Best Insoles for Military Boots

If you have a pair of Combat or Military boots that are not quite as comfortable or supportive as you would like them to be, or maybe you just need some additional features to keep your feet dry and cool.

Well, a proper insole can do all of this for your, and even maybe replace an old and worn out insole in your Military boot.

Militray Boots Insoles

Military and Combat Boot Functions

In general Military or Combat Boots are worn by soldiers during combat or combat training, and are designed to provide good grip, ankle stability and specialized foot protection against different environmental and physical factors.

Most Military boots have waterproof leather uppers and a durable and thick high traction rubber outsole. Some are specialized to perform in certain climates, or for specific uses such as for jumping or using on tankers and in high heat situations.

Today Military and Combat boots are not just worn by the Military, but likewise by other security and law enforcement officers for similar protection and functionality.

At the end, whichever you are, your Military boot is there to keep your feet comfortable and protected.

Why You Need a Good Insole in Your Military Boots

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Cushioning: One thing that most law enforcement officers, the military and other security officers do plenty of is running, and moving around, sometimes jumping and climbing on tough and hard surfaces.

With this in mind, I would say that the most important factor of an insole in a Military boot is cushioning and shock absorbency, protecting your feet against walking and running on hard surfaces.

Flexibility: This is likewise a requirement as crawling, jumping and climbing, and working in many different positions and unsteady surfaces require that you need a sole that works with you.

Arch Support: As with any shoe, good arch support for your arch type is always important, and good stability features for your heels such as a heel cup, to protect you against Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis.

Breathability: Lastly, with this type of occupation, your feet are going to get hot and sweaty, depending on the weather also of course, so breathability, and moisture wicking capabilities are crucial.

While it is not always very likely, a specialized boot with insulation and a plush insole can be used for very cold weather conditions or snow.

Features of a Good Military Boot Insole

Here are a few main features that are Crucial in Your Military Boot Insoles

  • The insole should be full length with either trim to fit options or the right fit for your Military Boot.
  • Good anatomical arch support for your arch type is vital.
  • A deeper and comfortable heel cup ensures good stability, balance and better alignment.
  • The insole should aid in distributing weight evenly and absorbing shock effectively.
  • Good cushioning for comfort and support such as EVA or memory foam.
  • Gel padded forefoot and heel for shock absorbency.
  • Antimicrobial treatment such as AEGIS or Silpure.
  • Moisture-wicking top lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Reviews: Best Military Boot Insoles

Taking into consideration all the features that you would require from the footbed or insole of a Military Boot, here are some outstanding Insole options that you can consider;


The Sole Lab Work Boot Model offers the perfect solution for your Military Boots. Excellent comfort and energy return features, with a tough and long lasting design, that will get you through the day.

  • Heavy duty design, made for tough use and hard wearing.
  • Provides better foot alignment to alleviate back pain.
  • Lasting comfort and excellent energy return technology.
  • The Gel pads and arch support reduces strain on your feet and prevents foot fatigue.
  • The perfect fit for Men’s work boots, Hiking Boots, Military boots and Casual or Cowboy boots alike.


A very versatile pair of insoles, with the idyllic fit for women’s feet. The Sole lab Adaptive for women offers superior support and comfort for all shoe types, including women’s military boots and work boots.

  • A full-length insole with anatomical arch support, to relax the structure of your foot and offer full support for all arch types.
  • Ensures excellent stability and control with the deep wrapping heel cup, that cradles your foot, while improvingbalance and alignment.
  • Perfect for all types of closed shoes for women, including military boots.


The Power Tuff from Job Site is a hard wearing and durable Insole, that provides absolutely everything you will ever need in a good insole for your Military Boots or even just Work Boots.

  • Available in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes to choose from.
  • Relieves foot pain and other common foot condition symptoms.
  • Excellent arch support with an active rebound and plush cushioning, to relieve heel and foot pain.
  • Ideal for preventing foot fatigue.
  • Features the ever popular Aegis Microbe Shield Technology, that protects your feet against bacteria, fungus and foot odors.
  • Very lightweight and durable design that offers strength and stability with a lightweight and sturdy frame.


Typically these are athletic insoles for men, although they are a tough and quality design, with some superb features that would be supreme in a work boot or Military boot.

  • The perfect fit for a lower arch or flatter foot, particularly when you are going to be on your feet for long hours and frequently.
  • The reinforced Nylon arch ensures excellent support and motion control while promoting good alignment.
  • SKYDEX Air Bubbles in the heel and arch, ensure excellent shock absorbency during high impact activities, such as running and jumping.
  • The COOLMAX fabric top wicks away moisture and keeps your feet cool, dry and free of odor-causing bacteria.


Many times when it comes to Military work, or any occupation requiring similar footwear, you are in an environment performing strenuous activities sometimes in high heat. Dr. Scholl’s ULTRACOOL technology insoles will keep your feet cool and comfortable, during these times, when you need it the most.

  • Highly breathable Honeycomb design that promotes airflow to keep your feet cooler.
  • A moisture-wicking antimicrobial treated top lining, that will prevent the formation of bacteria, fungus and foot odor.
  • Perfect for individuals who suffer from sweaty, feet or feet prone to odor and infections.
  • The ideal fit for Military boots, work boots and even casual shoes and sneakers.


Tough and durable puncture-resistant insoles from Mega Comfort that are perfect for your military work boots.

  • These insoles are made from a flexible series of plastic polymers that are strong enough to prevent feet from puncturing.
  • Ensures superb comforting and supportive memory foam cushioning and arch adaptive technology.
  • Excellent shock absorbency and injury prevention form impacts.
  • The heel cup provides comfortable support and stability.


A durable and puncture-resistant heavy dutty insole from LaCrosse.

  • Provides soft and plush cushioning and added heel cushioning.
  • A puncture-resistant non-metallic midsole with a P4 barrier.
  • Microfiber top layer for comfort and slipping resistance.
  • Reduces hots spots and quickly allevaites pressure points.


The best anti-fatigue comfort insoles fro your Military boots from Superfeet.

  • A high volume and low profile fit, as this is a complete replacement insole.
  • Features a reinforced stabilizer cap at the base of the insole for structural stability and heel support.
  • The best insole for high impact activities and heavy-duty wear.
  • stable fit and less pressure on your lower limbs.
  • Manufactured from fine qulaity and pressure-sensitive memory foam which contours to the shape of your feet.

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