Diabetic Insoles

Many people are unaware that diabetes involves more than managing one’s sugar consumption – diabetics also get an immense amount of foot problems!

Read further for more information on why diabetics need diabetic insoles, what diabetic insoles aim to achieve as well as some of their best features that aid diabetics lead a more comfortable lifestyle.

Diabetic Insoles

5 Reasons Diabetics Need Orthotic Insoles

If you have diabetes type 1 or type 2, you will need insoles to help your feet somewhere along the line. Here are five major reasons as to why:

  1. Peripheral Neuropathy – After prolonged nerve damage due to sugar and insulin spikes which leads up to this condition, peripheral neuropathy often develops. This means that the hands and feet (sometimes even the knees and elbows) will become entirely numb. Blood flow in a diabetic is also usually weaker, which adds to peripheral neuropathy. Diabetics need insoles to protect their feet when they’re numb, as they can incur injuries easily without being aware. Diabetics also take a lot longer to heal from injuries and are more prone to infections or internal bleeding from bruises – all the horror stories of diabetics needing to amputate toes from wounds like this often came to being from insufficient protective foot gear!
  2. Plantar Fasciitis – Diabetic feet tend to tire out faster than healthy feet. Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the arches of the feet are overtired and start to ache.
  3. Heel Spurs – Since a diabetics blood flow is not as good as it once was, the body is not as good at eliminating by-products from the bloodstream, such as calcium deposits. This can result in heel spurs in the worst cases of diabetes. Heel spurs are tiny hardened calcium deposits that sit under the heel, and they are very painful to walk on.
  4. Friction – Since a diabetic bruises easily, any friction on the feet can quickly create blisters or worse. Diabetic footwear is usually made with more wiggle room for toes and feet to reduce friction.
  5. Over & Under Pronation – Diabetics usually have stiff joints which very often leads to over or under pronation. Pronation is the motion our feet make when we lift off from the ground. Over or under pronating are both the top causes of blistering, and they can also lead to plantar fasciitis or knee and hip pains.

What Do Diabetic Insoles Aim to Achieve?

Aside from superior comfort, diabetic insoles aim to provide:

  1. Foot Protection – A diabetic insole gives additional protection to the feet from impacts, force or bruising. They ensure the feet don’t knock against the sides of the shoe and reduce the chance of friction or jarring.
  2. Pronation Control – Orthotic insoles help to control pronation which reduces friction and keeps your shoes in better condition for longer. Pronation control also makes wearing shoes more comfortable for diabetics and makes walking feel a lot lighter!
  3. Heel & Arch Support – Diabetic insoles are made specially with superior arch and heel support. This kind of foot support helps to alleviate pressure from the feet, reducing foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis and aiding one to walk if one has heel spurs.
  4. Stability – Not having filling in your feet can make walking difficult in the first place. Diabetic insoles aim to provide stability, keeping your feet firmly planted inside your shoes so that you can walk confidently and comfortably.

Features of a Good Diabetic Insole

The best diabetic insoles are not much different from the best orthotic insoles. Here are some of the best features presently available:

  • Shock Absorption – Insoles with shock pads under the foot help to absorb excess impact that our feet endure. This will prevent many possible bruises and bumps occurring on diabetic feet.
  • Flexible Arch Support – Arch support that can move and adapt to the shape of your foot’s arches are a lot more comfortable and provide much better arch support than your average insoles. Memory foam is one of the best materials used to achieve this effect.
  • Solid Heel Stabilizer Caps – Many diabetic insoles have a stabilizer cap at the bottom to prevent the insoles from sliding in the shoes. A stabilizer cap provides better stability too and helps protect feet from impact.
  • Moisture Elimination – Moisture build-up inside our shoes promotes blistering, friction and bacterial growth (which can also make your feet very smelly!). The best diabetic insoles will have a moisture elimination system, allowing your feet to breathe as well as keeping them dry all day long.
  • Deep Heel Cup – A deep heel cup offers better pronation control. It also keeps your feet in place, giving you the best degree of stability. If your knees or hips ache or you suffer from heel spurs, a deep heel cup can also contribute to extra cushioning and pain alleviation.

Reviews: The Best Diabetic Insoles

Here below are some of the best rated orthotic diabetic insoles available and why!

  • These orthotic insoles were especially designed by podiatrists for those who suffer with diabetes, under pronation or stiff joints.
  • These insoles provide unmatched firm support no matter what your weight is, keeping your arches steadily supported with every step of the way!
  • Made for perfect pronation control, these diabetic insoles will align your feet correctly to allow for the best foot support and motion control.
  • A deep heel cup keeps your feet secure inside your shoes and prevents slipping or sliding around.
  • The shock absorption pads on the underside of the insole prevent shock from jarring up your legs and also reduce the chance of bruising your feet.

