Morton’s Neuroma Insoles

If you are experiencing shooting or sharp pain in your feet that radiates up your legs, you likely have Morton’s Neuroma.

Find out more about signs, symptoms, causes, and cures for Morton’s Neuroma, as well as where and how to find the best Morton’s Neuroma insoles.

Morton's Neuroma Insoles

Signs, Symptoms & Causes of Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is caused by a swollen nerve or growth on a nerve in the foot. It feels incredibly painful as anything that presses on our nerves sends a direct signal to our brains which typically translates as pain or over stimulation. This aggravation of the nerve is commonly caused by injury or wearing incorrect shoes.

You know you have Morton’s Neuroma if you have the following symptoms:

  1. Frequent Shooting Pain – If you step on your feet and you experience a sudden sharp-shooting or burning pain that jolts up your legs, this is a strong indication of Morton’s Neuroma.
  2. Numbness – If your toes or forefoot feel numb, this can also be a sign you have a Neuroma. A growth obstructing a nerve can numb all feeling just as much as create too much!
  3. Bad Circulation – If your feet have bad blood circulation, it is possible that a growth such as a Morton’s Neuroma may be blocking blood flow.
  4. Feels Like a Pebble – This is one of the most common symptoms of a Morton’s Neuroma. If you constantly have a feeling that there is a stone or pebble in your shoes, particularly under the forefoot region, this is likely the result of a neuroma.

How To Treat A Morton’s Neuroma

While the symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma are incredibly unpleasant, the great news is that it does heal over time. For some, it can go away after a few days of bed rest, and for others, it takes a few weeks or months.

In the meantime, these treatments can help to ease the pain and help you to live comfortably while it is healing.

  • Orthotics – Foot pads and arch support insoles are the best treatment for Morton’s Neuroma. These help to cushion the pain and distribute the pressure applied to your feet with every step. For many people, the right Morton’s Neuroma Insoles helped them to walk without discomfort through their healing.
  • Bigger Shoes – Wearing bigger, more comfortable shoes will help in more ways than expected. Allow your feet to be completely at ease, even if you have to wear bunny slippers to work for a few days to help speed recovery.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Ointment – Arnica gel and other similar ointments which help to reduce inflammation or swelling can help in many instances of Morton’s Neuroma. Consult with your local pharmacist or foot doctor on what the best options are.
  • Steroid Injections – In the most severe cases, you can opt for a corticosteroid injection. This is not recommended for everyone, as it does damage your immune system and could slow recovery, but it will take away some of the pain in a jiffy.

Features of a Good Morton’s Neuroma Insole

The following features will make your Morton’s Neuroma Insoles into a pair of insoles you don’t ever want to be without for life!

  • Metatarsal Support – A layer of padding with a slight toe light in the front of the insoles will do wonders to keep your Neuroma safe from unexpected pain.
  • Arch Adaptive Cushioning – The better the arch support, the less pressure your feet have to endure. Since everyone has differently shaped feet, the best kind of arch support is one that molds to your foot’s shape. Memory foam and cork are the best materials for achieving adaptive arch cushioning.
  • Shock Absorption – Specially designed insoles or those with gel shock absorption pads, will deflect shock as your feet touch the ground. This makes the impact far less jolting and reduces the chance of agitating your Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Deep Heel Cup – A deep heel cup not only feels exceptionally comfortable but it also holds your feet in the best possible alignment. When your feet pronate or roll properly forward, you decrease the chance of fatigue, foot pain and keep your back aligned correctly.
  • Moisture Wicking – Moisture wicking insoles dry quickly, reduce bacteria and decrease friction. This is ideal for those with Morton’s Neuroma as friction or blisters can dramatically increase pain and discomfort in the problem area.

Reviews: Morton’s Neuroma Insole

Choose from the best of the best insoles to help prevent pain associated with your Morton’s Neuroma.

  • These insoles are the ultimate Morton’s Neuroma insoles, not failing a single portion of your pain relief checklist!
  • Made with a unique foam dubbed ‘Plastazote,’ the insoles adapt to the precise shape of your arches and evenly distributing pressure.
  • Metatarsal support at the forefoot of the insoles will lift your toes up and give your Neuroma a decent pain-free chance at recovery.
  • The shock absorption cushions underneath these insoles will ensure that your feet never endure any jarring impacts.
  • A deep heel cup keeps your feet in place inside your shoes and also ensures you walk in the best possible alignment to minimize pain.
  • Designed by a group of doctors and podiatrists for ultimate balance and foot support.

