioning.

  • The Stabilizer Cap in the rearfoot area provides structural support, with great flexibility and low volume.
  • Very flexible, and low profile to reduce stress on your knees, feet and ankles, while ensuring good stability.
  • A heel cup for a better fit and closed-cell high-density foam for cushioned support and comfort.


The Green model from Superfeet ensures you the best support and comfort when you have a higher arch. Complete with stabilizer cap and cushioning for comfort, this insole offer a high volume and high profile fit.

  • High volume, and high profile fit, ideal for a high arch type.
  • A stabilizer cap and deep heel cap for better stability, as well as ankle, foot and knee protection.
  • Good shock absorbency with the high cushioning volume, and excellent arch support.
  • The high-density foam layer offers thick, and plush, long-lasting cushioning.


The Superfeet Copper range is the best option if you are looking for a complete replacement insole, particularly for a work shoe or sports shoe that you wear frequently and for long hours. The anti-fatigue technology and memory foam ensure long-lasting cushioned comfort to keep your feet refreshed and well supported all day.

  • A High volume, and low profile fit, as this is a complete replacement insole.
  • A reinforced stabilizer cap at the base of the insole for structural stability and heel support.
  • A deeper heel cup and narrow heel fit., perfect for high impact activities.
  • the low profile shape ensures a more stable fit reducing stress on your feet and lower limbs.
  • Made from soft and comfortable pressure-sensitive memory foam which contours to the shape of your feet.


The Orange range from Superfeet, with Aerospring Dual Comfort Foam, offers the best in forefoot impact resistance, and shock absorbency. This insole is aimed at providing better support and comfort for male runners, but can likewise be used by women, or for any other high-impact activities.

  • features the new technology Aerospring Dual Comfort Foam support and cushioning.
  • A deeper and more narrow heel cup for better support during high-impact activities and sports.
  • Durable and delivers high levels of support particularly for runners.
  • A high-impact foam forefoot, for the best in shock absorbency when walking, running or playing hard on tough surfaces.


The Yellow range from Superfeet, provides you with an insole ideal for sports such as Ice Hockey, and cycling, where you need breathability, lightweight comfort and low-profile cushioning.

  • The heel cup aids to absorb impact and provide stability.
  • A low-profile for better stability and energy transfer, ideal when skating or cycling.
  • Vent Holes that line up with the perforation in most Ice Hockey Skates and Cycling shoe outsoles, for excellent circulation and breathability.
  • A natural antibacterial and anti-odor coating.
  • A foam base layer for structural support and cushioning.


A highly comfortable and snug fitting athletic insole, The Yellow Carbon from Superfeet is lightweight, thin and ensures excellent shock absorbency, ideal for running and athletic performance.

  • A deep and narrow heel cup for superior stability and a secure fit, protecting your ankles, knees and feet against stress.
  • Very durable construction keeping their shape for up to 12 months with regular use.
  • Soft and cushioned High-Density, lightweight foam.
  • A full-length foam design for maximum support and cushioning.
  • Ensures a great fit for tight-fitting athletic footwear.

In The End

I love the fact that Superfeet offers an option in the insole for every individual need, and this, in a color-coded model. You are sure to find something perfect here for your foot type, shoes and whatever activities you enjoy taking part in.

Superfeet Insoles are perfect for sportsmen and woman, as well as athletes and offer the best fit and support.

Index Table: Top Rated Superfeet Insoles

1Superfeet Unisex Black - Low Profile Insole
  • Stabilizer Cap
  • Foam Layer
2Superfeet Unisex Green - High Arch Insoles
  • Orthotic
  • Arch Support
3Superfeet Unisex Copper - Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insoles
  • Memory Foam
  • Heel Cup
4Superfeet Unisex Orange - Aerospring Comfort Insole
  • Narrow heel Cup
  • Foam Forefoot
5Superfeet Unisex Yellow - Full length Sports Insole
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
6Superfeet Unisex Yellow Carbon - Thin Sports Shoe Insole
  • Lightweight
  • High-Density Foam

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