The Best Under Desk Foot Warmers

The Under Desk Foot Warmer or Heater is one of the latest innovations and popular crazes for cold workstations, offices, and even factory floors and other cold environments.

There are many different styles and types of Under Desk Foot Warmers, and in this article, we will discuss some of the best options available out there.

The Under Desk Foot Heater

The Under Desk Foot Heater can come in many shapes sizes and forms, all with the purpose of keeping your feet warm under your desk at the office, at home, or at any other work station.

Many individuals suffer from feet that get cold easily, and in those cold winter days when you are stationary at your desk, your feet can become pretty cold, and even numb from the cold.

This is where an under Desk Foot heater can come in quite handy, to keep your feet warm and help the blood to circulate properly.

I have come across a few different types of Under desk Foot Warmers that seem to work very well;

  • Matt – A Foot Warming Mat can be made either from fabric or rubber and is usually waterproof. The Heating element is sealed inside the mat creating a warm environment that you can place your feet on while sitting or even standing.

  • Heater – A small standard heater or foot heater can be placed underneath a desk or workstation, which works either with an element or blows hot air on to your feet keeping the small space under your desk cozy warm. This type of heater can provide warmth to your feet, legs and body at the same time.

  • Heated Footrest – A heated footrest is an ergonomically designed footrest on which you place your feet when you are sitting down, that heats your feet and provides a comfortable position for them to rest in.

  • Heating Dad – A cushioned and comfortable pad for standing and sitting positions to rest your feet on, that has a warming element to warm your feet, while standing or sitting down.

Health & Benefits of a Good Under-Desk Foot Heater

  • You can keep cold feet warm in any season.
  • Survive those icy cold winters with ease behind your desk or workstation.
  • The under desk Foot heater can provide heat to your feet, legs and body.
  • The heat improves blood circulation to your feet and prevents them from becoming numb and fatigued from long periods of sitting.
  • Feet get colder easier when sitting still for long periods of time, therefore an Under desk Foot warmer can be quite handy.
  • An Under desk Foot warmer can make quite the nifty gift for anyone.
  • Most Under Desk Foot warmers are waterproof, particularly the mats and very safe to use.
  • Some designs offer an ergonomic shape and design that supports your feet comfortably in different positions.

Who Will Benefit Most form an Under Desk Foot Warmer

Anyone who works in an environment that is cold or can get cold, or even just individuals who struggle with circulation and cold feet symptoms, can greatly benefit from an Under Desk Footwarmer.

Most Under desk Foot warmer models and types are ideal for use while sitting behind a desk, lounging on a chair or sitting at a work station, although the Heaters in the form of a Mat or flat platform are ideal for sitting and standing alike.

Features of a Good Under Desk Foot Warmers

  • Ergonomic shape that is ideal to rest your feet on comfortably.
  • Adjustable positions in some foot podium models.
  • An energy efficient design that saves on electricity.
  • Safety features such as waterproof design, and auto-off switch when the warmer is not in use.
  • Attractive design that will fit in with your office or home area.
  • Powerful heating mechanisms that provide enough heat.
  • Safety tip-over switch.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Small enough to fit under a desk or workstation area.

Reviews: Best Under Desk Foot Warmers

here are a few different types of the best available under desk foot warmers;


A small and elegantly designed oval shaped heater, that can warm up and entire small to medium space quickly and efficiently. The Cozy products Eco-Save is adjustable, attractive and energy saving, perfect for use in the office or any small space that you want to heat up.

  • This small heater uses half the energy and electricity amount as regular space heaters, yet is powerful enough to heat up a small to medium space.
  • Elegant and attractive design that you can place under or on your desk at the office, or home.
  • There is an adjustable thermostat with a two-step switch and a variable fa so that you have plenty of options and total control.
  • The safety Tip Over switch, protects you against accidental tip over, and is ETL listed for safety.


The Toasty Toes from cozy is an ergonomically designed foot resting pad, that supports and keeps your feet comfortable, as well as providing heat to warm up cold feet and keep toes toasty warm.

  • An ergonomically designed footrest that supports your feet and keeps them in a comfortable position while you are sitting.
  • There areThree adjustable positions to choose from. that can accommodate both sitting and standing positions.
  • An Energey Efficient, design that will save you money and energy with the 105-watt heating element.
  • Very attractive design that can likewise keep an entire small space warm and cozy.


The ProAller heated Foot Pad is a Plush and Comfy fabric Heated Mat with a sleeve design in which you can place your feet to keep them warm and cozy.

  • A plush and comfortable fabric foot pad made from plush flannel that is durable and warm, with a thick cover to place over your feet keeping the heat in.
  • Comes with a ten feet extra long electrical cord to heat up the elements inside the pad, with a two hour auto off setting and three different heat settings for the perfect levels of comfort.
  • ETL certified for safety and quality.
  • Ideal for using at home or in the office.
  • Multi-Functional can be used to warm your Feet, back or waist and side area, use it in your bed, on the floor for feet while standing, on your sofa.
  • Provides excellent warming improves blood circulation and provides pain relief.


Another exceptional ergonomically shaped and designed footrest that supports your feet, while providing a comfortable temperature for your feet to relax and keep cool or warm as needed.

  • This versatile piece offers the comfort and support of a Footrest, or Free Standing Climate controller and heater.
  • Features three different temperature settings in the form of a fan for low heat, high heat, and cooling.
  • The Auto-Off feature, turns the unit off after eight hours to prevent overheating and unnecessary energy use.


This Under desk warming Rubber Matt from Cozy products is so versatile and can be used for sitting and standing in any environment.

  • The rubber matt provides Direct Heat, to your feet.
  • Manufactured from rubber that is sealed and Waterproof, with a heating element on the inside.
  • Available in two size options to choose from.
  • Ideal for use in the office at a work station or in any work environment where you need to stand or sit for long periods of time.

Index Table: Top Rated Under Desk Foot Warmers

1Cozy Products Unisex ESH Eco-Save - Under Desk Foot Heater
  • Energy Saving
  • Safety Switch
Cozy Products98
2Cozy Unisex TT Toasty Toes - Under Desk Foot Warming Pad
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
3ProAller Unisex Heating Pad - Under Desk Foot Warmer
  • Multi-Functional
  • Plush
4Fellowes Unisex Climate Control - Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Warmer
  • Three Settings
  • Hot and Cool Airflow
5Cozy Products Unisex Rubber Matt - Under Desk Foot Warming Matt
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof
Cozy Products97

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