Best Sheepskin Shearling Insoles

Sheepskin footwear or insoles have the main purpose of keeping your feet warm and comfortable in those cold winters or weather conditions.

Genuine Sheepskin and wool insoles are much sought after as they provide much better insulation and moisture wicking capabilities.

Sheepskin Insole

Some Benefits of Sheepskin Footwear and Insoles

Sheepskin footwear encased with sheep wool, or with wool insert aids in protecting your feet against extreme cold, and likewise relieves pressure from your feet by encasing them with plush wool.

Sheepskin footwear has a particular advantage when it comes to individuals who are likely to develop foot ulcers, or who already have foot ulcers. Sensitive skin, Diabetes, Neuropathy and many other painful foot conditions, or conditions causing sensitivity can greatly benefit from the protection that sheepskin footwear or insoles provide.

You also get individuals who have poor circulation, and who suffer from feet that get cold easily and most of the time, in this case the warmth of the wool and the insulation promotes better blood circulation and keeps your feet warm and protected. Most shear comfort insoles and footwear protect your feet from knocks, impact and scrapes by enveloping the foot in cushioned comfort and support.

In the end for people who do not have problems with their feet or health conditions, a warm sheepskin insole or footwear is ideal for cold weather to provide comfortable and cozy warmth.

UGG boots are one of the most popular sheepskin boots for winter with a shear interior and insole, they have a casual style and are quite the fashion statement these days. UGG boot may require a new insole from time to time after a bit of wear and tear, and here is where sheepskin insoles likewise come in quite handy.

All in all, you can use a sheepskin insole with any slipper shoe, or boot, preferably for winter time, to provide you with plush comfort and cozy warmth.

Who Will Benefit Most from Sheepskin Insoles

Sheepskin Insoles UGG Boots

Anyone who has a pair of genuine sheepskin boots, slippers, UGG boots or shoes may from time to time require a new insole to fit their boos.

Sheepskin insoles, particularly the Shear insoles are ideal for winter time, cold conditions and individuals whose feet tend to get cold easily.

As mentioned above people who suffer from foot or other health conditions which cause sensitivity, pain or ulcers in their feet, are sure to benefit from a Shear Sheepskin insole.

Characteristics of Sheepskin Insoles

Here are a few features to consider when purchasing a pair of sheepskin insoles;

  • Make sure they are GENUINE, check the labels and check the insoles to make sure you get all the benefits of a Genuine Sheepskin Insoles.
  • Genuine Sheepskin insoles will generally be a bit more expensive, but they are surely worth the price tag.
  • Get the right size, as most Sheepskin Insoles do not come with a trim to fit option.
  • Check the insole type, some sheepskin insoles are manufactured to only fit specific boot or shoe types, for example the UGG specific insoles.
  • You can choose the thickness of the wool, thicker provides better insulation and protection, while thinner wool will be more lightweight and not so warm.
  • The thickness of the wool is usually in the description of the insole.
  • Make sure the base of the sole is non-slip.
  • You may get sheepskin insoles with a cushioned or arch supportive base.
  • Most Sheepskin insoles come in their natural white color, although I have seen some in black and other color options.

Reviews: The Best Available Sheepskin Insoles


When it comes to any products to do with sheep, then there is no comparison, Australians have the upper hand. This luxuriously Plush Sheepskin insole is manufactured by Warmie and Australian company specializing in Sheepskin products.

  • The ideal replacement insole for your old slippers, boots, shoes or Wellingtons.
  • Available in a variety of sizes for both men and women.
  • Excellent quality pure Australian sheepskin and Shearling insoles.
  • Very fluffy, warm and cushioned.


These are the coziest, thickest and fluffiest, warm winter sheepskin insoles, ideal for those slippers, wellingtons or winter boots.

  • Manufactured from 100% pure Australian Sheep wool for quality and comfort.
  • Very warm, with moisture-wicking properties.
  • You can use them as a replacement insole for UGG boots, Wellingtons, Dr.Martens and many other shoe types.
  • Available in all men’s and women’s sizes.
  • Highly durable with cushioned comfort.


Here is one for those extreme cold weather conditions and snow. You can place the Alaska Leather insoles inside your snow boots for superior warmth and protection against those extreme cold weather conditions.

  • Manufactured from pure sheepskin leather and wool.
  • Provides optimal heat and insulation against very cold weather conditions.
  • Available in men’s and women’s sizes in a black fluffy top design.
  • Very fluffy, cozy and warm.


Among the favorite warm boot types to wear casually for winter are the UGG brand. They are highly durable and comfortable, made from natural sheepskin materials and wool, although at some point they will need replacing. This is the replacement insole for the ladies UGG boots.

  • Manufactured from pure high-quality sheepskin.
  • The ideal fit for your UGG boots.
  • Plush and moisture wicking to keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Likewise features cushioning from the dual density foam bottom layers with 17mm of sheep wool at the top


I have likewise included the UGG insole option specifically for the men, and in this case an active man, with the additional shock absorbing Poron Heel and dual density foam.

  • Manufactured from the finest quality sheepskin and wool for a soft and comfortable warm feel.
  • There is 7mm of thick wool on the top layer for warmth and comfort.
  • A dual density foam bottom and Gel heel pad offers excellent shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • Similarly the wool is treated to be antimicrobial and moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry and germ-free.


If you are looking for something warm, yet still light and breathable, the Shoeslulu Premium Lambswool Shearling insoles are exactly what you need. They offer lightweight comfort and warmth, with breathability Characteristics to prevent your feet from sweating or overheating.

  • A full layer of premium and genuine lambswool for cozy comfort and warmth.
  • The anti-slip latex bottom holds the insole securely in place, preventing it from slipping and becoming bunched up.
  • These insoles will fit most boots and shoes, but specifically cater for shearling boot insole replacement.
  • Aids in reducing friction caused by day to day movement.
  • Very lightweight and breathable, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Available in different thickness options such as the 0,2 inch, and thicker 0.5 inches.

In Conclusion

A pair of warm and cozy Sheepskin insoles are all you need to keep warm and comfortable those cold winters. The ones I have chosen are all manufactured from the finest quality, and 100% sheepskin, guaranteed!

Index Table: The Best Available Sheepskin Insoles

1Warmie Unisex Autsralian - Premium Sheepskin Insoles
  • Thick
  • Fluffy
2Abusa Unisex Premium - Thick Woolly Sheepskin Inserts
  • Durable
  • Fluffy
  • Moisture Wicking
3Alaska Leather Unisex Extra Thick - Sheepsking Leather Insoles
  • Very warm
  • Fluffy
  • Durable
Alaska Leather95
4UGG Women's Accessories - Sheepskin Insoles for UGG Boots
  • Plush
  • Foam Layer
  • Moisture Wicking
5UGG Men's Accessories - Twinsole Sheepskin Insoles for UGG Boots
  • Foam Layer
  • Poron Heel Pad
  • Antimicrobial
6Shoeslulu Unisex Premium - Lambswool Shearling Insoles
  • Anti-Slip
  • Breathable

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