Leather Insoles for Shoes

If you do a lot of walking or standing on your feet on a daily basis, you likely do not need to re-iterate the number of times you are left with swollen or aching feet at the end of a hard day!

You should consider buying a pair of serious insoles to help ease the pressure on your feet. Leather insoles are an extremely popular choice for helping tired feet, and you’re about to find out exactly why.

Leather Insoles for Shoes

What Makes Leather Insoles a Preferred Choice?

Leather is a preferred choice by many professionals alike in the working world because it’s natural, stylish and above all, comfortable.
Leather takes some time to wear in usually, but once worn in, it forms a perfect contour of your foot and provides the best arch support. It is probably one of the most ancient footgear materials still used today!

Another great attribute of leather insoles is that they last.
They are incredibly durable and will likely only start to deteriorate if you leave them baking in the sun non-stop for a few months.

This points to a hidden characteristic in that leather insoles make excellent shock absorbers, taking all the pressure your feet exert onto them for years. Some people prefer the natural feel of leather over the foam and other more artificial substances.

Regarding health, leather insoles are also a very practical choice, having no harmful plastic compounds and usually very little to no chemicals added extra.

Who Benefits From Wearing Leather Insoles?

The truth is that everyone who wears shoes can benefit from using leather insoles for shoes. Since they form such a perfect contour of the foot after being worn in, leather shoe inserts are accommodating to any foot type. Those with flat arches, all the way to having very high arches need not fear the leather insole.

For foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, swollen feet, a ball of foot pain and much more, leather insoles can provide a soft layer to protect your foot from excess pressure. If you suffer from pains in the heel of the foot, choose a firm leather variety to support your foot and lift your heel slightly up – this will take the pressure off. For those with a ball of foot pain or plantar fasciitis, you may prefer a softer, more impressionable leather to cushion the sensitive areas of the feet.

Grades of Leather Insoles and Their Characteristics

Traditionally, you get three main types of leather grades, which are usually stamped onto any given leather product. Knowing the differences can assist you in choosing the best leather type for your insoles.

  1. Genuine Leather – this sounds like exactly the kind of leather one wants, but this is the lowest grade of leather available. This could be a good insole choice if you do not want long lasting insoles and just need them for temporary foot pain support or pressure relief.
  2. Top-Grain Leather – this is medium quality leather and is manufactured by taking the rough leather and sanding it down. The finished product lasts much longer than the genuine leather and will do an excellent job of protecting your feet. However, if you are a chef or somebody that wears even your shoes down to husks, you may want to consider even better quality leather!
  3. Full-Grain Leather – this leather is the best leather money can buy. Very minimal refining was done to this leather, and all the strongest elements are kept intact. The most durable and hardy shoes are created using this leather, along with weapon holsters and utility belts. If you purchase a pair of leather insoles made from full-grain leather, your great grandchildren will likely be wondering what they can use them for long after your time.

Reviews: Best Leather Insoles

Here is a selection of the best leather insoles for all sorts of purposes and foot types! Take a look.

  • This insole is made from genuine leather and is designed to last all year round.
  • A carbon filter in combination with natural leather top coat ensures a clean, antibacterial product that absorbs odors.
  • This leather insole for shoes will keep your feet cool and dry all throughout the day, a signature quality of leather.
  • The manufacturers have perforated the insole for even better airflow, helping those who are prone to excessive sweating or who do not feel well on a regular basis.
  • Ideal for flat arches, plantar fasciitis or tired working feet.
  • Designed to fit most shoes – make sure you select your size wisely!

  • These royal leather insoles are made to help support aching feet with perfect orthotic support.
  • A thin layer of leather rests on top of a carbon foam filter, which acts to absorb odor and kill any germs that may fester in your shoes!
  • The insoles will ensure that you have extra ventilation inside your shoes.
  • Suitable for high heels, boots, smart men’s shoes and more.
  • The leather in this product is manufactured to last and is durable.
  • Made in Germany.

