The Best Cushion Insoles

There is nothing like a great pair of cushion insoles for feet that are in pain, aching and exhausted.

There’s more to a cushioned insole than just padding your foot, however! To find out more about cushion insoles, their best features and how they can benefit you, continue reading.

Cushion Insoles

What is Your Foot Type?

It’s important to know your foot type before you can decide on the perfect cushioning your foot needs.

  • Medium Arches – medium arches are in between the extremes of high and low arches. They are commonly used for generic shoe insoles. Those with medium arches don’t struggle wearing new shoes as much but still will benefit from a cushioned insole that has a decent amount of medium arch support and pronation control.
  • High Arches – Those with high arches are usually very uncomfortable in ordinary footgear. Their feet require much higher arch support than usual. A very thick cushion insole with high arch support is the best for those who suffer from high arch pain.
  • Low Arches – low arches are also known as flat feet. Those with flat feet will not be able to take any form of arch support and require a mouldable flat cushion insole to help their feet.

Cushion Insole Types According to Foot Problems

If you suffer from any of the below foot pains or problems, take a look to see what type of cushion insole is best for you.

  • Ball of Foot Pain – Pain in the ball of the foot occurs commonly in those who wear high heels. The best solution is to get a thick cushion pad for the front of the foot that has some metatarsal leverage. This means that the insole should lift up your big toe and separate it from the rest, efficiently reducing the force exerted on the ball of the foot.
  • Heel Pain – heel pain can be caused by many different factors, including heel spurs. The best type of cushion insole for heel pain demands a heel lift, as well as a heel cup to lock the heel in place. Proper arch support also helps heel pain.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – plantar fasciitis is the medical term for foot exhaustion when the arches of the feet are tired out or swollen. A contoured cushion insole that matches your foot’s arch shape is the best for plantar fasciitis. An adaptive arch is even better.
  • Overpronation – overpronation happens when the foot rolls too much inwards during your stride. This can lead to foot pain and knee problems. Insoles that help combat overpronation usually have a deep heel cup to keep the heel locked into place. They also place a bit more emphasis on the arches to allow the foot to roll in a balanced way.
  • Underpronation – under pronation is a less common problem, whereby the feet pronate facing too outwards. This can also cause knee problems and pain in the ankles and calves. Cushion insoles for under pronation usually have a thick edge or resistance on the outer edge to help correct your walking posture.

If the pain persists regardless of buying an insole, consult your nearest podiatrist.

Features of a Good Cushioned Insole

Cushion insoles can do more for you than just make walking a little more comfortable. Have a look at some of their best features below!

  1. Shock Absorption – some cushion insoles come with additional shock absorption pads that redirect extra force or impact away from the feet.
  2. Deep Heel Cup – a deep heel cup is a good feature to have for perfect foot control and pronation. It also prevents your foot from sliding around in the shoe.
  3. Dual Layered – a dual-layered insole is usually of a better quality than a single-layered one, particularly when it comes down to foam insoles. Layering a soft foam with a high-density foam can make for the perfect insole with adaptive arches that provide firm support.
  4. Contoured Arches – having a contoured arch that has been orthopedically designed by a podiatrist is very helpful for foot support, especially while you are wearing your insoles in.
  5. Moisture Wicking – moisture wicking is another great feature that allows for the cushion insole to have a layer that dries very quickly. It allows your feet to remain dry and encourages less perspiration.

Reviews: Top Cushion Insoles

Pick from our best selection of cushion insoles to take the pressure off your feet!

  • These insoles are fast becoming a favourite, able to cushion your feet with delicate neutral arch support.
  • Anatomically designed to support all foot type with the exception of extremely high arches.
  • This cushion insole consists of Poron Cellular Urethane which gives your foot excellent lightweight cushioning and support.
  • The top cover of the insole is anti-friction, contributing to keeping your feet’s stability.
  • The insoles are ideal for those with flat feet as they have very slight contours to help cushion and control for pronation.
  • The moderately deep heel cup gives you maximum control over your stride.

  • Here we have a pair of highly durable, medical grade shoe inserts that will cushion your feet with the best arch support for flat to medium arches.
  • The deep heel cradle offers a heightened level of support as well as stability, protecting your heels from impacts.
  • These insoles are guaranteed to improve upon foot pain, pronation control, as well as plantar fasciitis.
  • A dual layer of mildly contoured foam cushioning ensures maximum comfort, combined with adaptive arch technology to give the best possible foot support.
  • The top fabric is anti-odorous as well as anti-microbial and moisture wicking!
  • Keep your feet feeling fresh and dry all day long in these premium quality orthotic insoles.

