Copper Insoles

Since the 1970s, it was frequently believed that copper insoles helped arthritis, joint pain and other kinds of foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Read on to find out more about how copper insoles work, some of their best features and for additional joint pain relief solutions.

Copper Insoles

How Do Copper Insoles Work?

Copper insoles are a popular choice of insoles for those with arthritis in an attempt to reduce joint pain.

The logic behind this strange sounding treatment is the fact that copper is a magnetic metal and has its own magnetic charge. It is believed that copper insoles can alleviate pressure via magnetism.

Science has recently proved that these insoles are not very effective, although there are numerous anecdotal reports from arthritis patients claiming that copper insoles worked very effectively for their joint pains.

Copper insoles are by no means a cure for the pain but may have a small positive effect on rebalancing the feet.

Maintaining a correct foot alignment and posture will also help to ease pressure and provide pain relief for arthritis or stiff joints.

Modern copper insoles are usually similar to standard orthotics in design, with the exception that they have been suffused with copper particles.

Other Solutions For Arthritis Aches & Stiff Joint Pain

Aside from purchasing insoles to better posture your feet and alleviate pressure, there are a few lifestyle suggestions you can try to help lessen your joint pain.

  • Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplementation – omega-3 deficiency has been linked to arthritis pains and joint stiffness. Supplementing on a pure source of cod liver oil or an all-omega oil supplement immediately alleviates pain in the joints after being digested.
  • Mild Exercise – gentle exercise consistently every day has helped some of those with arthritis to manage their pain. Breathing stretches and swimming in the ocean proved to be the most effective forms of exercise. Exercise helps blood to circulate and encourages your body to function optimally, aiding the removal of any accumulation in the aching joints.
  • Vitamin D3 – Sometimes our bones ache because we have a lack of vitamin D3 in our systems. Combined with Vitamin K2, the healthy bone formation can occur. A deficiency of these vitamins has been linked to calcium deficiency in bones.
  • Foods to Avoid – certain foods enhance inflammation and can be reduced or removed completely in severe cases to help manage pain. These foods include: sugar, gluten, milk, wheat, corn, eggs, raw spinach, raw tomato, artificial additives, and preservatives.
  • Food That Needs To Cook For 10mins+ – tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, aubergine and other members of the nightshade family should be cooked for 10 minutes or more. This is to destroy oxalic acid, which can build up in joints over time and cause increased levels of pain.

Features of a Good Copper Insole

Copper insoles have similar features to the best orthotic insoles on the market:

  • Heel Lift or Deep Heel Cup – if you experience pain in your knees, you will want a deep heel cup to correct the way your feet align as you walk. If you experience pain in the heel or suffer from Achilles tendonitis, a raised heel cup will help alleviate pressure.
  • Memory Foam – memory foam is great because it’s adaptive to any foot shape and any arches. If your feet are flat or you have high arches, memory foam can accommodate by making an exact impression of your shape.
  • Odor Control – carbon insoles and specialised top fabric layers have revolutionised shoe hygiene. With these features, your feet will not smell at all at the end of a long day.
  • Moisture Elimination – it is imperative to make sure the insoles have a form of moisture elimination, such as ventilation or a highly absorbent top layer or quick-drying covering. Moisture allows the build-up of foot fungus and other bacteria. Many insoles are also antimicrobial, destroying both fungus and bacteria as a bonus.

Reviews: Best Copper Insoles

Here below are some of the best copper insoles available online. Have a look!

  • These Copper Compression insoles are infused with a larger amount than other foot orthotics, designed to help alleviate sore muscles and joints.
  • A neutral flat arch paired with a soft foam base allows most feet types to wear this insole.
  • The heel and arch pads are protected with an extra firm latex layer to absorb shock.
  • These insoles can be used to aid plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, sports injuries, arthritis and more.
  • If you are not happy, you also have none to lose as the manufacturers offer a 100% money back guarantee.

