Best Under Desk Foot Rest

An under desk footrest may not be something that comes to mind when you think of comfort in the office and ergonomics.
Though when someone mentions it may seem like a necessity.
If you have lower back issues or leg problems an under desk footrest may be just the thing that you need.

Good Reasons to Get and Under Desk Footrest

When you shop for an ergonomic office chair or chair, in general, to use at your desk, you focus on your back, shoulders, height, maybe even your headrest and armrests, but it never comes to mind that a footrest is also a requirement.

If your feet and legs are not properly supported when you are sitting, particularly for long periods of time, you may start to have circulatory issues and it can cause long term damage to your feet and legs.
This is one of the reasons why I would highly recommend an Under desk Foot Rest if you spend many hours behind your desk in a seated position.

Besides this here are a few more good reasons to invest in an Under desk Footrest

  • Comfort – first and Foremost an Under Desk Foot Rest can provide you with so much comfort for your feet and legs, and they come with a variety of soft and hard finishes to support your feet.

  • Adjsutable – Most Under Desk Footrests are adjustable so they will work well with any desk type, even an adjustable desk.

  • Encourage Active Sitting – An Under Desk Foot Rest will promote and coax more movement in your feet and legs, as well as encouraging a rocking motion, which in turn improves blood circulation and keeps your feet more comfortable.

  • Great For Everyone – Whether you are tall or very short and Under Desk Foot Rest will work for you. The Under Desk Foot Rest will promote blood circulation, prevent varicose veins from developing, prevent blood clots and relieve pressure on your lower back.

  • Shorter Folks – The Under Desk Foot Rest is the best thing since sliced bread for shorter individuals. No more hanging and uncomfortable feet.

  • Posture – A good Under Desk Foot Rest will help you to maintain a healthy posture and prevent back pain and issues.

How to Use and Under Desk Foot Rest

Keep in mind in a sitting position that your hips always needs to be slightly elevated to be higher than your knees. Never keep your feet flat on the floor without movement, they will go numb and blood circulation will be poor, so keep them moving. When you use an ergonomically designed U your feet are well supported and there is no pressure on your back.

Just place your feet comfortably on your Under Desk Foot Rest and in some models you can even rock them back and forth for some movement.

Features of a Good Under Desk Footrest

  • Ergonomic Design -A good Under Desk Footrest should have an ergonomic design that has features which conform to your feet making them as comfortable as possible on the Under Desk Foot Rest. A textured surface can have a massaging benefit and a positive tilt is encouraged. The Footrest should be able to rock back and forth for some movement to improve blood circulation.

  • Height Adjustability – If you are a shorter individual make sure that the Under Desk Foot Rest that you choose is the proper height for you and your chair. In the case where you are going to be using chairs that vary in height, it is advised to invest in an Under Desk Foot Rest that has adjustable height settings.

  • Robust – The main purpose of your Under Desk Foot Rest is to elevate your feet, therefore it should be sturdy and durable and hold its shape. Rubber or silicone at the bottom of your Under Desk Foot Rest is a must to keep it firmly placed on the floor.

  • Quality Materails – Whether wood, fabric, plastic or rubber the materials used in your Under Desk Foot Rest should be of good quality that will last long and serve its purpose effectively.

  • Portability – A lightweight and portable design are desirable in an Under Desk Foot Rest particularly if you are going to be using it for home and the office.

  • Versatility – Other versatile features can include switching between rocking and stationary position, heating, massaging nodules, and a hard smooth or soft spongy surface to rest your feet on.

Reviews: The Best Under Desk Footrest


The Huanuo is an ergonomically designed hard surface footrest that has a rocking function to keep your feet in motion.

  • Back and forth rocking function to facilitate active sitting.
  • A strudy design with an Anti-Slip Surface usable on various surfaces.
  • Adjsutable height settings.
  • Comes with a one year warranty for quality.


The Eureka is an ergonomic footrest with three lockable and adjustable positions to rest your feet on.

  • There are three lockable positions for active sittings and a comfortable position for your feet.
  • Great looking and environmentally friendly design.
  • Easy rocking function.
  • The textured rubber surface gives you a great foot massage.


An excellent choice in a low-clearance Footrest cushion for maximum comfort and support under your desk.

  • The Half Cylindrical Shape, allows you to easily switch between rocking and non-rocking motion options.
  • Very lightweight and portable that provides ergonomic support.
  • The cover is machine washable and the cushion is soft and comfortable.


A tall footrest option for the shorter individual, you can’t go wrong with the Ergonomic innovations footrest cushion.

  • The Silicone dots, prevent your feet from slipping and aid as massaging spots.
  • There is a smart zipper so you can remove and wash the cover easily.
  • A higher height for shorter individuals,.
  • Features an anti-bacterial cover.


The Vivo footrest is the best option when you have a standing desk as well as for short individuals.

  • The sturdy metal frame is reliable and highly durable.
  • Exgeccelnt height adjustability options.
  • Ideal for shorter individuals who need some extra height.


The Rest My Sole Foot Cushion from Well desk has a soft and plush design to offer you the most comfortable Under desk Footrest available.

  • Ergonomic design with rocking function.
  • Soft and plush sponge for ultimate comfort.
  • Filled with resilient Comfort Foam.
  • Features a Non-Slip bottom.
  • The cover is removable and washable for your convenience.


The MedMassager is a powerful and medically approved massaging Under Desk Footrest.

  • A powerful electrically operated massager and footrest in one.
  • Full sized Oscillating foot pad, and an Arch-bar with a pressure point targeting surface.
  • Used by many doctors and therapists to stimulate circulation.
  • Excellent for diabetes, neuropathy, and other conditions.
  • Can be used on tiles and hardwood floor as well as carpeted floors.

Index Table: The Top Rated Under Desk Footrest

1Huanuo Unisex Ergonomic - Under Desk Rocking Footrest
  • Rocks
  • Anti-Slip
2Eureka Unisex Adjustable - Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Tilt Function
  • Adjustable
3Office Ottoman Unisex Non-Slip - Under Desk Footrest for the Office
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Foam Cushioning
  • Supportive
Office Ottoman97
4Ergonomic Innovations Unisex Tall - Under Desk Cushioned Footrest
  • Cushioned
  • Anti-Slip
  • Height Enhancing
Ergonomic Innovations97
5VIVO Unisex Ergonomic - Adjustable Under Desk Footrest
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Adjustable Height
6Well Desk Unisex Rest My Sole - Under Desk Cushioned Footrest
  • Cushioned
  • Anti-Slip
Well Desk97
7MedMassager Unisex Orthopedic - Under Desk Orthopedic Footrest
  • Massaging
  • Anti-Slip

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