Best Shoe Deodorizers

A shoe deodorizer is a bit different to a foot deodorizer and can be used to refreshen and eliminate odors from shoes in which the smell has started to build up.

For anyone needing to wear the same pair of shoes on a regular basis, I would highly recommend a good Shoe deodorizer, as this can greatly improve the environment in your shoes for your feet as well as eliminate odors.

Shoe Deodorizers

Benefits of a Shoe Deodorizer

Plenty of individuals today suffer from smelly and sweaty feet, and we all know how sweat and odor develop in an enclosed shoe and can result in fungal or bacterial growth.

On the other hand, individuals who need to wear the same shoes for long periods of time on a daily basis, and even sportsmen who are active in their athletic shoes may all succumb to sweat and odor in their shoes, much easier than the rest of us.

A good Shoe deodorizer can prevent the build-up of sweat, bacteria, and odors in your shoes, and effectively freshen up your shoes for their next use.

Types of Shoe Deodorizer

Smelly feet and shoes can be quite embarrassing, and not only that, the perfect breeding ground for germs and fungus.

Don’t we all just want to get home after a long day, and kick off our sweaty and smelly shoes, but in some cases avoid doing that because the smell can travel throughout your home.

This can be dealt with so easily if you choose the right shoe deodorizer, and make your life so much simpler.

So here are a few options that you will be faced with when choosing the perfect shoe deodorizer;

  • Spray – Sprays contain a mixture of botanical and natural oils that eliminate odors and kill bacteria in your shoes. A spray is easy and effective to use, and most sprays can be used in your shoes and even on your feet.

  • Powders – deodorizing shoe or foot powders have a distinct advantage of being able to absorb moisture, which is a good cause of odors. Powders are great for very sweaty feet and can help to keep shoes dry and odor free.

  • Balls – One of the latest innovations are deodorized balls, which is a small ball with a deodorant inside that activates when you unlock it. You just place the ball inside your shoes or Gym bag, and it refreshes and deodorizes as long as it is unlocked.

  • Insoles – deodorized insoles are also a great way to eliminate odors from your shoes. These are basically insoles treated with an antibacterial deodorant or essential oils that eliminate bacteria and odors.

Features of a Good Shoe Deodorizer

Whether it is a spray powder or Ball, here are some great deodorizer ingredients and features to look out for;

  • Look out for natural ingredients and choose a product that does not contain Parabens and harmful chemicals.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal agents are a must have.
  • Tea tree oil, Peppermint Oil, lemon, lavender, and cedarwood are all great smelling scents and essential oils for shoe deodorizers.
  • Make sure that the packaging or design of the holder is easy to use as well as easily portable so that you can carry it around with you.

Reviews: Best Available Shoe Deodorizers


The Foot sense odor Eliminating Powder truly lives up to its name, this is a potent and slightly scented natural foot powder that can be used in your shoes or on your feet, to completely eliminate odors.

  • The powder keeps your feet dry and prevents sweat and moisture build up.
  • Excellent to use in your shoes or directly on your feet.
  • All natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and not harmful to sensitive or young feet.
  • Neutralizes smelly shoes and eliminates odor from your feet effectively.
  • Likwise also has antbacterial properties, to prevent foot fungus and infections.


A potent and natural hypoallergenic foot spray and shoe deodorizer from FineVine that refreshes your feet and shoes, while preventing odor and bacteria build up.

  • Reduces odor and bacteria build up inside your shoes.
  • Combats sweaty feet and bacteria and fungus development in your feet.
  • Safe for young and sensitive feet and completely hypoallergenic.
  • Made from natural ingredients such as Thyme, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil and other essentials oils. that are antibacterial and refreshing.
  • An ergonomically designed spray bottle that is easy to use and travel with.
  • No harsh toxins, preservatives or additives, just completely safe and natural.


I simply love these odor-fighting balls from Griffin, they are so diverse in use, you can place them anywhere from your shoes, to your closets and even in a gym or traveling bag.

  • Excellent for alleviating and fighting bad smells and odors inside shoes of all kinds, as well as your gym bag, or any other confined space.
  • Smells absolutely invigorating and refreshing with a touch of mint.
  • An easy design that you just twist and toss in your shoes or bag to emit the uplifting scent and eliminate nasty odors.


A great scent especially for the ladies, the Lumi outdoors is a light and floral natural foot spray and shoe deodorizer.

  • A Lavender and Tea Tree scented natural essential oil infused foot spray and shoe deodorizer.
  • Versatile and safe enough to use on your feet, in your shoes, as a room or bathroom spray.
  • Antibacterial qualities and functions as well as a lovely scent.


The lovely Cedarwood scent from the Rocket Pure shoe deodorizer and foot spray are sure to cure and curb all bad odors and smells.

The Rocket Pure Cedarwood foot spray is the perfect foot deodorizer for sports enthusiasts and active individuals. The handy and small shaped bottle is easy to throw in your gym bag, and offer 24-hour protection against sweat and odor.

  • Comes in a small handy little bottle that you can easily toss in your car or gym bag for all-day freshness when you need it the most.
  • Offers effective odor control as well as antibacterial protection and lovely woody smell.
  • Natural ingredients such as lemon, cedarwood, peppermint, and Eucalyptus, are used in this product.
  • No harsh chemicals or toxins, and likewise paraben free.
  • Safe for men, women, and teenagers to use on their feet or in their shoes and gym bags.


Some more highly innovative and effective odor eliminating balls from Lock Laces. These are premium sneaker and sports shoe deodorizer balls that are tough against odor yet gentle on your shoes.

  • These balls are highly effective at eliminating odor from small spaces and killing odor-causing bacteria and fungus.
  • These odor drops come in a spherical design and is very easy to activate, just Lock, Twist and Drop.
  • Easy to store and highly portable and comes with a handy storage tube.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoe Deodorizers

1Foot Sense Unisex Natural - Shoe Deodorizing Powder
  • Natural
  • Odor Eliminating
Foot Sense97
2FineVine Unisex Natural - Foot Deodorant and Shoe Deodorizer
  • Hyppoallergenic
  • Natural
  • Ergonomic Bottle
3Griffin Unisex Foul Ballz - Shoe Deodorizer Balls
  • Diverse options
  • Odor Fighting
4Lumi Outdoors Unisex Natural - Natural Shoe Deodorizer and Foot spray
  • Natural
  • Portable
  • Versatile
Lumi Outdoors97
5Rocket Pure Unisex Natural Cedarwood - Shoe Deodorizer Spray
  • Odor Control
  • Antibacterial
Rocket Pure97
6Lock Laces Unisex Odor Drops - Shoe Deodorizer Balls
  • Easy Storage
  • Portable
  • Odor Eliminating
Lock Laces96

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