  • The semi rigid support these diabetic insoles provide you with are perfect for those who have tired or aching feet.
  • Dual layer cushioning technology allows for adaptive arch support, making sure your every movement is cushioned with maximum comfort.
  • The heel cradle is deep enough to give a decent amount of pronation control while keeping your feet comfortable and alleviating heel pressure.
  • These diabetic insoles offer full-length support, not leaving any part of the foot unprotected from harm.
  • Their low profile and sleek design make them ideal to fit inside the majority of footwear.

  • Samurai insoles are the best flat feet orthotic, ideal for use by those with diabetes, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and more!
  • A flexible inner core provides perfect arch support exactly where your feet need it the most.
  • These diabetic insoles are lightweight and can be worn in most footwear due to their slim profile.
  • The gentle arch support these insoles provide make walking everyday very comfortable, stable and pain-free.
  • Designed by a podiatrist with flat feet for superior results without a need for custom made orthotics.
  • These inserts were crafted using laboratory precision sizing, making them fit in your exact shoe size without jamming, stuffing, trimming or cutting them down to size.

  • The memory foam in these helpful diabetic inserts are adaptive, allowing yourpainful feet the flexibility and cushioning they need when taking a stride.
  • These insoles are highly durable, lasting 8 months under high athletic stress or up to two years under ordinary conditions.
  • The deep heel cups add to the comfort, alleviating pressure on the ankle, heel, and knees.

  • These diabetic insoles provide your feet with excellent 3D memory foam cushioning to alleviate pressure on the ball of foot, arches and heels.
  • Memory foam will shape itself accordingly in alignment with the arches of your feet, flexing with them each time you make a move.
  • The top layer is moisture wicking, preventing your feet from sitting in excessive perspiration.
  • The high-quality foam used in these insoles is shock absorbing, redirecting force away from your feet.
  • Reduce foot fatigue and protect feet from conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • These diabetic inserts are antibacterial, lessening the risk of contracting foot infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

  • These diabetic insoles are made from two layers of comfortable foam as well as a top ayer of the finest all-natural merino wool, making them perfect for diabetics.
  • Merino wool will keep your feet warm when cold and cool when hot, being excellent at regulating temperature and helping with diabetic neuropathy.
  • The biomechanical shape ensures that your arches are supported and that your feet are stabilized in your shoes.
  • A deep heel cup and a stabilizer cap prevent your feet from sliding around and bruising themselves.
  • The high-density dual foam layer absorbs shock, lasts a long time and cushions the feet for supreme comfort.
  • Wicks away moisture and prevents blistering or infections in the feet.

  • Powerstep Wide Fit Insoles incorporate all the top orthotic qualities of the Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles, but now in a wider package for those who need more toe room.
  • Variable cushioning technology molds to the precise shape of your feet and provides accurate arch support 24/7.
  • EVA Outer foam combined with the adaptive top layer keeps your feet firmly supported without “bottoming out”.
  • A wide and deep heel cup holds your heels in place and corrects problems associated with pronation.
  • The top layer is covered in an antimicrobial fabric which destroys bacteria, odors and other infections like Athlete’s Foot.

  • Supreme comfort and protection meet together in these memory foam insoles by HappyStep.
  • A thick layer of high rebound memory foam supports your feet like no other orthotic, contouring the precise layout of your arches.
  • The high density of the foam increases the lifespan of the product, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for a longer time.
  • Lightweight with a semi-rigid shell, the insoles are not obstructive in any way to your stride.
  • A U-shaped heel cup helps to secure the posture of your feet and reduce the possibility of foot fatigue.
  • Fits best once factory inserts have been removed and even better when trimmed.


Highly comfortable and soft insoles ideal for diabetic feet, and other foot conditions.

  • Manufactured from premium medical grade foam.
  • A 3D surface, for a comfortable and supportive fit.
  • Dry top lining that wicks away moisture.
  • Long lasting durable design.


Everhealth offers you the ideal comfort and support of an orthotic insole designed specifically to cater for Diabetic feet.

  • A Triple layered design that is shock absorbing and resilient, made from cushioning EVA.
  • Features an anti-bacterial moisture wicking top lining.
  • The deep heel cup offers stability and a firm hold.,
  • Excellent for All Arch types,.


Prothotics Insoles will provide you with the best-cushioned comfort and pressure relief for painful diabetic feet.

  • Offer strong support to prevent overpronation and provide effective pain relief.
  • Biomechanical design with a polyurethane bottom layer, and open cell soft 25 Durometer Platazote top cover.
  • Offers targeted pain relief with the hybrid design that will never lose its shape.
  • Excellent shock absorbency and pressure relief for painful feet.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Diabetic Insoles

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