Best Orthopedic Insoles

Our feet are our main means of support, whether we are aware of them or not.
It’s therefore in our best interests to use orthopedic insoles to protect our feet from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, to support them if we have heel pain or to correct bad alignment.
If you have particularly painful aches or are on your feet all day, knowing the type of orthopedic insole to get can certainly improve the quality of your life.

Best Orthopedic Insoles Fitting

Symptoms and Causes of Foot-Related Discomforts and Disorders

There are many reasons our feet can be feeling sore. Usually using our feet leaves them feeling tired out and sometimes in pain. This may be due to inflammation in the foot from over-exertion.

If the pain is under your foot, you may have bruised, sprained or pulled your plantar fascia, resulting in painful plantar fasciitis. If your heels or ankles are aching, you may have Achilles tendonitis or a bruised/sprained ankle.

Standing on your feet all day, as in the case of a nurse or runner, can cause all the blood to pool in the feet and cause strain to your foot muscles. Athletes may also suffer from pain after playing a sports match or running a race, because of the exertion on their feet to achieve top performance.

Walking on misaligned feet also creates significant discomforts over time, as do flat feet or feet with very high arches.

Foot Problem Treatments and Pain Relief

One should stretch the feet before and after a run, sports match or going to work that needs standing on the feet all day long.

If you are experiencing pain after a long day of work on your feet or athletics, resting your feet and not walking on them can often remedy the pain.

Massaging your feet, having a bath or gently stretching them can also help to bring blood flow back to them if required.

However, if the pain persists beyond this, it’s likely you have a condition such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, tarsal tunnel and more.

Orthotics and Orthopedic shoe insoles or inserts will help you to manage this pain, if not providing full pain relief. Orthopedic insoles provide the best foot support for your precise foot shape and arch.

They also protect the feet from wear and tear when you are constantly on your feet; they make work more comfortable all day long. Insoles will prevent your feet from sliding about, which has also been linked to foot degeneration.

Materials Found in a Good Orthopedic Insole

The best orthopedic insoles are made from some form of foam or latex base because they are very firm and able to be shaped to fit exact podiatric requirements.

Memory Foam is possibly the best of these materials, as it can perfectly contour your feet and give you unmatched arch support, suitable for all flat feet or high arches.

Gel foam provides extra comfort and padding, able to absorb shock which your feet would otherwise endure inside their shoes.

The above materials are also hypoallergenic, without orthotic side effects.

Look for orthotics that have either perforated foam for a base or a breathable top layer, or else your feet will sweat, overheat and be susceptible to fungus!

Most importantly, insoles should fit your feet and your shoes 100%, like a glove. You can cut most insoles to match your shoe size.

Reviews: The Best Orthopedic Insoles

Here is a compilation of our top-rated orthopedic insoles, here to help prevent or alleviate any strain or discomfort your feet may be experiencing.

  • This product protects against strain experienced in the feet, heels, knees and back by ensuring proper foot support.
  • The Glycerin Gel is FDA approved and provides maximum comfort to aching feet, like a permanent foot massage.
  • Hydrofeet Massaging Orthotic Insoles have been treated so that they are 100% anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, fighting off fungus and odors as well.
  • Helps to remedy poor circulation in the feet and body.
  • Give your feet a break and cushion them with the shock absorbing properties of these insoles.

  • This product has a combination of gel pads on a rubber base to help support your feet and keep them balanced when you step.
  • Just cut down to fit your shoe size and benefit from optimal support and cushioning.
  • All day comfort when standing, walking or running continuously on a hard surface.
  • Highly durable, this product has a 3-year lifespan on average.
  • Suitable for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tired or aching bunions, sprained feet or ankles and more!
  • No more slipping and sliding inside your shoes or bad circulation from standing.

  • These luxurious insoles are precisely molded to your feet and made 100% comfortable with optimum support that has been tailored uniquely to your feet.
  • Just dip these insoles in hot water before custom fitting the insole to your exact shape.
  • Pay a fraction of the price for a custom-made insole.
  • Suitable for support any foot condition from plantar fasciitis, too much pronation or supination and flat feet or high arches.
  • Sold to and endorsed by podiatrists and foot doctors in the US.
  • The ¾ design supports all parts of your feet that hold your weight or load, freeing your toes up so you can still use them.

  • This insole is specifically designed to help children below the age of 13 who have flat feet.
  • A firm foam base provides the correct foot support, balance, alignment, and posturing for kid’s feet.
  • Alleviate knee, foot and heel pain due to over-pronation and flat/low arching feet.
  • The heel cup is set in deeper and made out of a more cushioning foam material for optimal comfort.
  • Made to fit into all children’s footwear, from school shoes to sports sneakers.
  • Approved by chiropractors and podiatrists to alleviate pain in kid’s flat feet.

