Insoles for Knee Pain

Many of us are on our feet all day long, enduring hours of pressure on our feet.

This can also extend to our legs and back if we are not careful, particularly our knees.

Learn more about the causes of knee pains and how the best insoles can help facilitate pain relief in the knees and feet.

Insoles for Knee Pain

Causes and Symptoms of Knee Pain

In regards to feet, there are many factors that could cause knee pain, including:

  • Sitting at a desk all day – if you sit at your desk all day, there is a good chance you do not move for many hours at a time. If you do not balance these hours with enough exercise, you can experience weak or painful knees, go numb in your calves frequently or receive foot pains from time to time.
  • Being Obese or Over Weight – Being overweight, unfortunately, adds extra pressure on the entire skeleton, including the knees. This can impact on walking in a correct posture too.
  • High Impact Activity – athletes, chefs, waiters, runners, hikers, and many others endure large amounts of force on their feet from high-impact activities. This places a higher risk of jarring the knees and creating knee pain, but it also puts additional stress on the feet and can result in foot pain.
  • Over or Under pronation – both over pronation and under pronation can cause one to walk incorrectly, which can sometimes cause the knees to bump in the most extreme cases.

How Insoles Can Help Alleviate Knee Pain

Insoles are a great aid when one has knee pain, but they are not the ultimate solution to knee pain. Insoles for knee pain are designed to keep as much pressure or force, off the feet as possible, which in turn will ensure that your knees endure less too. Insoles that protect the knees also usually provide an extra measure of foot control. If you walk in a correct posture, you will help take the pressure off your knees.

Wearing insoles means that there is an additional layer between your feet and the ground. This is useful for absorbing shock and keeping your knees from jarring when on the sports field. Those who are at office jobs all day will benefit from insoles for knee protection, as it will be easier for you to walk, especially if your knees are feeling tender! This is most certainly also why it will benefit those who are overweight too, providing the support required by your body mass.

Pain Relief Features of a Good Insole for Knee Pain

The features you are looking for to best help those knees are as follows:

  1. Deep Heel Cups – You need some padding on your heels, but if you have a boost that’s too high, you may put unnecessary pressure on your knees. A deep heel cup will allow your feet to pronate optimally while providing you with the best support and protection for your kneecaps(medical term: Patella).
  2. High-Density Foam – still the most favored material on the market to date, high-density foam is ideal for being worn in and taking on your foot’s exact shape. Memory foam is the best at doing this and will adjust in real time to your feet every single day. This material also provides the best shock absorption, is highly durable, lightweight, and everyone loves how comfortable they feel.
  3. Metatarsal Lift – especially important if you suffer from ball of foot pain on top of your knee pain, a metatarsal lift is where the toes are lifted up slightly, and the big toe is separate a little (as opposed to lying straight with the others). This protects the front foot area.
  4. Height – the thicker the insole, the more shock absorption as well as padding your feet have.
  5. Adaptive Arch Technology – some insoles come with arches that adapt to your foot’s arches as they move throughout the day. This takes the pressure off at any given moment and is one of the best ways to protect your knees.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Knee Pain

Our selection of best insoles for knee pain – read at your leisure!

  • These insoles will provide you with a cost effective solution to over pronation and allow you to take back your stride fully!
  • Made from high-density foam and constructed to keep your feet in place.
  • Orthaheel designed these insoles with Tri-Planar motion control with the help of leading podiatrists.
  • Ideal for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, foot pain or pain in the knees.
  • These shoe inserts can be placed inside cross trainers or ordinary everyday shoes for maximum foot support.
  • Feel comfortable in your shoes!

  • This insole was originally designed for athletes, absorbing and redirecting the shock of running, jumping and cutting on the playing field.
  • These insoles will control over pronation perfectly, using adaptive arch technology to remain the perfect shape for your feet, even as your muscles flex.
  • These shoe inserts have a breathable Air/FX top layer, which is perforated for optimal airflow.
  • The deep heel cup takes the pressure off your knees completely and allows you to move around without slipping or sliding.
  • Protect your feet, knees, and legs from injuries or aches by wearing these high-density insoles for knee protection.

  • Cradle your feet for years with the cushioning properties of breathable natural cork.
  • Birkenstock is an amazing insoles brand that has been manufacturing natural cork insoles since the 18th century.
  • These insoles are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and designed to provide your feet with optimal protection and support.
  • Cork is a very dense material that absorbs shock excellently.
  • Metatarsal separation is included as a feature of these knee pain relieving insoles.
  • Ideal for medium foot arch support and can help you to minimize pain to the legs, feet, knees, ball of foot, heels and the arches of the feet.

  • Add an extra layer of protection to your feet with this footminder’s neutral arch support insole.
  • This insole will help you if you have low or flat arches, allowing your feet to keep standing or walking all day long.
  • Protect your back, neck, hips, and knees by controlling the way your feet pronate and never worry about knee pains again
  • This is a product which has been endorsed by chiropractors and podiatrists many times over.
  • Ideal for use in slip-on shoes that do not have laces for those who need comfort, support, and protection for their knees, feet, and back.