  • Presenting Powerstep’s metatarsal support insole, a perfect balance of arch support and underfoot cushioning.
  • The metatarsal support allows for your toes to spread, providing the best support for Morton’s Neuroma.
  • Dual layer cushioning gives the padding of the insole depth as well as the ability to remain slim and effective in your shoes.
  • The semi-rigid arch support allows your feet to have the flexibility and freedom they need while still cushioning them to reduce pain.
  • A top antimicrobial layer prevents bacteria, heat, and friction, helping your feet to recover without incurring additional discomfort.

  • This is the best memory foam insole available on the market, giving your feet a thick layer of cushioned support they can sink into!
  • The arch support molds to the precise shape of your feet, helping to lessen the load on your Morton’s Neuroma.
  • A deep heel cup ensures you keep your feet in a balanced alignment and help to alleviate pressure on the entire foot.
  • The top layer is moisture wicking and antimicrobial, allowing your feet to feel fresh, dry and happy all day long.
  • The superior forefoot cushioning will help prevent any sudden Morton’s Neuroma pain from getting the better of you.

  • If you are suffering from a Morton’s Neuroma with flat feet, then these are an ideal pair of insoles for you.
  • Made especially for those with flat feet, the firm arch support will help to reduce foot pain and fatigue.
  • Two large gel shock pads rest on the underside of each insole, deflecting shock away from the areas that are the most sensitive to pressure.
  • The ridged underside helps to give your feet additional stability and support inside your shoes.
  • Perfect for those who stand on their feet all day, who have flat feet and are in recovery from Morton’s Neuroma, injury or foot fatigue.

  • These forefoot cushion pads are the perfect companion to Morton’s Neuroma and can be worn with other orthotic inserts for extra padding.
  • Protect your feet when wearing high heels or other shoes which may cause the onset of multiple foot conditions.
  • The toe loop helps to keep the pads in place, but can also be removed if they cause a problem.
  • Made from an exceptionally cushioning medical grade gel which adapts to the shape of your feet.
  • These gel pads will also deflect all shock or force away from your Morton’s Neuroma, helping to provide pain relief in your day-to-day activities.

  • These orthopedic support insoles by DJMed are perfect if you have both Morton’s Neuroma and flat feet.
  • Constructed from 4 layers of cushioning to distribute pressure evenly along the whole foot and prevent foot fatigue.
  • Each insole carries two gel shock pads that expertly eliminate any impact that comes your way, safeguarding your feet from bruises or shocks.
  • The top layer is breathable and eliminates moisture, preventing blisters, discomfort and excess moisture buildup.
  • The antibacterial fabric ensures that your feet do not smell and keeps infections at bay, which can contribute to making your condition worse if left unattended.

  • These insoles will provide your feet with a constant, gentle foot massage all day long thanks to several acupressure pads on each sole.
  • The insoles target acupressure points specific to those suffering from Morton’s Neuroma and help to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Step into these insoles and stimulate your circulation, promoting a healthier foot and better nervous system.
  • A carbon filter is integrated into the top layer, preventing moisture buildup, blisters, odors, and bacterial infections.
  • The underside has a shock resistant gel pad and heel stabilizer, securing your feet in one place and minimizing strain on them.

  • Dual-layered wool excellence is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the Powerstep Journey Wool Insoles.
  • These insoles are ideal for those with Morton’s Neuroma as they offer the softest padding with multiple impressive features inherent naturally in the wool itself.
  • The moisture-wicking, antibacterial properties of the wool keep feet cool and dry, preventing slippage, blistering, infections, odors, and discomfort.
  • As these insoles are thermal, they can regulate temperature which means they are cool when your feet are warm and warm when your feet are cold.
  • Semi-rigid arch support and even pressure distribution ensure that your feet never have to deal with direct force or strain ever again.

Comparison Table: Best Morton’s Neuroma Insoles

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