Puncture Resistant Insoles

Whether you work in a factory, kitchen or the great outdoors, a pair of puncture resistant insoles is a necessity for those who expose their feet to daily hazards.

Read further for more information on the best puncture resistant insole materials, pointers to consider about puncture resistant insoles and what features make these insoles simply the best.

Puncture Resistant Insoles

Best Materials for Puncture Resistant Insoles

If your insoles do not include the following materials, they are not suitable for use on a dangerous factory floor!

  • Steel – Steel, or better yet Stainless Steel, is absolutely essential for foot protection against punctures. Without this component in an insole, you are not protecting yourself. Consider steel plated insoles as your armor before entering the battlefield!
  • Latex – Effective puncture resistance needs more than just one layer to do a good job. Latex is often used in conjunction with steel to provide additional thickness and foot protection. Latex can still be punctured, but it absorbs shock, minimizing the force required for a sharp object to penetrate too deeply. A thin sheet of steel above a thick latex layer will provide the best lightweight protection from punctures.
  • Foam – Foam is fantastic for foot support and also adds an additional layer of protection from impact. Foam alone is not enough to protect from puncturing, however, and should be placed above a layer of stainless steel to support your foot directly. Foam also helps to keep your feet from tiring out, which can reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.

Puncture Resistant Insole Buying Considerations

Before purchasing a pair of puncture resistant insoles, take into consideration these points below to prevent usual insole purchase mistakes:

  1. Foot Type – Do you have flat feet, high arches or medium (neutral) arches? Your foot type will help you to know the exact type of foot support your feet need. Flat feet individuals usually need flat insoles while high arched individuals will feel comfortable with steep arch support.
  2. Climate – The climate you work in is very important when selecting puncture resistant insoles. Most puncture resistant insoles have a steel plate in them to prevent puncturing, but this steel sheet can freeze your feet over in frigid conditions! If you live in a cold climate, you may want a top layer made from wool or something equally thermo-regulating to keep your feet warm.
  3. Function – The reason you need puncture resistant insoles should also inform your choice of insoles. Think about the type of punctures you need to protect your feet against and remember that when looking at different insole thicknesses. If your work boots have a thicker inbuilt insole for instance, then you may only need a thin pair of steel insoles for that bit of extra protection. Others may need much thicker puncture resistance depending on where they work. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Features of a Good Puncture Resistant Insoles

The below features will set your puncture resistant insoles apart from the rest, boosting the quality from standard to superior!

  • Adaptive Arches – Insoles with an adaptive arch will conform to the exact shape of your foot and all of the movements it makes. This promotes foot support and dramatically reduces foot fatigue, which is highly beneficial when in the last hour of a long shift!
  • Energy Return – Some insoles are scientifically designed to return portions of energy from the impact your feet make when in contact with the ground. Energy return helps to lighten your stride, making it feel as though your shoes are propelling you forward effortlessly. It also aids in preventing excess shock from jarring in your feet, protecting against some forms of foot pain and discomfort.
  • Stabilizer Cap – A stabilizer cap is used on the underside of the insole to hold it steady and in place. If your insoles slide about or you have difficulty controlling the way your feet move, a stabilizer cap can benefit you greatly.
  • Pronation Control – Pronation is the motion your feet make when they push up from the ground. Over or under pronation can lead to foot fatigue and many different foot disorders. If you battle controlling the way you walk or you have hip, knee or foot complaints, try getting a pair of insoles for pronation control.
  • Odor Elimination – Smelly feet can be deadly, especially after an exceedingly long day of hard work! Luckily many insoles come with a convenient form of odor elimination. Moisture-wicking insoles also help to partially control odor build-up by making sure your feet remain dry.

Reviews: Best Puncture Resistant Insoles

Here below is our premium selection of some of the best puncture resistant insoles, available for purchase online.

  • These puncture proof insoles are enhanced with flexible, puncture resistant steel to prevent any sharp objects from poking your feet!
  • Designed to be lightweight, highly durable and impeccably comfortable, these insoles will prevent your feet from tiring out during your work day.
  • The deep-set heel cups help alleviate pressure off your feet and are perfect for proper pronation control.
  • Medium foam arch support keeps the arches of your feet protected from injury or pulled ligaments.
  • Ideal for use by metal workers, construction experts, hunters, fishermen, medical aid personnel and more!

  • These puncture resistant insoles are backed by a stainless steel plate for perfect protection against sharp objects.
  • The molded arch support will help to keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.
  • The top layer of the insole is moisture wicking, keeping feet dry and aiding odor resistance.
  • These insoles are flexible to ensure that feet do not get overworked and that they can move in the ways they need to for perfect craftsmanship.
  • Ideal for those with medium or flat feet.
  • Suitable for use in mining, construction, hiking, diabetics, forestry, farming and more!

  • These inserts are made from a lightweight, flexible stainless steel for the best puncture resistance around.
  • The top layer foam cushion provides great foot support for those with stiff joints or tired feet.
  • These insoles have an innovative design, allowing them to be used as an insole or a midsole.
  • The stainless steel plating is entirely rust-free, making these puncture proof insoles highly durable.
  • Tried and tested by many, you can use these insoles to stand on nails, and you will not receive a puncture!

  • These insoles are ideal for those who have turf toe or any other similar foot injury, keeping your feet as straight as possible.
  • A thin steel plate is used in these insoles for the best possible foot protection as well as puncture resistance.
  • Covered in plush felt cushioning for comfort, these insoles will keep your feet feeling pampered all day long.
  • The insoles are a sleek enough profile to be used with other orthotic insoles if required.
  • Not suitable for those who need adaptive arch support.

  • These insoles are made from a flexible series of plastic polymers that are strong enough to prevent feet from puncturing.
  • The memory foam cushion conforms to the shape of your feet and is arch adaptive, keeping your feet from tiring out.
  • The insoles are capable of excellent shock absorption, preventing jarring or foot injuries from occurring.
  • A gentle heel cup combined with comfortable support helps these insoles to control for pronation.
  • Ideal for use in all workplaces and industries including transport, mining, building, shipyards, fishing and more.

  • Softior puncture proof insoles comes fully equipped with a steel midsole and plenty of foam cushioning to make your work boots comfortable.
  • Meets and exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials rating (ASTM F2413) of minimum 270lbs puncture force resistant requirements.
  • Can be used under or above your existing insoles for extra cushioning, comfort and safeguarding.
  • Comes with a breathable top layer that helps wick away excess perspiration, keeping your feet cool and dry.
  • Ideal for construction work, military work, law enforcement, firemen, hikers, farmers, and contractors.

  • These puncture resistant insoles are made from a super strong fabric that resists nail punctures and more.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear in your work shoes, these insoles will never contribute to foot fatigue or weigh you down.
  • Their flexibility makes it easy to use with other comfort insoles without compromising your foot’s natural movement.
  • Contains thermal insulation properties that help to keep your feet warm in the cold or cool in the heat.
  • Will not activate a metal detector.
  • ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 rated.

  • These insoles from LaCrosse will provide your feet with comfortable cushioning as well as safety when standing on sharp objects.
  • The puncture resistant P4 barrier located in the midsole is non-metallic, making it a good choice for those who work near metal detectors or in colder climates.
  • Has added heel cushioning for all-day support and comfort, keeping you on your feet for a longer period of time.
  • The top covering is made from good quality microfiber which prevents your feet from sliding in your shoes.
  • The insoles help to reduce hot spots on the feet and alleviate pressure.

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