  • Superior quality memory foam was used to craft these orthopedic insoles, molding to your foot shape in response to your body heat as you step into them.
  • Embedded into this product is an activated carbon filter, intended to remove odor.
  • Perforated foam base provides maximum air circulation and ensures your feet don’t overheat or become too moist.
  • Memory foam is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with allergies.
  • The firm shell on the underside of the insole helps to keep it locked into place inside your shoes for better support.

  • The Powerstep Pinnacle Insole is made in Ohio, in the USA, from supportive and light-weight EVA.
  • Uses a double layer of foam to achieve enhanced comfort and the best foot support results possible.
  • The top layer is anti-microbial and reduces heat plus friction when moving about on your feet very often.
  • The thin shell is flexible with a semi-rigidity to it, allowing for the best arch support for mild to middle range pronation.
  • Ideal to use for work shoes or casual shoes for reducing pain in the feet, knees, and back.
  • Made by a company that was founded by a leading Podiatrist in 1992 and medically endorsed by many medical professionals in the USA.

  • These inserts are designed by podiatrists with one vision in mind: to help those with flat feet to walk without experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs!
  • The raised heel bed will cushion your heels, while still holding your feet in place and not slipping around in your shoes.
  • These insoles can help you to control pronation when you walk, which is a common issue for those with flat feet.
  • Made from foam, the heel spur insoles are inclined to adapt to the shape of your feet precisely and can work for those with medium or neutral arches too.
  • Covered in a moisture-wicking top layer, your feet will also feel fresh all day long while wearing these.
  • Perfect for running and other outdoor activities.

  • If you suffer from flat feet pain and need some orthopedic support, these insoles will seem like a miracle to you!
  • With multiple layers and three-point arch support, these are guaranteed to orthopedically support your feet to minimize pain, strain, and fatigue.
  • Hi-Poly Foam Technology lasts a very long time and keeps your feet feeling comfortable all day long.
  • An antibacterial top cover prevents foot infections such as Athlete’s Foot and creates an odorless environment in your shoes.
  • A hidden cork shell adapts to the exact shape of your feet and absorbs excess moisture, preventing buildup inside your shoes.

  • Reclaim your energy and enjoy sports again with these premium orthopedic sport insoles!
  • Anatomically designed to control pronation and provide top motion support, these insoles are especially good for under-pronation or supination.
  • The underside has a moving patterned design which significantly deflects impact and helps to distribute pressure evenly on the feet.
  • State of the art biomechanical engineering gives these inserts a superior fit, hugging your heels and arches with a deep heel cup.
  • Covered in a moisture-wicking top layer that will remove moisture from your feet, keeping them cool and dry.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Orthopedic Insoles

1Hydrofeet Unisex Liquid Gel Orthotic - Dynamic Gel Orthotic Insoles for Unmatched Foot Pain Relief
  • Therapeutic Massaging Gel Technology
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
2Dr Scholl’s Unisex Gel Work Insoles - Effective Gel Insoles for Standing All Day
  • Gel Rubber Foot Support Combo
  • Forefoot Contouring
Dr Scholl’s97
3Corefit Unisex Podiatrist Grade Orthotic - Specialized Podiatrist Endorsed Insoles for Foot Pain & Problems
  • Conveniently Moldable
  • Precision Foot Support
4Footminders Unisex Kids Orthotics - Perfectly Designed Orthotic Insoles for Small Kid’s Flat Feet
  • 3 quarter Flat Foot Support
  • Stability Enhancing Heel Cup
5HappyStep Unisex Memory Foam - Superior Support Orthotic Memory Foam Insoles
  • Exact-fit memory foam contouring
  • Optimized Heel Support Lift
6Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Premium - Flexible Orthotic Shoe Insoles For Foot Pain Relief
  • Built-In Medical Arch Support
  • Deep Heel Cradle
7Samurai Insoles Unisex Flat Feet Insoles - Orthopedic Insoles for Flat Feet
  • Raised Heel Cup
  • Controls Pronation
Samurai Insoles97
8Stepcomfy Unisex Orthopedic Insoles - Foot Alignment Correcting Orthopedic Insoles
  • Three Point Support
  • Multi-Layered
9Prothotic Unisex Motion Control Insoles - Perfect Pronation Orthopedic Insoles
  • Gel Shock Pads
  • Deep Heel Cup

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