Liquid Insoles

From ball of foot pain to diabetes, liquid insoles provide some of the best orthotic foot support available! For more info, read further to see how liquid insoles can help your feet, what types of liquid insoles you can choose from, as well as some of their best features.

Liquid Insoles

Comparison Table for the Best Liquid Insoles

1Hydrofeet Unisex Glycerin Liquid Insoles - Contoured Liquid Insoles for Tired Feet
  • Antimicrobial
  • FDA Approved
2Amazing Insoles Unisex Glycerin Insoles - Massaging Liquid Gel Insoles for Sore Feet
  • All Day Foot Massage
  • Slim Design
Amazing Insoles95
3Insole Experts Unisex Liquid Insoles - Liquid Gel Foot Pain Alleviation Insoles
  • Enhances Circulation
  • Pressure Point Relief
Insole Experts94
4FootInsole Unisex Soft Glycerin Insoles - Shock Absorbing Liquid Cushion Insoles
  • Antimicrobial Top Cover
  • Low Profile
5Healthmate Forever Women's Gel Massage Insoles - Liquid Gel Insoles for Pressure Relief
  • Trim to Fit
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerin
Healthmate Forever95

How Do Liquid Insoles Help To Alleviate Foot Pain?

Liquid orthotic inserts and liquid insoles are designed to be fully adaptive, conforming to the exact shape of your feet with ease. This provides pressure relief precisely where your feet need it at any given time, even when your muscles contract during mid stride. Liquid insoles are also usually excellent at absorbing shock and evenly distributing force upon your foot, which takes the load off. Those with highly active lifestyles or who have medical foot conditions will benefit the most from liquid insoles.

Liquid insoles can help prevent Plantar Fasciitis by contributing to lessening the continuous impact that tires our feet out. Those that suffer from Diabetes can also benefit from liquid insoles as they provide soft, yet stable foot support, ideal for peripheral neuropathy. Liquid insoles additionally provide much needed comfort and support to those who have Edema, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions and Ball of Foot Pain.

Different Types of Liquid Insoles

Liquid insoles technically are insoles that are filled with any liquid medium. However, there are two main types of liquid insoles being sold on the market today:

  1. Gel Insoles – Liquid gel insoles provide the most adaptability between these two types of liquid insoles. Gel is brilliant at absorbing shock and will provide immediate pain relief to those with aching or tired feet. Gel insoles are usually also made with a lower profile and will work in the majority of shoes, including high heels.
  2. Glycerin Insoles – Glycerin is a firmer liquid gel substance than most gels used in liquid insoles. For those who want a firmer kind of adaptive foot support, glycerin insoles are the best. Glycerin insoles are recommended for those who need additional stability, like diabetics, as they are not as fluid as gel and provide a better structure.

The Best Features of Liquid Insoles

Here below are some of the best properties of orthotic gel insoles and in brief, how they benefit you.

  • Stabilizer Cap – Gel insoles with more than one layer, or a stabilizer cap on the underside of the foot, will make walking feel more stable. A stabilizer cap prevents sliding around in your shoes and also adds a layer of extra protection and support.
  • Thickness – The thicker your gel insoles are, the better the support and shock absorbency they provide. This is due to the compression that occurs when you stand on these insoles. The more gel you have to stand on, the firmer the support will be.
  • Contours – Aside from the fact that liquid insoles will conform to your foot shape perfectly, some liquid insoles are tailored so that the liquid fills precise contours. These insoles are designed to shift more pressure off of the pressure points of the feet, making walking feel light and breezy.
  • Metatarsal Lift – For those who suffer from ball of foot pain or who find themselves battling to balance, having a slight lift in the front of the insole can be of great benefit! When the big toe is lifted and separated slightly from the rest of the toes, the foot can balance more easily, and all pressure on the ball of the foot is removed.
  • Breathable – While liquid insoles are fabulous for foot pain relief, they should be covered in a breathable or moisture wicking fabric. If they aren’t, your feet may perspire excessively.

Best Liquid Insole Reviews

Choose from our below selection of liquid insoles for the best foot pressure alleviation!

  • These liquid glycerin insoles will provide your feet with excellent support, geared to prevent foot fatigue and conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • The antimicrobial breathable top cover is quick drying and prevents moisture from accumulating in your shoes.
  • A low profile allows you to wear these insoles in any shoes from high heels to athletic shoes.
  • Ideal for runners, athletes, nurses, or those who stand on their feet all day long.
  • A glycerin fill provides firm foot support, letting your feet move as they need to while not tiring out.
  • The insoles are contoured for the best possible pressure alleviation, providing relief to sore feet.

  • These liquid gel insoles feel just like stepping on a waterbed, supporting your feet with an ultra thin layer of liquid glycerin gel.
  • Made using high-quality materials, these insoles are durable and will last without leaking or sagging too much.
  • Entirely hand washable, these insoles can be easily removed from any shoe and kept clean to prevent fungal growth.
  • The slim design allows for these insoles to be used in just about any type of shoe, whether you need them for sneakers or dress shoes.
  • A lifetime warranty ensures that these insoles will serve you well without any hassles!

  • These thin glycerin gel insoles allow for natural motion from heel to toe, conforming to the shape of your arches precisely.
  • They offer excellent massaging arch support with acupressure relief, easing up the pressure on sore feet or for those with plantar fasciitis.
  • Suitable for individuals with flat feet, ball of foot pain or plantar fasciitis.
  • The massaging gel action improves circulation and lessens swelling by stimulating the feet and reducing pressure points.
  • The thin design ensures you can use these liquid insoles in just about any shoes.
  • The metatarsal lift in the forefoot aids balance and helps fight against ball of foot pain.

  • These insoles are filled with a stable glycerin gel that provides optimal heel relief and support for tired feet.
  • A softly cushioned arch support keeps you on your feet all day long, preventing any muscle strain in your feet.
  • These insoles are brilliant at absorbing shock, evenly distributing all force received by your feet and lessening the impact.
  • The gel and top cover work together to regulate temperature, keeping your feet at a stable warm temperature throughout the day or night.
  • Those who use these insoles enjoyed the way they help deal with inflammation, swelling and foot fatigue.

  • These glycerin insoles utilize dynamic fluid technology to the maximum to allow your feet to feel utterly pampered.
  • Gel filled ridges in the design provide acupressure massage when walking, offering pressure relief to your feet with every step you take!
  • The top material is highly durable and utterly leak proof, lasting a long time without breaking.
  • These insoles are machine washable for your convenience, making it easy to keep your shoes clean and odorless.
  • While Healthmate Forever offers precise shoe sizes, these insoles are also able to be trimmed to fit your exact size and are transferable from shoe to shoe with ease.

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