  • This product has been moulded from a dual combination of sheepskin leather and latex for optimal arch support.
  • Cushion your foot with the right support and keep your spine straight and in perfect alignment all day long.
  • The foam layer has a carbon filter in it, which is fantastic for soaking up any unwanted smells and absorbing excess moisture.
  • Ideal for flat foot, painful arches, knee or heel pains, heel spurs, leg aches, bunions, incorrect posture and more.
  • Alleviate and divert all pressure off your feet with Kaps Relax Leather Insoles for Shoes.
  • This product is best for people who have a tendency for over pronation.

  • This shoe insert is made from quality genuine leather and is perforated for optimal airflow.
  • The top leather layer rests on top of a layer of EITHER a latex carbon blend or natural cork.
  • Keep your feet dry and refreshed with the pleasing absorption properties of this leather combination.
  • Especially if you choose the cork option here, these insoles will last you for a long time and take on the precise shape of your foot.
  • These leather shoes insoles are great for flat feet and a few painful foot conditions that demand the right foot support.
  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic, this product was not made with the use of any added chemicals.
  • Returns on the product on free, guaranteeing that you have nothing to lose if it doesn’t suit your needs!

  • This leather shoe insole will keep your feet supported and refreshed throughout the entire day.
  • The contoured design makes this leather insert for shoes more ideal for those with medium or painful arches, as opposed to those with flat feet.
  • Wearing these in will ensure you have extra comfort throughout the day, transferring pressure off the ball of the foot as well as the heel.
  • Made from magnificent quality top grain leather, which will last much longer than genuine quality leather.
  • Designed to fit inside all footwear, aside from high heels.

  • Ultra thin, these leather insoles are perfect for making flat shoes more luxurious, including pumps, flats, slippers, loafers, and sandals.
  • The leather has been softened to reduce break-in time and to make your feet feel extra pampered.
  • The moisture wicking ability of the inserts quickly absorbs and disperse moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.
  • A latex foam layer offers additional padding for support and plush comfort.
  • An active carbon filter ensures your feet remain free of bacteria and odors, promoting a healthy foot environment.

  • Handcrafted, these leather insoles offer superior support while still maintaining a low profile.
  • A memory foam cushion rests in the heel and under the arches for the best possible support, molding to the shape of your feet comfortably.
  • Only the best leather was used to make these insoles, offering adaptive support and moisture wicking properties.
  • The underside includes an antibacterial latex gel which destroys odors and infections.
  • The insoles increase the ventilation inside your shoes with many perforations in the forefoot.
  • Support cushions also create an extra level of shock resistance, deflecting jarring impact from the most sensitive areas of your feet.

  • Another Pedag leather insole classic, these leather insoles will provide your feet with long-lasting comfort and extend the life of your shoes.
  • Made from vegetable tanned sheepskin, the insoles are soft, thin and highly adaptive to the shape of your feet.
  • The underside consists of an active carbon filtration system which ensures less perspiration, no odor and a healthier foot overall.
  • Perforated for optimal airflow, making them ideal for Summer shoes.
  • Comes with a trimming guide in case the size is too long.
  • Protect the inside of your shoes while pampering your feet with these luxurious leather insoles!


Shoeslulu makes premium and high-quality leather insoles with just enough cushioned comfort.

  • High quality and handcrafted with seamless construction for comfort.
  • Offers exceptional moisture absorption.
  • Advances breathable activated Carbon Filler bottom to control odor.
  • Slightly padded for comfort and support.


Lightweight and highly breathable comfort insoles from ECCO in genuine leather.

  • Made from genuine leather.
  • Moisture absorbiong, and very quick drying.
  • Perforated top layer for additional breathability.
  • Trim to fit for a more customized fit.
  • Designed to fit all ECCO shoes and some other shoe brands.


Kaps offer you their premium leather, orthotic Gel cushioned insoles, the Relax model.

  • Made from premium quality and highly absorbent Vegetablle Tanned Leather.
  • Features soft Gel pads for cushioned comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Orthotic arch support that can help to realign fallen arches.
  • Ideal for over Pronation, Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis.

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