Best Magnetic Insoles for Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis & Arthritis

Using magnets in alternative medical treatments and orthotics is a common practice throughout many regions of the globe.
Magnetics-affected charged particles and have been proclaimed to exert a healing force on our bodies. Magnetic shoe insoles have been shown to reduce foot ache and give one a boost.
Let’s take a look at why magnetic insoles are a favorite.

Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Magnetic Insoles For Treating Medical Conditions

Magnets have been in use in medicine since the 1500s in recorded history. They are known to increase blood flow and aid oxygen to circulate the body. If this is the case, magnetic insoles can be highly beneficial to those with diabetes, leg or foot inflammation, feet injuries or infections, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and many more types of discomfort in the feet.

Science has however conducted experiments to assess if these claims are valid. The studies proved that magnets work largely as a placebo, with effects of the magnetism being minor. However, there is orthotic value in acupressure points, which many magnetic insoles seem to have. When the magnets are placed at certain anatomical points in the feet, they can release pressure and provide relief in conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Over and above this, there are millions of people worldwide who have claimed to benefit mainly from magnet treatments, claiming that magnetic insoles work better than ordinary ones. Let’s take a closer look at magnetic shoe inserts.

The Benefits of Using Magnetic Insoles

In a poll done on magnetic insoles and ordinary insoles, it showed that 40% of the participants benefitted from using magnetic insoles. If regular insoles are not doing your foot pain enough justice, you may want to try a magnetic insole with acupressure point release to help your tired feet during the day.

A magnetic insole has further benefits over a non-magnetic insole than improving circulation.
Magnetic insoles that have magnets which are spaced apart and arranged in a way that amplifies the magnetic field are proclaimed to align our magnetics with the Earth’s magnetic field. This alignment has shown to be beneficial for some individuals, imparting a subtle boost to their strides and remedying tired, aching feet.

Athletes who are susceptible to magnetic effects may wish to purchase magnetic insoles, as some have claimed that magnetic insoles provide extra shock absorbency due to their ability for repulsion.

Features To Look Out For In Your Next Magnetic Insole Purchase

Some of the best features in a magnetic insole include the following:

  • DynaFlux Magnetic Technology: this is one of the latest techniques in magnetic insole technology and was patented with Nikken magnetic insoles, where the magnets are spaced apart in a way that enhances the magnetic field generated. With DynaFlux Insole Technology, the magnets are set parallel to one another and your feet, which gives some of the magnets a bit of shock absorbency due to the repulsion effect.
  • Acupressure: When the balls of the magnet or insole press into the arch of your foot, or along any acupuncture points, it acts to relieve pressure. It works like acupuncture but uses gravity and applied force instead of invasive needles.
  • Heel height: For those suffering from Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, an orthotic insole with a decent wedge lift under the heel for support will be highly beneficial. If the arch of your foot is tired or sore, you will need less of an insole lift to support you, as a heightened lift will put more strain on your feet.
  • Foot Arch: If you suffer from a flat arch or a very high arch, you will need specially fashioned insoles for your foot shape that have a neutral or flat shape.
  • Foam: one of the best materials a magnetic insole can be made from is foam because most foam insoles will mold to the exact shape of your foot as you wear them in.
  • Magnet Arrangement: Make sure that the magnets in your magnetic insole are not arranged in a way that will harm you. Individuals with bunions or foot injury should not purchase insoles with magnets or any hard lumpy parts poking the inflamed area.
  • The Gauss Strength: this is usually in an indication of how strong a magnet is. The higher the Guass unit of a magnet, the stronger it is, but this does not mean the better. The Earth operates at a low frequency and some of our organs.

Reviews: Top Magnetic Shoe Inserts

Here are a few of the best budget-friendly magnetic insoles currently available:

  • These insoles have been specially designed to support the arches and curves of intermediate feet.
  • This product is not suitable for extreme flat or high foot arches.
  • The perforated design allows your feet to breathe throughout the day and prevents a build up of excess heat.
  • The magnets are placed precisely on pressure relief points, using acupressure to remove pain and help relax your feet, your posture, and your body.
  • Magnetic insoles are believed to help aid circulation and energy levels.
  • Keep these magnetic shoe inserts away from electronic equipment and credit cards if you wish to have those intact still!

