Best Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap

Ice does wonders for pain and swelling. Particularly when it comes to tired and aching feet, or a sprained ankle.

Having an Ice Wrap or wrap around your home is an absolute necessity, as accidents happen particularly when it comes to your feet and ankles.
On the other hand, an Ice Wrap can do wonders for tired and painful feet after a long day at work.

What are the Benefits of an Ice Wrap for Your Feet and Ankles

Ice Therapy is not just a nifty home therapy for quick pain relief and swelling reduction, but it is likewise a medically proven and generally used practice to reduce pain and inflammation fast and effectively.

An Ice Wrap is highly beneficial particularly when it comes to athletes and sportsmen who regularly suffer from minor injuries, sprains and sore muscles in general, because of the above average strain placed on their muscles. Most individuals use Ice, or cold water, although an Ice Wrap has a much more ideal design to reach most areas that need relief.

There are so many benefits to having an Ice Wrap, that I would highly recommend at least one in every home. Below are only a few of the main benefits that an Ice Wrap holds;

  • Stress Relief – particularly after running, strenuous activity or a long day on your feet, your feet and the rest of the muscles in your body can become strained, sore and tired. Many athletes take an ice bath after strenuous activity to relieve strained muscles and reduce swelling and inflammation. An Ice Wrap can be effectively used to target strained muscles in the feet and the rest of the body, as well as to reduce pain and inflammation caused by stress and strain.

  • Injuries – There are no two ways about it, the best method to relieve, pain, swelling and inflammation in an injury, particularly to the feet or ankles is to use and Ice Wrap. Whether it is a strain, sprain, bruise or even break, an Ice Wrap will bring fast relief and reduce the pain and inflammation.

  • Rational – To put it in basic terms, Ice or cold constricts your blood vessels to prevent fluid build-up that causes inflammation and swelling. The APMA discourages using heat on an inflamed and swollen area as this does quite the opposite. Therefore using an Ice Wrap on painful and swollen Feet or ankles is not only more effective but also medically proved to be a much better treatment option.

Additional Measures for Sprains, Strains and Injuries

In the case where injuries are more severe such as a break or serious strain, it is most important that you seek medical help, as Icing, the area is only there for temporary relief.

When it comes to less severe sprains, bumps, and bruises or inflammation and pain, you can use the Ice Wrap and then apply a bandage to further reduce swelling.

Anti Inflammatory creams, gels, and even medications can be obtained from your general health practitioner or drug store which in turn also helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Features of a Good Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap

  • Sealed – make sure that the Ice wrap has a securely sealed design that will prevent any of the Gel or liquids inside from seeping out.
  • Gel – gel is used in most Ice packs as it holds its temperature much longer and is more flexible.
  • Flexible – A flexible design ensures that the Ice Wrap can be used much easier on your feet and ankles and fold around the curves.
  • Exterior – Durable Nylon material that will last and conduct cold.
  • Straps – adjustable Velcro or flexible straps to fit the Ice Wrap around your feet or ankles.

Reviews: The Best Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap


The FlexiKold Gel Ice Wrap has the ability to hold its temperature for longer and is flexible enough to fit over and around your feet and ankles with ease.

  • Comes in money saving two pack and is available in a variety of shapes to choose from for every area of your body.
  • Filled with premium professional grade GEL, That remains pliable when frozen and retains its cold temperature.
  • Flexible design that is easy and comfortable to use.
  • Premium construction with thick nylon extrerior and double sealed to prevent leaking.


The TrekProof Ice pack is dual adjustable heating and cold therapy pack with medical grade gel and comfortable and versatile design.

  • Comes in a pack of two dual body forming Ice packs.
  • Heat and Cold, therapy capabilities.
  • Filled with premium medical grade Gel.
  • Includes a comfort strap for and adjustable fit.


A highly effective and easy to use Ice Wrap from NatraCure, the Universal is easy to use on any area of the body with fast and efficient results.

  • Available in a two pack for more value for money.
  • The professional grade Clay stays colder for much longer.
  • Included are an adjustable nylon strap and a cold therapy GEL ice pack.
  • Chills sore muscles within seconds and keeps its temperature for effective pain and swelling reduction.


The Ice It Heat and Cold therapy wrap have a versatile hot and cold feature and a design to specifically target ankles and elbows.

  • A Fully flexible Ice Wrap that will mold around painful areas even when frozen.
  • A very high freezing point so it will quickly reach freezing temperatures.
  • Maintains ist temperature whether hot or cold readily.
  • The Fabric, cover is soft and gentle against the skin and protects your from hypothermia and overheating.


Reduces swelling and aids with conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis and arch pain.

  • Microwaveable for heat therapy and quick freezing in your freezer.
  • Features a Non-Toxic Gel filling, in a securely sealed pack made from breathable neoprene.
  • Comes with an adjustable hook and loop strap for a customizable fit.


The Polar Ice Foot Wrap fits any foot or ankle size and shape and offers excellent after injury or post surgery healing and pain relief.

  • has a soft Fleece, cover that is gentle on your skin.
  • Universal sizing and easy velcro fastening.
  • retains temperature and cools fast.

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