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If you have never heard of Ecco Shoes or Ecco Insoles before, then this Ecco insole buying guide will open your eyes to some of the best Euro-style footgear available!

Read on for more information on Ecco, why people love Ecco Insoles, buying considerations as well as some of the best Ecco insole features.

Ecco Insoles

Why Do People Love Ecco Insoles & Footwear?

Ecco is a Denmark-based company which began in 1963 after Karl Toosbuy decided to set his dreams in motion. He started with a single vision in mind: to develop perfect footwear that fell in line with the Scandinavian designer’s philosophy that form should follow function. Toosbuy felt strongly that this was not something that could be outsourced cheaply. To this day, Ecco is still owned and run by the Toosbuy family, who play an intimate role in controlling the quality, production line, and future of the company.

Ecco’s slogan is ‘Ecco Never Stops Dreaming,’ accurately reflecting the family’s drive to create and maintain innovative footwear solutions continuously. Toosbuy’s biggest wish was to design exceptional footwear that did not have to be broken in to feel good, that lasted a very long time, and that allowed people to move naturally. Their signature leather insoles reflect their clear-cut philosophy, following your foot’s every move from the very first step you take in them!

Why Ecco Loves Using Leather To Make Their Insoles

The main reason Ecco insoles are so great is due to the fact that they are crafted from top-grade leather.

There are a few good reasons why Ecco chooses to use leather above all other materials for their premium insoles:

  1. Leather Adapts – In leather, form follows function, which matches Ecco’s philosophy. Leather has been used to sole shoes for centuries before modern methods came in because it adapts to the exact shape of the wearer’s feet. It takes a few days or more, depending on how thick the leather is, but after that, the insoles will be 100% uniquely shaped according to your arches and the support you specifically need.
  2. It Wicks Moisture Away – Leather acts like a natural sponge, soaking up any excess moisture. It also dried very quickly, ensuring that your feet are always left feeling dry.
  3. Keeps Feet At the Right Temperature – Whether in cold or hot weather, leather has a slight thermal capacity. In hot weather, it will keep your feet naturally cooler and in colder weather, it will keep your feet warm. These properties are limited, however, as you would not be able to use Ecco insoles to warm your feet in snowy weather.
  4. Leather Is Highly Durable – Leather insoles have the ability to last you a very long time, as do most leather products. Ecco insoles are made using the best quality of leather, backed up with some other materials, making for an unbeatably durable insole. Due to this, Ecco insoles will also lengthen the lifespan of your shoes.
  5. Reduces Odor – Leather insoles reduce odors inside your shoes, making them both more hygienic and desirable by many.

Ecco Insole Buying Considerations

Ecco has done a phenomenal amount of work to present you with some of the world’s best insoles to-date. Before purchasing yourself just any pair of Ecco insoles, however, there are a few considerations you should heed to make sure you get the best pair for your unique needs.

  1. Foot Type – We don’t all have the same feet. If you have flat feet, make sure to get a contourless Ecco Insole. Feet with very high arches will want a raised heel cup with steep arch support. For those who have medium arches or “normal feet” can more or less enjoy all of Ecco’s insoles without a problem.
  2. Your Shoes – Take into consideration the type of shoes you want to use your Ecco insoles inside of. All Ecco insoles are made specially to fit inside any Ecco shoes, which are not the same as ordinary footwear. Boots, dress shoes, pumps, and sneakers tend to be compatible with Ecco insoles, but you may need to make an alternative plan if you need them for high heels or sandals. You may also wish to purchase a pair of trimmable Ecco insoles if your shoes are very narrow.
  3. Medical Considerations – While Ecco insoles are exceptionally comfortable, those with medical conditions will benefit from orthopaedic attention for their feet. If you have pain in your arches, get a pair of contoured Ecco insoles to help. If you have Achilles Tendonitis or sore knees, a mildly raised heel cup can help alleviate your pain. Speak to your podiatrist for the best advice on your feet’s condition if you are unsure.

