Carbon Fiber Insoles

You likely heard something good about carbon fiber insoles and decided to investigate.
Carbon fiber insoles can revolutionize the lives of those who spend a lot of time on their feet for their 9 to 5 jobs.

Read on to find out more about how carbon fiber insoles can benefit you, what type of carbon insole is best for your foot type, as well as some of the top orthotic characteristics that your carbon fiber insoles should contain.

Carbon Fiber Insoles

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Insoles

Carbon fiber insoles are shoe inserts that have been imbued with strands of carbon fibers. The purpose for imbuing an insole with carbon is to help keep your shoes and feet odorless and to help add additional anti-microbial protection. This prevents foot diseases and fungus from festering in your shoes, such as athlete’s foot.

There are three different types of carbon fiber insoles available, and each of them has slight variances in structure, but they all have the above qualities.

  • Charcoal Foam Insoles – these are foam or memory foam insoles that have been imbued with charcoal, which is a form of carbon. This insole is mainly used for its purifying and cleansing properties, helping those who sweat have odorless feet at the end of the day. These insoles are also good for those who are sensitive to foam, aiding you to expel any compounds that may affect you and being 100% hypoallergenic.
  • Graphite Insoles – graphite is the toughest form of carbon and is utilised to reinforce insoles. Graphite insoles make the best carbon fiber insoles for those in need of good antimicrobial arch support.
  • Carbon Fiber Insoles – these are insoles that have been imbued with carbon fibers. Unlike graphite or charcoal, these insoles have woven strands of carbon blended into them, which help them to be more breathable. They also control odor and are antimicrobial, providing an intermediate amount of foot support.

What Kind of Carbon Insoles Do I Need For My Foot Type?

Before one can purchase a pair of carbon fiber insoles to alleviate sore or tired feet, one needs to know what their foot type is and a bit more about how feet work.

The two biggest problems associated with feet are usually due to correct foot alignment. You are likely to fall into one of the two following categories:

  • Over pronation – overpronators walk with their feet at an inward angle, which places pressure on the arches of the feet. This can result in conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, a ball of foot pain, heel pain and more. Over pronation can also be the result of having one of these conditions. Overpronators need a deeper heel cup that locks the heel in place to control the way their feet move.
  • Under pronation – Under pronation is rarer than overpronation. It comes about when a person angles their feet outward and places too much emphasis on the outer edge of their footwear. Under-pronators need less of a deep heel cup and more support on the outer edges of their insoles. Custom orthotics for under-pronators are a more common practice, as the degree of under pronation may vary considerably.

Aside from how you walk, there are three main foot types based on the type of arches you have:

  • Flat Feet – flat footed people need especially flat orthotics. This foot type usually over pronates but needs an entirely flat insole with a rim to help support their feet.
  • High Arched Feet – Feet with high arches can be painful at best. Those with high arches usually under pronate and they require insoles with a heel lift, as well as prominent arch support. If you have severely high arches, it is advised for you to get custom-made orthotics for them to avoid damaging your feet.
  • Medium Arches – medium arches are the average human foot type. If you suffer from foot pain with a medium arch, you likely overpronate or have a foot problem. In these instances, you will want a mild heel lift, adaptable arches that have a mild or neutral contour, as well as a rim to the heel to help control for pronation.

Characteristics of a Good Carbon Fiber Shoe Inserts

Some of the best features of orthotics shoe insoles have been listed below to help you assess which insoles are a step above the rest!

  • Perforation – a perforated insole provides better temperature regulation, breathability and less perspiration.
  • Heel Cap – a heel cap helps to stabilize your feet and secure a better pronation. It also keeps the insoles inside your shoes, helping them not to slide around. For those in need of firmer foot support, a thicker heel cap is a great way to achieve this.
  • Adaptive Arches – adaptive arches warp and move with the muscles in your feet as they do, giving you the best arch support possible. Memory foam is a good example of adaptive arch technology, creating a unique impression of your feet that molds when heated by your body temperature.
  • Full-Length Support – three-quarter insoles are better purchased for those who suffer only from heel pain or that wish to alleviate extra pressure behind the ball of the foot. Full-length support insoles are the best in nearly every instance, however, providing your entire foot with the right protection.
  • Shock Absorption – Heel and forefoot pads on the underside of the insole will absorb shock, protecting your feet from any jarring impacts they may endure. This is incredibly useful for athlete’s or those in the hospitality industry that do a lot of physical work on their feet all day.

Reviews: The Best Carbon Fiber Insoles

Have a look at these carbon fiber insoles and take your pick to help your tired feet feel better and smell less!

  • This low profile shoe insert will support the arches and heel of medium to flat arches with a firm gradient.
  • Since these are ¾ insoles, they will fit nearly all shoes.
  • The top layer is made of foam, which will adapt to any arches that rest on it.
  • The bottom layer is made from a woven mesh of reinforced carbon fibers, which keep a sturdy shape and provide excellent foot support.
  • The charcoal fiber helps to remove odor and keeps your shoes from growing bacteria.
  • These insoles will not create friction in your shoes and are perfect for supporting athletes with low profile feet.
  • These are particularly useful if you suffer from heel pain.

