Insoles for Back Pain

If your back is in pain on a daily basis, there is a very likely chance that it’s because of the way you walk or the kind of shoes you wear.

One possible solution to your problem is to buy a pair of shoe inserts for back pain. Here we will explore a few causes of back pain and how orthotic insoles can help.

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Causes of Back Pain

The primary cause of back pain is usually attributed to an incorrect posture.
This can happen to us in some ways. Some people have chronic lifestyle conditions which affect their postures, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

You also get individuals who have arches that are too flat or too high. If that is not tended to regarding sensitive footgear, it can be rather painful for these people to walk and result in back pain.

Other causes include infections that one can get, which cause glands in the hips to swell.
When these hip glands are swollen, they can cause one leg to be fractionally longer than the other.

Repeated walking on this for years from recurrent infections then causes shoes to wear unevenly and creates an even bigger problem going up the spine. In other words, keeping healthy can help to reduce your back pain.

Walking to Maintain the Best Posture

When we walk, our ankle makes contact with the ground first. As it does this, it curves in an arc which should veer out by a curvature of 15%.

If it goes wider, it is known as overpronation, and if it goes under, it’s known as under pronation. After it arcs off, weight is transferred to the ball of the foot, before lifting off for a next step.

Those of us who over or under pronate can begin to experience foot aches and pain, as well as back pain. Special orthotic shoe inserts have been designed to aid people to pronate at the right angle.

Wearing the right shoe insole for your feet may help you to walk easier and may remedy far more discomfort than you realized!

Shoe insoles can absorb more of the impact that your foot takes and divert more pressure away as well, aiding those with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and other pains in the foot or ball of the foot.

Characteristics of a Good Back Pain Insoles

Here are five properties of insoles that are sure to help your posture while you walk:

  • Heel Lift – especially good if you have swollen glands, sensitive feet or Achilles tendonitis, a heel lift can take pressure off the calves and absorb more shock as you walk.
  • Metatarsal separation – the metatarsals are the bones in the toes of your feet. When the big toe and second toe are separated, the pressure is diverted off the ball of the foot. A decrease in foot pain can also help you to walk with a good posture!
  • Arch contour – specially designed orthotic shoe inserts have special curves and contours. They also target the specific type of foot arches, such as flat feet or high arches, that are commonly known to be painful to walk on.
  • Memory Foam – memory foam is great in that it creates a lasting impression of your feet and can correct your posture by giving a perfect contour. Natural leather inserts and cork insoles are natural alternatives to memory foam that work just as well.
  • Custom Made Orthotics – the best insoles for back pain will always be the ones custom made for your feet.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Back Pain

Here we have chosen a selection of insoles that address a number of issues associated with back pain, depending on different needs.

  • This shoe insole is made from a dual layer of foam and covered in the polyester layer to allow your feet to breath.
  • Variable cushion technology allows your feet to leave an impression in these insoles, adding to their perfect fit support.
  • Extra lift in the heel provides your feet with the cushioning that they need during work, walking or even athletic activity.
  • Ideal for those who have medium arches and suffers from back pain and leg pain, who have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis.
  • Made in the USA and made to fit all shoe sizes without trimming to match.

  • These shoe inserts from Powerstep are there to absorb all shock endured by your feet.
  • Designed to aid those with awkward arches, these insoles will help to alleviate back pain as well as discomfort in the feet and shins.
  • Experience enhanced support and maximum comfort with the layers of orthotic grade foam used to make this insole.
  • Covered in a breathable, hypoallergenic material which also has antimicrobial properties to support healthy feet.
  • This insole is designed with a deep heel cradle, which gives it less of a lift than other insoles. This is ideal for enhanced comfort but not for athletic activity.
  • Ideal for those with aches and pains in the feet which need to take it easy for a while.
  • Made in Ohio, USA.

