Brooks® Replacement Insoles

Brooks shoes are seen as a more therapeutic and orthotic designed brand of walking and running footwear, with a classic and elegant design. Brooks offers some of the best corrective and supportive insole technology in their shoes, therefore finding a suitable replacement insole is quite important to get similar characteristics and support.

Brooks Insoles

Brooks Shoes and Their Insoles

Brooks is a brand that has pioneered so many key technologies over the years in athletic footwear.
They kicked off with the EVA foam running shoe in 1974 which was the softest and lightest cushioning technology at that time and introduced the Varus Wedge in 1977 to help runners who overpronate.

In 1992 they modified the overpronation Verus Wedge technology into a Diagonal Rollbar to help with motion control;l and stability. The popular “Best” is one of the Brooks most stable running shoes available and still a hit today.

The progressive Rollbar technology also became part of their very popular Adrenaline range which is still available today. The Adrenaline from Brooks is one of its top sellers because of its highly ergonomic fit and comes in a new range of models that are even more innovative.

In general, a Brooks Insole offers RESPONSIVE, ENERGISING and SPRINGY, SOFT cushioning in different levels of support, so I would recommend looking for a similar type of replacement insole for the Brooks brand.

In general Brooks shoes offer exceptional stability and motion control features all which are ideal if you suffer from excessive pronation such as overpronation or supination, which can also be affected by your arch type.

arch support is important in any shoe type that is specific to your arch type whether you have a low, neutral or high arch, the right insole in your Brooks shoes can provide you with the perfect form, alignment and arch support for your foot type.

What I similarly love about brooks shoes is the fact that they offer superb cushioning which attenuates shock and is so comfortable you feel like you are wearing an orthopedic shoe.

Why Replace Your Insoles

Brooks insoles are so comfortable and last pretty long, but in the end, you may need to replace your insoles.

Here are a few factors that may impact when and why you may need a replacement insole;

  • Cushioned Insoles – A cushioned insole such as what Brooks uses can become worn out faster than orthotic type insoles, particularly in walking and running shoes.cushioning is one of your most important characteristics in any insole, so make sure that it is effective and long lasting.

  • Activities Performed – High impact activities like running, and some sports types can cause your insoles to become worn out much faster, particularly if your perform these activities in the same shoes on a regular basis.

  • Insoles and Orthotics – insoles and Orthotics are quite different and orthotics tend to last a bit longer. In the end, it is important to choose an insole for your personal needs and requirements.

  • Materails – Foam is a soft and supportive material but will not last as long as plastic, Gel or leather, so keep this in mind. Even though foam may offer better support and comfort, so, in the end, the choice is up to you.

Features of a Good Brooks Replacement Insole

  • Foam, Gel, EVA or Leather insole materials.
  • Good arch support is specific to your arch type.
  • Stability features such as a contoured design or heel cup.
  • Trim to fit or size options.
  • Smooth moisture wicking top lining.
  • Durable and long lasting design.
  • Anti-Skid or silicone bottom for a secure placement.

Reviews: The Best Brooks Replacement Insoles


If you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable replacement insole for your casual or walking Brooks shoe model, I would highly recommend the Memory foam insoles from Leagy.

  • Superb memory foam design for cushioned support and comfort.
  • Soft and comfortable materials with a moisture wicking top lining.
  • Durable design that will not slip in your shoes.
  • Highly elastic materials for comfortable movement.
  • Easily washable with an antibacterial and anti odor Carbon Fiber top lining.


The Superfeet Blue Insole is an excellent choice for your brooks Running or walking shoes.

  • Closed cell high density foam support and cushioning.
  • Offers a medium volume fit and a medium profile.
  • There is a stabilizer cap for structure and support.
  • A deep heel cup for better support and stability.
  • The top high density foam layer cushions your feet for comfort.


The Walk hero is an Orthotic replacement Insole which fits perfectly in almost any Brooks shoe model.

  • Exceptional arch support for a neutral, high or even flat arch.
  • Provides pain relief and helps with Plantar Fasciitis.
  • A deep stabilizing heel cup and supportive shape.
  • Premium EVA materials for cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Designed for everyday use in any shoe type.


If you require more rigid and firm arch support I would highly recommend the COMSOLE from Native planet for your Brooks athletic Shoes.

  • Coolmax upper design to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • The perfect insole for standing on your feet all day, walking, hiking or even running.
  • Anti-fatigue energy returning cushioning and bounce back.
  • A reinforced rigid Nylon arch for better stability.
  • There are pressure relief zones for more comfort.
  • A trim to fit fit option.


The FLEXMax from Superfeet is one of the most comfortable and flexible replacement insoles for your Brooks shoes, that can be worn all day.

  • Designed for wider width and more roomy shoe models such as brooks wide width options.
  • A ventilated forefoot design and a Flexible heel cradle for stability and support.
  • The dynamic contoured shape and Aerospring foam cushioning supports your feet, provides comfort and absorbs shock on impact.
  • A durable and trim to fit insole.


From Spenco, we have the unique running and athletic replacement insole, the high shock absorbent, Polysorb model. One of the best insoles if you are looking for optimal shock absorbency, particularly in the heel and metatarsal areas.

  • Features a four-way stretch nylon fabric top with sculpture antimicrobial treatment to control odors.
  • Layers of Spencer material, Provide shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • A Lightweight Polysorb design Polyurethane foam heel cup and arch support for all arch types.
  • Excellent rearfoot shock absorbency and a comfortable Metatarsal dome.
  • This insole has the perfect design to relieve heel pain and help with Plantar Fasciitis and similar conditions.

Index Table: Top Rated Brooks Replacement Insoles

1LEAGY Unisex Anti-Skid - Brooks Replacement Insoles
  • flexible
  • Memory Foam
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Skid Bottom
2Superfeet Unisex BLUE - Professional Grade Orthotic Brooks Replacement Insoles
  • Stabilizer Cap
  • Heel Cup
  • High Density Foam
3Walk Hero Unisex Arch Support - Orthotic Brooks Replacement Insoles
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Cushioned
Walk Hero97
4Native Planet Unisex COMSOLE - Brooks Replacement Insole All Shoe Types
  • Rigid Arch
  • Nylon Layer
  • COOLMAX Uppers
Native Planet97
5Superfeet Unisex FLEXMax - Brooks Shoe Replacement Insoles
  • Ventilated
  • Aerospring Foam
  • Flexible Heel Cradle
6Spenco Unisex Polysorb - Athletic Brooks Shoes Replacement Insoles
  • High Arch Support
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Lightweight Cushioned

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