  • This magnetic insole is literally a solid magnetic strip that you will be applying to the bottom of your feet.
  • These insoles will mold exactly to the shape of your foot, designed to accommodate for low arches, high arches or flat arches in feet.
  • These are a good choice if you feel like you need something to energize your feet during the day, possibly stimulating blood flow.
  • Keep these magnet insoles away from computers, hard drives, videotapes, credit cards or any other magnetic medium.
  • These insoles are covered in an anti-slip nylon cover which holds the insole comfortably in place. Order one size larger and cut down to your size for a 100% exact fit.

  • This magnetic insole has magnetic pieces incorporated roughly throughout it’s design, covering your entire foot in a layer of magnetics.
  • The sturdier base provides more support than other varieties of insoles out there and is preferable for individuals with flat feet or intermediate arches.
  • The design resembles Nikken and is intended to be a cost-effective magnetic insole solution.
  • The company who sells these magnet inserts will give you free shipping, no matter where you live on the planet!
  • As you wear these insoles in, they will accommodate to the shape of your foot in time and become more comfortable after a few days.

  • This thin insole is made to enhance your magnetism, cupping your foot exactly for the best comfort.
  • One size can fit all foot size from women size 5-10 to men size 7-13.
  • The use of magnets is completely natural and works by syncing to the Earth’s natural magnetic field to rebalance your own.
  • Using magnetics under your feet has been proposed in the treatment of pain management, arthritis, headaches, improving energy levels and more.
  • Do not place any magnetic objects near televisions, computers, radios, videos, credit cards or other magnetically sensitive objects.

  • 16 strategically placed magnets inside these shoe insoles give it a subtle magnetism to assist you throughout your day.
  • Comes equipped with guidelines for you to easily cut it down to your exact shoe size and foot shape.
  • The stylish green foam is soft, impressionable and that makes it very comfortable.
  • These magnetic foam inserts will mold to the contour of your foot shape while providing acupressure pain relief for foot aches and pains.
  • This product is not suitable for individuals with bunions, inflamed injuries or heel spurs.
  • Keep magnetic objects away from all electronic and magnetic devices.

  • This shoe insole provides a subtle magnetism for those who do not want a very strong magnet under them.
  • The bubble-wrap look-alike design massages your feet as you walk around with these insoles underneath your feet.
  • The magnets are placed in the areas with the most support for optimal support and effect.
  • Help your tired feet to feel energized at a fraction of the price!
  • The perforations in the insole prevent moisture or heat build-up and keep your feet breathing inside your shoes.

Comparison Table: Top Magnetic Insoles

1Nikken Unisex Kenko mStrides - Brown Perforated Magnetised Shoe Inserts
  • Trimmable
  • Acupressure Release
2ProMagnet Unisex Magnetics - Supportive Tight-fit Heel-to-Toe Magnetic Shoe Insole
  • 2550 gauss
  • Total Under-foot Magnetic Surface Area Coverage
3BillyTheTree Unisex Magnetic - Orthopedic Magnetic Insoles For Foot Support
  • 5000 guass
  • Nikken Inspired
4Magnet Jewelry Store Unisex Therapeutic - Orthopedic Magnetic Strip Shoe Inserts
  • Enhanced Magnetism
  • One-Size-Fits-All
Magnet Jewelry Store95
5Austin Medical Unisex Magnetic Foam - Green Foam Acupressure Relief Magnetic Insoles
  • 800 gauss
  • North (-) pole
Austin Medical93
6Sodial Unisex Magnetic Pads - Ventilated Subtle Magnetic Shoe Inserts
  • Weak Magnetism
  • Cost Effective Insole

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