  • This is a great protective cushion insole for those with medium to high arches.
  • The deep heel cup gives way to a tall contoured arch ridge, which offers excellent arch support for those with steeper arches.
  • The support is adaptive and made from foam for maximum comfort.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial and promotes healthy, dry feet.
  • The base of the insole has inbuilt shock pads to direct pressure away from the forefoot all the way to the heel.
  • These insoles will stabilize your feet inside the insole, being entirely slip-proof.
  • Ideal to help control for those who overpronate.

  • These medical grade insoles will protect flat feet from any form of pressure when running, walking, standing or sitting.
  • A deep heel cradle ensures that the insoles do not slip in your shoes and that your feet are firmly stabilized.
  • The insole provides mild arch support which contributes to alleviating pronation problems and plantar fasciitis.
  • The foam that these insoles are made of will adapt to your exact flat foot shape over time, becoming the most comfortable cushion insoles you will ever wear.
  • The base is ultra absorbent, wicking moisture away effortlessly and allowing your feet to stay dry and comfortable.

  • For those of you who suffer from ball of foot pain caused by high heels, try these forefoot cushion insoles to take all the pressure off.
  • Take your favorite pair of stilettos and enhance them to cushion your feet during everyday wear.
  • One can take care of these insoles easily, by removing them and cleaning them.
  • Contributes to pain relief in the ball of foot, knee, hips, and muscles.
  • The cushion insoles reduce the number of calluses and blisters formed by your high heels.
  • These insoles were specially designed by the celebrity podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr. Suzanne Levine.

  • Semi-rigid support combined with plush high-density memory foam cushioning give these insoles the high rebound and comfort your feet crave!
  • A deep heel cup keeps your feet secure and prevents overpronation problems, fatigue, strain, and blisters.
  • High rebound memory foam conforms to the shape of your feet and provides dynamic energy return, lightening every step you make.
  • A full-arch shell provides optimal stability and flexibility, allowing for your feet to flex naturally without applying pressure.
  • Covered in a soft breathable top fabric to prevent moisture buildup and excessive perspiration.

  • Superior medical-grade orthotics and luxurious cushioning come together in these Gosuban memory foam insoles.
  • A thick cushion of memory foam rests above a secondary memory foam layer for enhanced comfort and the best arch support possible.
  • The top fabric is antimicrobial and has a great grip, reducing odor, moisture and slipping inside your shoes.
  • A deep heel cradle creates the optimal structure for arch support and balance, stabilizing the posture of your feet.
  • Ideal for all foot types from flat feet to high arches, as well as painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis and achilles tendonitis.

  • If you need a pair of best cushion insoles that also keep your feet warm and arches supported, look no further.
  • These insoles will cushion your feet with a plush layer of wool as well as a secondary layer of dual-density foam.
  • A flexible outer layer comes equipped with a stabilizer cap and better grip, ensuring your feet remain in one’s position inside the shoe.
  • The wool is naturally thermal, keeping your feet cool in hot weather and cozy in cold weather.
  • Gel shock pads rest in the heels, efficiently deflecting any force and preventing jarring impacts from placing strain on your joints.


Logics Best offers you amply cushioned insoles with quality and support that lasts.

  • Cushioned to offer maximum shock absorbency and support.
  • A deeper heel cup for better stability.
  • Designed to alleviate foot pain and prevent foot fatigue.
  • Moisture-wicking top layer to keep feet dry and comfortable.


The Leather insoles from Kaps offer you the cushioned comfort of Gel along with superior, moisture absorbing leather.

  • Supportive Orthotic design.
  • Genuine and premium quality Vegetable tanned moisture-wicking leather.
  • Soft and plush Gel padding, from cushioned comfort.
  • Durable arch support that helps with fallen arches and other foot conditions.


Basmile insoles have ultra light cushioning and plush memory foam, for all-day comfort and excellent arch support.

  • Soft and lightweight memory foam cushioning, that provides comfort and good shock absorption.
  • Scientifically designed arch support to reduce foot pain.
  • Excellent as replacement insoles and can be trimmed to fit.
  • Available in sizes for men, women, and children.

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