Massaging Insoles

You probably didn’t know that wearing massaging insoles will do more for you than supporting your feet!

In this buyer’s guide to massaging insoles, we have explained why massaging insoles are so pleasing, how they work, what they should be made from as well as some of their best features.

Massaging Insoles

How Foot Acupressure and Reflexology Works

Did you know that your feet are home to ± 15,000 nerve endings? Our feet are possibly one of the most overlooked areas in the body that accumulate tension. This is also why foot massages tend to feel so good! However, the truth goes deeper than that. The nerve endings in the feet are connected to just about every other part of your body, from your brain to your digestive system. By massaging specific areas on the feet, one can experience stress and pain relief in other parts of the body!

Foot massing insoles help achieve this by stimulating certain areas of the feet. Here are a few examples below of what happens when you press an area of the underside of the feet for 5 seconds or more:

  • Ball of Foot – The ball of the foot is connected to the solar plexus (diaphragm). Pressing this area will provide tension relief in this area.
  • Center of Foot – Right in the center of the foot is the pressure point for the kidneys or adrenal glands. Pressing this will help them to function better and reduce stress levels and adrenaline.
  • Just Under Big Toe – Right below the big toe is a hypertension point which is associated with the brain. Moving along the big toe will help to relax and stimulate other important areas of the brain associated with stress.
  • Before the Heel – If you have digestive problems, look into getting a pair of insoles that presses on the area just before the heel of the foot. This part of the feet is associated with your entire digestive tract.
  • Edge or Arch of the Foot – On the outer edge of the arches of the feet rest the heart and spleen pressure points. Pressing these areas will help you if you get heartburn.

Best Materials For Foot Massage Insoles

To get the most out of massaging insoles, check to see if they are made from one or more of the below materials:

  1. Liquid Gel – If you are looking for a softer kind of water massage effect, opt for a pair of liquid gel (glycerin) insoles. These will conform to the shape of your feet, and as the gel shifts around, your feet will feel as though they are being massaged. Another great perk of these is that they redistribute the pressure exerted on the feet, making it even all around.
  2. Memory Foam – Memory foam is a special type of foam that conforms to your unique foot shape when heated slightly by your body temperature. These feel amazing and will give the right support. In massaging insoles, look for raised memory foam bumps to stimulate the underside of the feet for the best results.
  3. Rubber – Rubber is a great hard, yet soft, material that has been used to make acupressure massage insoles for reflexology for a long time. It will not hurt your feet but will press as required into the areas you need and help to keep your whole body feeling relaxed.
  4. Latex – Latex or PVC is similar to rubber in texture and feel. It can also be blended with other useful substances such as charcoal to help keep your feet clean and odorless.

Features of a Good Massing Insole

These top features will add to your foot massage experience when choosing a pair of massaging insoles.

  • Ventilation – This is especially important for those who are considering latex, PVC or rubber insoles. Make sure the top layer is covered with a breathable fabric or that the insole itself has punctured holes in it for ventilation.
  • Acupressure Variation – If the insole is flat or raised to a uniform height, then it will not achieve the best acupressure massage results. A massage insole with raised portions at different parts will effectively stimulate all the areas of the feet and reduce anxiety and tension in many areas of your body.
  • Shock Absorption – Firm gel shock pads on the underside of the insole or any other shock resistant material will decrease the force inflicted on your feet. This makes walking much easier, less painful and very comfortable.
  • Infusions – Insoles that have been infused with essential oils, charcoal or other healthy substances will help to control for bacteria and odors. Infusions also usually help to keep your feet feeling fresh.
  • Anti Odor – Some insoles come included with an anti-odor measure so that your feet nor your shoes smell when you take them off. This not only keeps things fresh but it prevents foot bacteria which are often the cause of odors.

Reviews: The Best Massaging Insoles

Here below we have some of the best massaging insoles, bound to give instant stress relief and available for immediate purchase online!

