Best Shoe and Boot Dryers

Whether your work requires you to work in a wet environment, or you just enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing, and other activities, you know that wet boots are uncomfortable and prone to foot odor and fungal infections.

Therefore a good boot and shoe dryer may be just what you need to dry your boots off and reduce bacteria and odor build up.

Dangers of Wearing Wet Shoes

There are many issues associated with wearing wet shoes or socks, here are only a few of them

  • Chafing, Sores and Blisters – wetness in your shoes or socks increase friction between your feet and the shoes, which can lead to painful sores and blisters that may become infected.
  • Odor and Bacteria – Bacteria thrives in moist and wet conditions and can cause serious infections as well as the bad odor in your shoes or boots.
  • Frostbite – In extreme cold or snow conditions a wet boot can cause frostbite which is dangerous and painful.
  • Rashes and Athletes Foot – Rashes and Fungus can develop when your feet are constantly wet and Athletes foot is a condition related to wet feet.
  • Trenchfoot – When your feet are constantly exposed to cold and wet conditions the skin, nerves and blood vessels in your feet become damaged and can take very long to heel.

Choosing the Best Shoe and Boot Dryer

First and foremost before choosing a shoe or boot dryer for your footwear, you need to make sure that the materials used in your shoes are safe to use in the dryer, and are compatible to fitting in that specific dryer.
Secondly, check the technology that is used with the dryer, whether it uses convection or forced Air methods, your Convection methods always take longer than your Forced Air Dryers.

Features of a Good Shoe and Boot Dryer

  • Electrical Boot Dryer – an electrical Boot dryer can use both Forced air or convection drying methods, and is a dryer that relies on a power coRD and electrical energy to function. This type of dryer is likely not portable yet it can come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, ideal to not only dry shoes and boots, but similarly gloves, clothing, and other gear effectively.

  • Blower Dryer – A Blower dryer is one of your fastest and most effective dryers, using a fan to blow dry your shoes or boots fast and efficiently. The Heat blower ensures that constant hot or cold air is blown on to your shoes or gear to dry them in a few minutes.

  • Forced Air Dryer – A Forced Air Dryer makes use of a forced air system and rotating drying posts that dries your shoes and boots fast and effectively.

  • Portable Shoe and Boot Dryer – The portable dryer has a sleek and small design that is lightweight and easy to travel with. This dryer comes with an AC/DC adapter that fits any home outlet and can even be powered in your car. of

  • Mounted Boot and Gear Dryer – This type of dryer is safe to use on almost all your footwear, gear and clothing items. It is mounted on your wall and uses a Convection system to warm and dry your footwear and gear.

  • Convection Dryer This type of shoe and boot dryer is used to only to dry footwear but also to warm them up for those cold winters. Although it is slow, it is also safe to use and dries much more efficiently with the addition of eliminating odors.

Reviews: Best Shoe and Boot Dryers

Here are some of the most effective and highest rated shoe and boot dryers on the market today;


I start off with a large capacity boot and gear dryer that is ideal for hiking and hunting enthusiast as well as sportsmen who need to dry not only their shoes and boots but other gear as well.

The GearDryer is a Wall Mounted boot and gear dryer on which you can places shoes, and gloves for quick and effective drying after being in wet conditions.

  • A versatile and effective wall mounted dryer for outdoor gear, gloves, shoes, and boots.
  • Included in the package is all the hardware you will need and clear instructions on how to quickly and easily install the wall mounted the dryer on your wall.
  • There are customizable ports that can warm or dry up to six pairs of boots, shoes, gloves, helmets and other gear.
  • The Heated or Ambient, air is available at the flip of a switch and temperature regulating to increase air temperatures for gentle drying and warming.
  • There are Dual fands, that deliver 200CFM of forced airflow directly into your shoes, boots, and gear.
  • This is the ideal dryer for skiers, snowboarders, hunters, construction workers, dirt bikers, mud room upgraders and those who enjoy hiking and the outdoors.


Looking for something to dry your boots while at work, or even on a hiking or outdoor excursion that entails wet environments or work.

The DryGuy Travel Dry is the ultimate and best when it comes to portable shoe and boot dryers.

  • Small and compact design that is lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • The Portable boot dryer and shoe dryer uses traditional convection drying methods along with the latest forced air drying methods for effective and quick drying results.
  • Hybrid forced air and a convection system, will heat up to 99 degrees to dry your shoes and boots in less time than any other known portable shoe and boot dryer.
  • It comes with an AC/DC power adaptor so it can be powered from home, the office, or even from your car.
  • This dryer will fit most types of footwear easily and will not damage fragile materials in turn.


The Dr, Prepare shoe and boot dryer and warmer has a heat blower that constantly blows heat to quickly dry your shoes and boots or to warm them up for wearing in cold conditions.

  • An all-purpose standing boot and shoe dryer that can also be used for gloves and helmets.
  • This dryer uses constant heat with a heat blower that quickly dries or warms your shoes up.
  • A 90-degree foldable design for easy portability and storage, making it ideal for a hiking or backpacking trip.
  • The Intelligent Timer sets a different working time for different types of shoes and gear, to greatly reduce power consumption.
  • Perfect and optimum heat circulation that fast and effectively dries moisture, dampness, sweat and even eliminates odors from your shoes and boots.


The DryGuy DX Forced Air Shoe and Boot Dryer can dry four shoes or garments simultaneously and comes with an additional two extension tubes for drying very tall boots easily.

  • A Forced Air Dryer, that dries shoes, boots, gloves, and other garments, with the ability to dry four items at once.
  • There are two extension tubes included that allows you to easily dry boots that are up to 16 inches tall.
  • The Whisper quite Rotary Blower has a three hour times and you can choose between an air blowing or heat blowing option.
  • Heats up to 105 degrees that is safe for most clothing, footwear, and liners.
  • This dryer likewise aids in eliminating dampness, sweat, and odors from shoes and clothing efficiently.
  • Powers with a 120 Volt AC Household outlet for even more convenient use.


One f the fastest and most sought after boot and shoe dryers that I have come across so far is the PEET original electrical boot and shoe dryer.

  • Very quick drying with the gentle yet effective Thermal Convection system that removes wetness, sweat, and even odor and mold build up from your shoes and boots to keep your feet dry, comfortable and completely odor free.
  • Silently dries and deodorizes your footwear and gear in around 3-8 hours using much less electricity than most standard light bulbs.
  • Very safe and effective on almost all types of materials, including letters, vinyl, rubber, neoprene, canvas, fleece, microfiber, and other synthetic materials.
  • The Peet dryer likewise comes with a 25-year warranty for quality and durability.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoe and Boot Dryers

1GearDryer Unisex Wall Mount - Shoe, Glove and Boot Dryer
  • Versatile
  • Mounted
2Dry Guy Unisex Travel Dry - Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • Portable
  • Car Operated
  • Convection Dryer
Dry Guy97
3Dr. Prepare Unisex Blower - Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
  • Blower Dryer
  • Dries
  • Warms
Dr. Prepare96
4DryGuy Unisex DX - Forced Air Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • Rotary Blower
  • Longer Boot Extension Tubes
5PEET Unisex Original - Electrical Shoe and Boot Dryer
  • Energy Saving
  • thermal Convection
  • Warming

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