  • These insoles from Super Feet are great for those who need a very sturdy base when walking around in their shoes.
  • Athletes will appreciate the firm support of the carbon fiber infused base, which also lends itself to removing odors and athlete’s foot.
  • These insoles are perforated to allow cold air to flow through, keeping the moisture off your feet.
  • The underside has a heel cup that extends all the way to the forefoot region for maximum support and durability.
  • The heel cup is deep enough to control for pronation, making it an excellent choice for overpronators to wear every single day!

  • These insoles will help you feel as though you are walking in the clouds, being soft and adaptable to your arches.
  • A deep heel cup combined with a slightly higher arch support makes them ideal for those with medium to high arches.
  • The bottom layer is made of a pure shock absorption system that cushions your feet against any impact or damaging force.
  • The foam layer creates an ideal comfortable environment for your feet to step on as you do what you need to do each day.
  • A carbon fiber filtration layer ensures that your feet remain dry as well as odorless.
  • 100% hypoallergenic.

  • These are a pair of impressive shock absorption carbon based insoles that will soak up nearly 95% of all impact your feet endure on a daily basis.
  • The graphite infusion makes for a sturdy arch support and is comparable to top orthotic insoles that podiatrists custom make.
  • The top layer is made from a specialized foam that is odor resistant, antifungal and moisture wicking.
  • These Insoles will not only cushion your feet from shock, but they will give energy return, allowing you to feel a spring returning to your step in no time.
  • These are incredibly useful for those with medium arches that suffer from arthritis, injuries, fatigue and foot pain.

  • Dr. Scoll’s Odor-X insoles will keep your feet feeling dry and refreshed all day long, absorbing as much perspiration as possible.
  • Imbued with activated charcoal, the insoles work to deodorize your shoes and remove those unwanted smells at the end of a long day.
  • These carbon insoles are made using a comfortable layer of foam for optimal protection and foot balance.
  • The Sweatman technology incorporated in these shoe inserts help to wick moisture away from your feet by making the insole absorbent and fast drying.
  • These insoles will last you a long time and are highly durable, designed to provide long-lasting cushioning to your feet all day long.

  • These carbon fiber insoles are designed for improving your running game by combining lightweight, durable carbon fibers and foam.
  • Specialized Aerospring dual foam has a unique rebound and comfort, unlike any other athletic insole, offering maximum comfort with every step.
  • The carbon fiber stabilizer cap keeps your heels in place without weighing you down.
  • A deep heel cradle softly cushions your heels while also correcting arch problems and overpronation.
  • Heel Impact Technology evenly disperses pressure on your feet, deflecting massive impact and preserving your feet from fatigue.
  • Ideal for flat feet or neutral arched runners, joggers or athletes.

  • These flat leather insoles come complete with a carbon fiber filtration system to keep your feet fresh.
  • Suitable for all shoes, the insoles are very slim with enough padding to provide excellent comfort.
  • Made from superior quality vegetable tanned leather that will last a very long time; in actual effect extending the lifespan of your shoes.
  • Moisture-wicking, absorbent and ventilated for perfect breathability, these insoles will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.
  • The leather will mold to the shape of your feet, supporting your precise foot type exactly.
  • Not suitable for those with very high arches or plantar fasciitis.

  • If you are a highly active, outdoors person who loves hiking or doing extreme sports, then these insoles are made for you!
  • Consisting of 5 layers, the insoles were designed to last long and provide premium comfort.
  • The top layer is moisture wicking and antibacterial, keeping your feet fresh, dry and in one place.
  • A second shock absorbing layer works in combination with the stabilizing layer on the underside of the insole to prevent slippage.
  • An active carbon filtration system prevents odor buildup and keeps your feet clean.
  • These lightweight insoles are anatomically shaped to prevent foot fatigue and keep you going for hours.


Superfeet Trailblazers are designed for outdoor use, with a Carbon Fiber technology design.

  • the perfect outdoor hiking and trail running insole.
  • made from the finest quality Carbon Fiber materials.
  • Aerospring Ascent dual comfort foam technology for comfort in rough terrain and a Heel impact POD for cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Deeper heel cup and anatomical shape to prevent slippage.
  • Long-lasting moisture wicking and odor-controlling technology and top layer.


An athletic Carbon Fiber Insole from Carbon Pro for men’s athletic and sports shoe brands.

  • Increases athletic performance and decreases pain and fatigue.
  • Prevents condition such as plantar fasciitis and tibial stress fractures, as well as neuromas, hammertoes and other foot ailments from developing or being aggravated.
  • Offers high arch support and exceptional foot health and comfort.
  • Impact-absorbing high energy foam and carbon materials for antibacterial and moisture wicking properties.


Underfoot Carbon Inserts are lightweight and offer excellent underfoot protection and support.

  • Thin and durable design to be lightweight and fit all shoe types.
  • Prevents foot conditions and injuries.
  • Can be used underneath or on top of your regular insoles.
  • Excellent antimicrobial and odor prevention technology.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Carbon Fiber Insoles

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