  • These massaging insole are fantastic for those who need the perfect blend of arch support and acupressure relief on their feet.
  • Raised portions of memory foam do just the trick when it comes to tired and aching feet, gently cradling your pressure points.
  • The deep heel cup will hold your heel securely in place and aid with pronation control, allowing you to walk in the correct posture.
  • On the underside of the insoles, there are gel shock absorption pads which ensure that your feet never get exposed to high impact without protection.
  • The top layer consists of Japanese nano-bamboo carbon fibers which feel comfortable and prevent both odors and infections from occurring on the feet.

  • Here is a perfect example of a reflexology insole, capable of alleviating bodily tension and stress in every area!
  • This rubber massage insole is populated with rubber nodules that are raised by the toes and arch of the foot.
  • Improve your posture while simultaneously stimulating your brain, stomach, kidneys and digestive system into top gear.
  • Rubber is non-invasive and softer than latex, pressing gently on your feet and giving you a perfect massage.
  • Raised arch support is ideal for those with all foot types, helping to reduce stress and discomfort in the feet and body.

  • These liquid gel insoles may feel strange to wear at first, but after a day or two, you will understand why people love them!
  • Different gel zones have been filled to variable heights to emulate a massage when you walk, allowing for the gel to press different areas of your feet.
  • Don’t worry about finding your right size as you can trim to fit these insoles to fit in any of your shoes.
  • The low profile design of these insoles coupled with a toe strap hole allows you to wear them even inside sandals or flip-flops.
  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
  • Lasts for 2-3 years.

  • These acupressure massage insoles were incredibly well designed, having strategically sized bumps in all the right places!
  • Made from PVC that has been infused with odor-absorbing red clay, these massage insoles will keep your feet comfortable and fresh all day long.
  • These insoles apply more emphasis on the arches of the feet, stimulating the digestive system, kidneys, stomach, and adrenals.
  • Improve your blood circulation, boost your stride and reduce swelling or holding excess water all by merely wearing these massage insoles.
  • Another great benefit of these well-ventilated insoles is that the red clay removes humidity and moisture from your feet, keeping them dry too.

  • These insoles are filled with premium liquid gel, which not only absorbs all shock but adapts to the unique shape of your arches.
  • As you move in these insoles, the gel moves too, massaging all the prime pressure points on your feet and alleviating tension at the same time.
  • The top layer is highly absorbent, helping to wick all moisture away from your feet and ensuring that your feet keep cool and dry.
  • These insoles will improve your blood circulation and begin to feel ultra comfortable after a 2 week adjustment period.
  • Pamper yourself with these insoles and feel as though you are wearing a mini foot spa 24/7!

  • These low profile acupressure massage insoles combine both reflexology and magnets to improve circulation and take pressure off your feet.
  • Seven strategically placed magnets help to alleviate pressure points on your feet, making each step feel invigorating for your whole body.
  • Comes with 250 air holes for fantastic breathability and ventilation, ensuring your feet remain cool at all times.
  • The low profile allows these insoles to be used in heels, flats and some sandals.
  • Offers flexible arch support and a metatarsal lift for those who are suffering from ball of foot pain.

  • These high impact gel insoles are the ideal shock absorbers every athlete needs as well as providing the forefoot with a gentle acupressure massage!
  • Seven acupressure massage points are installed just under the ball of your foot for superior comfort and enhanced circulation.
  • A five spring compression system is built-in to the heels for high elasticity and maximum shock absorption, keeping pressure off your heels.
  • The heel cup is U-shaped coupled with a heel cap stabilizer underneath for extra stability and optimal balance.
  • Up your sports game with these massaging insoles that keep all pressure off your feet at all times.

  • HappyFeet massaging insoles are filled with fluid liquid glycerin that constantly circulates under your feet to provide them with a constant massage.
  • Scientifically proven to improve your blood flow by up to 115% as well as reduce pressure on the feet.
  • The unique flow design helps support the arches and ball of foot area, preventing foot strain and discomfort.
  • Ideal for alleviating back pain, hip pain, knee pain and all forms of foot pain, including foot fatigue and plantar fasciitis.
  • The low profile and trim to fit guide make it easy to use these insoles inside any shoes of your choice from heels to flats to work shoes.

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