  • This simple copper insole has helped a few individuals to remedy their joint pain from arthritis.
  • The full insole has a thin leather base which makes it easy to slip from shoe to shoe.
  • The leather base also adds an extra dimension of comfort to your shoes, eventually molding itself to the shape of your feet.
  • The copper part of the insole protects the entire heel.
  • These insoles are ideal for those suffering from pain in the feet and joints, as well as those suffering from sore knees.
  • Neutral arches are present in this insole, making them ideal for all foot types with the exception of extremely high arches.

  • This is one of the best copper orthotic for athletic shoe inserts.
  • These copper insoles will not only help alleviate joint pain, but they will also correct the way your feet walk.
  • The gel at the bottom will reduce shock impact from your feet.
  • Deep heel cups help to control foot pronation and prevent pain in the knees.
  • The base has a sturdy latex grip to allow the insert to stay put in all shoe types.
  • Since these insoles are low profile, you need not worry about them looking strange in your shoes.

  • Another superior orthotic product by superfeet, these insoles have a slightly higher heel cup than the copper insoles above.
  • Made from memory foam, these insoles can adapt to any foot shape and are especially useful for higher arches.
  • A low profile is a trademark of Superfeet insoles, allowing you to wear them in most flat shoes all day long!
  • The top layer is made from a breathable sheet of hypoallergenic, antibacterial fabric to help your feet breathe and to prevent foot infections from occurring.
  • A copper infusion into these insoles combined with immaculate foot support makes them ideal for those suffering from joint aches and pains, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, a ball of foot pain and more.

  • These insoles have proven useful to those with foot pain, pressing copper into the pressure points of the feet.
  • The low profile makes them suitable for most foot types, including flat feet (not recommended for those with high arches).
  • The copper magnets present inside the insoles will also help to improve blood flow.
  • One size fits all, just trim to your precise shoe size.
  • Amazingly, the copper reduces the odor produced from sweaty feet, keeping them smelling fresh all day.
  • These insoles are perforated all over, allowing as much airflow as possible to the feet.
  • Not suitable for those suffering from heel spurs or bunions, but great for those with plantar fasciitis or stiff feet joints.

  • Copper infused insoles that improve stability, posture control, and alignment.
  • Relieve foot and body aches and pain.
  • Correct mild to moderate over-pronation through arch support.
  • Moisture-wicking that reduces odors with copper fit fabric.

  • True to the best brand of copper insoles, these Copper Compression insoles have the highest amounts of copper in the top layer.
  • Antimicrobial and moisture wicking, your feet will remain dry while wearing these insoles.
  • The underside contains a gel shock paid in the forefoot and heels, preventing your foot muscles from over-exerting themselves.
  • The anatomical construction ensures that your feet are kept in the best possible posture and also helps to control problems associated with pronation.
  • A deep heel cup holds your feet snugly in place and alleviates pressure off the knee and heels.

  • CopperJoint insoles are modeled after medical grade orthotics with the exception of containing a layer of copper infusion to prevent foot pain.
  • Intended to provide firm arch support for those with neutral to high arches, these insoles are anatomically designed to control the way your feet pronate.
  • A thin layer of high impact foam with an additional cushion under the ball of foot give maximum arch support and superior comfort.
  • The top layer is antibacterial as well as moisture wicking, ensuring your feet remain healthy, odorless and fresh all day long.
  • Just trim to fit inside any of your shoes.
  • Not suitable for flat feet or very wide feet.

  • Tommie Guard copper insoles are the ideal choice for sports players and athletes who need the best antimicrobial insoles with a low profile.
  • The copper guard top layer is infused with copper which will prevent foot pain and destroy any bacteria or fungi on the feet.
  • The underside is designed to minimize shock and increase energy return, helping to soften the impact on the playing field.
  • The low profile allows these to work in most athletic shoes as well as for flat, fallen, low or neutral arch types.
  • Enjoy an extra layer of copper comfort for tennis, golf, hiking, football, basketball and more!

Comparison Table: Top Rated Copper Insoles

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