Insoles for Sandals

If you need to repair a pair of worn out sandals or give your feet a boost, then you have come to the right page.

Below we will be taking a look at why people wear insoles for sandals, what you ought to know before purchasing sandal insoles, as well as a look into some of their best features.

Insoles for Sandals

Why Wear Insoles in Your Sandals?

There are many reasons people need to wear insoles in their shoes, from medical ones to comfort. The below reasons are some of the most popular:

  • Arch Support – For flat feet or feet that feel tired all the time, arch support will make a world of difference. Arch support can help to make walking easier and protect the arches of your feet from excessive impact.
  • Comfort – Many generic insoles for all sorts of footwear, including sandals are not comfortable. They’re either made for an incorrect foot type or do not offer enough support for the feet. Insoles for sandals solve this problem, making walking feel exceptionally comfortable.
  • Bister Prevention – Blisters are a common concern, particularly with sandals like flips flops that have a thong which threads between the first and second toes. Leather and plastic straps have been known to cause blistering. Some insoles for sandals are designed to protect your feet from blistering.
  • Pain Relief – Wearing insoles has been clinically proven to benefit your feet, ensuring pain relief and foot pressure reduction.

Sandal Insole Buying Considerations

Here are some pre-buying considerations that will be helpful to understand for choosing the best pair of sandal insoles for you.

  1. Type Of Support – The choice of which insoles you need will ultimately depend on the type of support you’re looking for. Insoles for sandals have a much lower profile than ones for closed shoes. You won’t find a great pair of heel support insoles for sandals. However, arch and forefoot support insoles are readily available.
  2. Type Of Sandals – The type of sandals also will affect the type of insole you need. Some insoles for sandals provide a protective barrier between your toes and the sandal strap. Others are self-adhesive and provide full foot and arch support.
  3. Sandal Fit – Unless you are going for a small pair of insoles that are just for the ball of the foot or arch support, opt for insoles that are trim to fit. This is especially a good idea for sandals as it will be obvious if your insoles are oversized as well as easier to trim them.

Features of a Good Sandal Insole

These below features should be included in your sandal insoles for optimal support, function, and comfort!

  • Adhesive – A pair of sandal insoles that aren’t adhesive will not stay in place very well. ensure they stick on to your shoes well enough that your feet don’t slide about.
  • Moisture Wicking – Sandal insoles are often more moisture wicking than the sandals themselves. Highly absorbent and quick drying materials are moisture wicking, promoting permanently dry, fresh feet.
  • Shock Absorption – The larger the insole, the more shock absorbent it is. Some insoles are designed to distribute the shock evenly over the feet, lessening the impact off of them.
  • Gel – Gel insoles feel as though you are getting a frequent massage. These insoles are one of the most common types used in sandals as they can be skinny and still provide optimal foot pain relief.
  • Antimicrobial – Insoles that are antimicrobial will prevent infections or fungus like Athlete’s Foot from occurring on your feet. This, in turn, reduces any unpleasant odors your feet may have.

Reviews: Top Insoles for Sandals

Below are a few of the most popular insoles for sandals, alongside a few of their best features.

  • Designed for use in sandals with thongs or toe-straps, these insoles will add an extra layer of padding and comfort.
  • Made from a transparent gel, these insoles for sandals will absorb shock along the bottom of the foot and evenly distribute pressure.
  • These sandal insoles are self-adhesive and will ensure that your feet never slip inside your sandals.
  • The innovative design neutralizes friction and other forces that contribute to foot fatigue.
  • Easy to wash and reuse.
  • Comes with an in-built trimming guild so you can tailor the size to suit your needs.

  • These insoles for your sandals are transparent as well as foot protective, making any sandals you own instantly more comfortable.
  • They connect to your shoes via the toe strap protector, which encases your sandals strap or thong and prevents it from blistering your toes.
  • These insoles absorb shock and friction, allowing your feet to rest comfortably in your sandals for longer periods of time.
  • The transparency of the insoles makes it easy to use in any shoe.
  • While these are best suited to sandals with a thong or flip flops, they will work in many other types of shoes.
  • Trim to fit to get your desired size.

  • These gel insoles for sandals are incredibly flat and work just as well as any other quality liquid gel orthotic insert.
  • Liquid gel insoles are filled with a soft substance that adapts to the shape of your arches as you walk, making them highly orthotic and pressure relieving.
  • They’re incredibly thin, making them perfect to use inside any sandals, open shoes or flip-flops.
  • Comes included with a unique cut-out hole for flip-flop straps, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate the insoles into your shoes.
  • No trim-to-fit required – select the right size and slip them into your shoes without fussing over them.
  • These can be replaced within the 1-year warranty or returned for 100% of your money back within the first 30 days of use.

  • These petite insoles have a lady-like appeal, caressing your feet and transferring the pain off the balls of the feet.
  • Perfect for high heels, these insoles are ultra thin and can be worn in open shoes, sandals and high heels.
  • The top layer is made from a velvety suede velour fabric, which is soft, pampering and breathable to the skin.
  • The geometric beehive design on the underside of the insoles allows for energy return to occur, boosting your stride and alleviating pressure on the feet.
  • These insoles for sandals are self-adhesive and will cushion your arches during the Summertime without issues.

  • If you need a great pair of insoles to prevent your sandals from getting ruined during hot weather, these insoles are perfect for you!
  • The top layer of suede material will prevent excessive perspiration, as well as drying quickly and keeping your feet feeling fresh.
  • These insoles for sandals provide instant comfort, only needing to be peeled and stuck inside your shoes.
  • Built from very cushioning microfiber materials, these ultra-thin insoles are bound to boost the comfort of your shoes.
  • Available in a few different sizes and styles, such as plain black or zebra stripes.

  • These insoles are ideal for giving your arches additional support, helping to alleviate foot fatigue, pressure and pain.
  • Easy to apply, they have a smooth base which you can attach inside sandals, open shoes or closed shoes to aid your arches.
  • Made from a soft suede fabric, these insoles no doubt feel softer than your actual shoes!
  • A gel inside the arches allows them to be adaptable, responding to flexes in your arches and providing precision support.
  • These insoles for sandals give the feeling of a foot massage as well as enhancing blood flow.

  • For those who have flat shoes or thong-less sandals, these insoles are ideal for keeping your feet cool and comfortable all year round.
  • Top-quality terry cotton cloth was used to line the insoles, pampering your feet and improving their grip.
  • Moisture-wicking qualities of these insoles keep your feet dry and free from blistering or discomfort.
  • The bottom layer is latex which deflects shock, protecting your feet from impact and strain.
  • Treated to actively control for odors.
  • Can be machine washed using cold water.
  • Comes in a pack of 2 in many shoe sizes, in either black, black and white or white.

  • FootLovers gel massage insoles for sandals will add an invigorating massage to your feet all day long!
  • Due to the unique flow pattern, these insoles are made to stimulate the pressure points on the feet, alleviating foot strain and tension.
  • Enhances and promotes healthy blood flow throughout your legs, easing foot pain and giving you some more energy.
  • Ideal for those with plantar fasciitis and other debilitating foot conditions who require extra padded comfort.
  • Comes with a trim to fit guide for an exact match to your sandals.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine using the cold wash setting.

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