The Best Features of Ecco Insoles

Below we have drawn a spotlight to some of the best features of all Ecco Insoles so you can get an idea of what to expect:

  • Breathable – The majority of Ecco insoles are made from a blend of premium leather and the best synthetic foams available. Unlike other hybrid insoles, Ecco insoles are thoroughly perforated, allowing your feet to breathe harmoniously without feeling like you are standing in a swamp!
  • Orthopedic – True to their word, Ecco insoles are designed to follow the function of your feet. They have been shaped to conform naturally to most feet and confer many instantaneous orthopedic benefits. Walk around naturally without suffering from foot pain, tiredness or any other complaints.
  • Low Profile – Why should an insole take up the bulk of the space inside your shoes? Ecco understands that feet need space to function and that’s why all of their insoles have a low profile with high results.
  • Arch Adaptive – All Ecco insoles will support your feet and feel fantastic from the moment you put them on – it gets even better than that though! Ecco insoles are made to conform to the exact shape of your feet the longer you wear them, being arch adaptive in the long run.
  • Stabilising – If pronation control or sliding around in your shoes is a common problem for you, then Ecco insoles will help you tremendously. Ecco insoles are made to keep feet stable inside shoes without compromising freedom of movement.

Reviews: The Best Ecco Insoles

Here we have selected some of the best Ecco insoles available for online purchase. It’s no longer necessary to live in Europe to have access to them!

  • These men’s insoles by Ecco are made using the finest quality soft leather for the best and most natural foot comfort.
  • The base is made of 3mm (±0.12 inches) of soft cushioning foam for low profile support.
  • The sleek design of these insoles is perfect for oxfords, dress shoes or sneakers.
  • The leather is perforated for better feet breathability and ventilation.
  • These insoles have been treated with an antibacterial coating to prevent foot odor and infections.
  • Vamp up your shoes with Euro-style Ecco insoles and feel as though you only bought them yesterday!

  • Purchasing these Ecco insoles for ladies’ shoes will not only feel great, but they’ll feel as though you bought a new pair of shoes too!
  • The soft leather these insoles are made from are highly absorbent, keeping your feet dry.
  • Your feet are allowed to breathe naturally in these insoles due to the many perforations they contain.
  • The 2mm (±0.08 inches) comfort foam fiber system on the underside of the insole adds an additional layer of supreme comfort.
  • Treated to be antibacterial as well as odor resistant, these insoles are ideal for those who perspire often.

  • These are one of the few non-leather insoles that ecco produces, made from perforated gel.
  • If you suffer from ball of foot pain, these half sized insoles are perfect for you, making sure to alleviate ball of foot pain.
  • The insoles are self-adhesive, as well as removable, allowing you to transfer them from shoe to shoe.
  • Add an extra cushion to your shoes which can absorb shock and prevent foot fatigue.
  • These gel insoles are washable and odor resistant.
  • Designed for men’s dress shoes, oxfords or sneakers that have a raised heel which alleviates pressure on the ball of the feet.

  • Ecco made these insoles with stability in mind, made from pure leather which rests on top of a stable latex base.
  • The underside of the insole ensures you have full pronation control, as well as keeping your feet firmly planted inside your shoes.
  • The contoured arch support is designed specifically to provide arch pain relief and eliminate plantar fasciitis or foot fatigue.
  • This premium leather insole is perforated for excellent airflow and is naturally moisture wicking for fresh feet.
  • Feel comfortable and supportive of these shock-absorbent shoes that will also provide a significant degree of metatarsal support.

  • These insoles are especially designed to fit all Ecco shoes and provide you with unmatched comfort.
  • The low profile design keeps shoes roomy, allowing feet to have enough space to feel free.
  • Premium soft leather is used for the top layer, absorbing moisture and drying out fast to keep your feet perfectly.
  • The bottom layer is made from Ecco’s unique comfort fiber system which acts as a shock absorber as well as extra deep cushioning.
  • The holes in the design of the insoles allow air to flow freely.
  • These insoles are antibacterial and odor resistant.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Ecco Insoles

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