  • One of the most sturdy powerstep insoles, this insole has a very thick base and directs pressure completely away from the feet.
  • All inclusive with variable cushioning technology, the foam base molds to the shape of your feet, no matter what kind of feet you have.
  • The top layer is breathable and anti-microbial, keeping any strange odors away and ensuring that excess moisture doesn’t build up inside your shoes.
  • Support your feet in whatever shoes you are wearing, as these insoles can easily be transferred from shoe to shoe.
  • The base is shaped to alleviate over pronation and help guard against knock-knee or knee pains.

  • Built to take pressure off your feet and legs for heavy construction, Timberland PRO anti-fatigue insoles are some of the best for combating knee pain.
  • A dynamic arch has been shaped for flat or neutral arches with the ability to adapt real-time when your feet flex, providing support around the clock.
  • An outlast top cover keeps your feet fresh and confers antimicrobial protection as well as odor control.
  • The underside contains a unique beehive pattern that allows for the insoles to return energy into every step of the user, taking the strain off your knees, hips, and back.
  • Easy to slip in and out of any pairs of shoes, whether your work boots, casual sneakers or flats.

  • This is probably the most abundantly cushioned medical-grade orthotic you’ve ever seen, offering thick layers of memory foam and an additional bed of pillow!
  • Let your feet sink into this masterfully crafted insole which is shaped to control motion and keep pressure off all your joints.
  • A deep heel cup holds the insoles in place and minimizes slippage and blistering.
  • Ideal for those with knee pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, foot fatigue, heel pain, and all arch types.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial for added odor control and to help encourage a healthy environment inside your shoes.

  • For those who have high arches and suffer from hip, ankle or knee pain, these are the perfect high arch insoles for you.
  • Incredibly thick, these stand at 3.3 inches high and may require looser shoes for those with high arches and problems with pronation.
  • A nylon plating at the base helps to keep feet stable, offering additional support to the heels and arches.
  • Anatomically built for firm arch support with a deep heel cradle, ensuring that all pressure is taken off your joints.
  • Can be used for athletic shoes or casual wear after removing the initial insert in the shoe.


The Ideal Insole for Knee Pain, Foot, and ankle pain as well as for plantar Fasciitis, in a high or low arch.

  • Excellent arch support for all arch types.
  • A stabilizing Deep Heel Cup for more natural movement.
  • ExcellentCushioning and Shock absorbency with the EVA material.
  • Robust and long-lasting quality materials.
  • Moisture-wicking stay dry top lining.


Andils offer you Orthotic Pain relief and Support not only for knee pain but for other painful foot and ankle conditions in turn.

  • The ideal insole for a flat foot or low rach that needs extra shock absorption and some pronation control.
  • UniqueSemi-Rigid, arch support to correct your posture during movement.
  • A deep heel cradle for stability and support.
  • Moisture-wicking and cooling top layers.


The Best Knee Pain relief insoles for athletes and sportsmen and women.

  • Absorbs shock and provides superb cushioning without the extra thickness and weight.
  • A deep heel Cup for stability and more natural movement.
  • Moisture-wicking and cooling materials to keep your feet dry and odor free.
  • Designed for extreme comfort and good arch support for all arch types.

Index Table: Top Rated Insoles for Knee Pain

1Orthaheel Unisex Orthotic - Perfect Alignment Insoles for Knee Pain Relief
  • Podiatrist Designed
  • Lightweight
2Shock Doctor Unisex Active - Shock Absorb Insoles for Knee Protection
  • Adaptive Arch Technology
  • Mid Foot Shock Dome
Shock Doctor95
3Birkenstock Unisex Support - Knee and Foot Protective Cork Insoles
  • All Natural Cork
  • Metatarsal Lift
4Footminders Unisex Flat Foot - Back & Knee Support Insoles for Flat Feet
  • Firm Flat Arch Support
  • Chiropractor and Podiatrist Endorsed
5Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Max - Powerful Knee Pain Relief Support Insole
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
6Timberland Pro Unisex Anti-Fatigue Insoles - Corrective Comfort Insoles for Knee Pain
  • Energy Return
  • Precision Support
Timberland Pro98
7Gosuban Unisex Cushion Insoles - Plush Memory Foam Insoles for Knee Pain
  • Deep Heel Cradle
  • Thick Comfort Padding
8Sof Sole Unisex High Arch Insoles - Knee Pain Relief Insoles for High Arches
  • Motion Control
  • Anti-Fatigue
Sof Sole97
9Walk Hero Unisex Arch Support - Cushioned Insoles for Knee Pain
  • Cushioned
  • Arch Support
  • Heel Cup
Walk Hero98
10Andils Unisex Orthotic - Supportive Insoles for Knee Pain
  • High Arch Support
  • Cushioned
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Pain relief
11Logics Best Unisex Pain Relief - Knee Pain Insoles
  • Pain Relief
  • Athletic Insoles
  • Maximum Support
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Shock Absorbing
Logics Best98

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