  • This orthotic foot product holds your foot rigidly in place and corrects your posture by keeping your foot alignment in check.
  • Ideal for those who need support after an operation or who are learning how to walk with perfect posture again.
  • Made from plastic with holes for better airflow.
  • Has the potential to provide pain relief in the hips, knees, and back.
  • This inexpensive product has been compared to top branded orthotics, functioning at the same capacity and aligning your feet correctly.
  • These orthotics will also last you years and are highly durable.

  • These are orthotic insoles which are especially designed for athletes.
  • Multiple shock pads have been placed to cover most areas of the foot. This is made to ensure the constant impact that athletes create when making sudden jabs, cuts, and sprints on the field.
  • The foam is padded very thick, protecting your feet and allowing for a light kick off the ground.
  • The design is contoured in specific places to keep your foot locked in and prevent overpronation.
  • The arch provides rigid support and stability, which makes it perfect for those who want a walking boost in their day-to-day.
  • 1 Year guarantee.

  • The insoles are made for those with very flat arches or flat foot.
  • Provide your flat foot with some extra padding and comfort with these made to match insoles.
  • The generic shape allows these insoles to work in all shoe types.
  • The shoe insert is covered with an antimicrobial, antiblister and anti-odorous material.
  • Aligning your flat feet perfectly will straighten your spine and aid back pain, hip discomfort and leg pains.
  • Control the degree of pronation with the support provided by these orthotic insoles.

  • These insoles are great for correcting both back and feet posture, especially if you suffer from underpronation problems (supination).
  • The unique anatomically designed footbeds prevent you from placing too much pressure on the outer rims of the insoles, allowing them to last longer.
  • Dual layered with comfort cushioning that adapt to your arches, these insoles were made to prevent fatigue and pain in the feet, back, and hips.
  • Guard your feet from jarring impacts and shocks whether at work or engaging in extreme outdoor activities.
  • Contains gel shock pads as well as a specialized design that deflects impact away from the feet, protecting your back and joints from pain.

  • If you suffer from back pain, it may be that your insoles don’t fit – here are a pair of premium orthotic insoles that have an extra wide fit for those with big feet!
  • Variable cushioning technology adapts to the precise shape of your arches, offering 24hour protection and support.
  • High-density foam prevents ‘bottoming out’ of the insoles under pressure, ensuring they offer proper support for a longer time.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial, protecting your feet from both odor and infections like Athlete’s Foot.
  • The footbed is shaped for optimal comfort, especially for those with flat or neutral arches.

  • Nazaroo orthotic insoles will help to prevent foot pain by correcting the alignment of your feet and by extension, your back.
  • Particularly useful for those who suffer from flat feet, the inserts distribute pressure evenly over the entire foot with rigid support.
  • A deep heel cradle positions your feet in one place, offering optimal motion control and pressure alleviation off your back and joints.
  • The base is constructed from durable EVA and high-density foam, both of which work to comfort your feet and support your arches.
  • Designed to fit inside more types of footwear.

Index Table: Top Rated Insoles for Back Pain

1Powerstep Unisex Foot Protect Insoles - Supportive Orthotic Shoe Insole for Pain Relief
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
  • Heel Support
2Powerstep Unisex Pain Free Foot Insoles - Back Pressure Relief Shoe Inserts
  • Orthotic Design
  • Hypoallergenic
3WalkFit Unisex Orthtic Shoe Inserts - Posture Pedic Insoles for Back Pain
  • Rigid Design
  • Ventilation
4Spenco Unisex Athletic Insoles - Best Back Support Athletes Insoles
  • Multiple Shock Absorbers
  • Remedies Over Pronation
5Flat Foot Unisex Flat Feet Insoles - Insoles for back pain and flat feet
  • Pronation Control
  • Anti-odor Cover
Flat Foot95
6Prothotic Unisex Motion Control Insoles - Back Pain Relief Insoles
  • Corrects Underpronation
  • Absorbs Shock
7Powerstep Unisex Wide Fit Insoles - Pain Relief Insoles for Wide Feet
  • Variable Cushioning Technology
  • Antimicrobial
8NAZAROO Unisex Orthotic Insoles - Arch Support Insoles for Back Pain
  • Minimizes Impact
  • Multi-Layer Cushioning

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