Height Increasing Insoles

Ever needed to boost your height or your confidence?

Find out more about height increasing insoles below!

We will discuss their benefits, best features as well as buying precautions to consider before buying a pair.

Height Increasing Insoles

Why Wear Height Increasing Insoles?

Height increase insoles are a very popular choice for many people from business officials to the performance industry.

Boosting your height can increase your confidence, and it certainly alters the perceptions of those around you. This practice dates back a couple of centuries to Kings, generals, and emperors who would wear secret heels to elevate their height.

This would allow them to lord over their subjects and be viewed on a subconscious level as extra ‘high and mighty’.

When you look at a taller person, you look up at them, which creates a subtle psychological impact on a person.

This has been of use to many CEO’s and office employers, as well as those who perform music or act on stage at concerts or plays.

Aside from enhancing your appearance and confidence, increasing one’s height can also be beneficial for those who have height disorders, where one limb is longer than the other.

Buying Precautions for Height Increasing Insoles

Height increase insoles (aka heel lift insoles) come with a few considerations to make before purchase.

  1. Shoe Size – Many height increasing insoles need a shoe with a higher profile, or they will be uncomfortable. Be careful and know your measurements, particularly when ordering online. You don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable or wearing clown-sized shoes! Boots and roomy dress shoes tend to work the best.
  2. Comfort – Make sure your feet have adequate arch support while in your elevation insoles. If the insoles are too high or made of an incredibly firm material, they may be uncomfortable to walk in. Foam cushioning prevents a lot of discomforts and allows you to walk tall with ease.
  3. Ball Of Foot Pain – Much like wearing high heels every single day, wearing height increase insoles for extended periods of time may cause pressure to build on the balls of the feet. This area at the front of the foot then starts to ache. Wearing full-length insoles with a mild toe lift can help, or opting for height increasing insoles that are flat but high.

Features of a Good Height Increasing Insole

Here are some of the best features of height increasing insoles:

  • Moisture Wicking – Insoles that are highly absorbent, as well as quick-drying, are the best at moisture wicking. Ideally, you’ll want the top layer to be breathable at the very least. These qualities prevent excessive moisture from building up in your shoes, preventing infections, blisters and odors.
  • Antimicrobial – An antimicrobial top layer will prevent bacteria or fungus from developing inside your shoes. This helps to keep things smelling fresh and to prevent infections like Athlete’s Foot.
  • Arch Support – Arch support is not essential but it feels very comfortable! Many height increasing insoles are not comfortable; they merely increase your height. Look out for additional padding with ergonomic contours to cradle your feet while you walk. It will make all the difference when increasing your height from day to day!
  • Adjustable Height – A few height-increasing insoles come with multiple parts which allow you to stack them to increase or decrease your height as you wish.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam is one of the most comfortable forms of padding you can use underneath your feet. It conforms to the precise shape of your feet, giving your arches optimal support and making it feel as though you are walking on pillows!

Reviews: Top Height Increasing Insole

Choose from our best selection of height elevation insoles below and always stand tall in comfort and style!

  • These height insoles are made from the best quality, comfortable and very durable high density foam.
  • The top layer is breathable as well as sweat-resistant, making these ideal to wear all day long without worrying about hygiene.
  • The low profile still boosts your height considerably while allowing your feet to fit in your shoes.
  • The full-length support provides optimal comfort and allows you to stand tall without any excessive foot pressure.
  • Also suitable for those who have knee or heel pain and can be worn in sneakers, casual shoes, dress shoes or boots.

  • These insoles come with four different adjustable parts, allowing you to increase or decrease your height to match your preference.
  • The insoles themselves are padded for optimal comfort and allow you to walk around with more confidence and less foot pain.
  • The underside of the insole has been designed to keep the insole firmly planted in your shoes, preventing them from sliding around.
  • The top layer is breathable to ensure you do not overly perspire.
  • If your pair is too big, you can trim to fit perfectly in your shoes.
  • Made from tough latex and comfort foam, these height increase insoles will last a long time.

  • These insoles are made from the best quality materials that won’t only heighten your profile, but will give you a comfort boost comparable to top orthotics!
  • The insoles are made with a breathable top layer that rests on a thick cushion of memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your feet.
  • By providing maximum arch support, you never have to worry about tired or aching feet again while enjoying increased height.
  • The bottom layer is made from a firm density foam that has been designed to keep your feet in one place.
  • These full-length insoles can be worn in most shoes and don’t need an enormous shoe to boost your height comfortably.

  • These insoles will make you stand several inches taller than you are, making you feel as though you are on top of your world.
  • The top layer of the insoles allows the soles of your feet to breathe, while the bottom layer holds you steady.
  • The gradual decline helps to take the pressure off your feet, instead of causing discomfort from the largely increased height.
  • The underside of the insoles has two shock absorber pads, each of which help walking and make your steps feel lighter.
  • They are best suited to high profile shoes like boots, or they may allow your shoes to slip off easily.

  • These height increasing insoles will give you a gentle one inch boost inside any shoes you want to wear.
  • Made from superior orthotic grade materials, the insoles will cushion and support the arches of your feet.
  • The design of the insoles is mostly flat, making them suitable and comfortable for most types of feet.
  • The top layer is breathable and includes anti-odor properties, warding off infections and unpleasant smells when you take off your shoes.
  • Boost your height without anyone ever knowing as the heels of these insoles blend into your shoes flawlessly.

  • These height increasing insoles come in a pack of three different heights, allowing you to decide how tall you would like to be every day!
  • Ideal for protecting your feet from shock, these insoles have a honeycomb design on the back the distributes force.
  • With energy return, every step you take feels much lighter than if you weren’t wearing these insoles.
  • Padded with superior foam cushioning, you can use these insoles to support your arches and boost your height while engaging in athletic activities.
  • The insoles are breathable with multiple ventilation holes, quickly wicking all the moisture away.

  • Here is a pair of the most luxurious height increasing insoles available on the market, made from a double thick layer of memory foam.
  • Mildly shaped to adhere to the structure of your feet, the memory foam does the rest by conforming precisely to the shape of your arches.
  • Contains two gel shock pads in the forefoot and heel areas of the feet, safeguarding your most vulnerable areas from any impact.
  • Ideal for preventing foot pain, increasing your height and supporting your arches.
  • Great for all foot types, whether high or low.

  • Cushion your feet with comfortable padding that will also make you appear taller and more formidable to the world.
  • The perforations in the insoles disallow for perspiration to accumulate in your shoes, keeping your feet cool and dry.
  • Excellent shoe inserts for those with flat or neutral arches who want a height boost.
  • These insoles come in a pack of three, with each insole in the pack being a different height.
  • Stack them together to make yourself nearly a foot taller than you already are!

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