Best Memory Foam Shoe Insoles

Whether you are looking for the best pair of memory foam orthotic insoles or a pair of replacement insoles for the memory foam ones in your shoes, we’ve got you covered in this article!

Find out more below on what memory foam is, why it benefits your feet, as well as some of its best features.

Best Memory Foam Shoe Insoles

What is Memory Foam

Memory foam is also referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane foam or low resilience polyurethane foam.

This foam was first invented by NASA in 1966 to improve upon astronaut pillow safety when making trips to outer space.

Memory foam responds to your heat signature, molding itself around your unique body shape and compressing itself until a perfect pressure is maintained.

Since memory foam takes on your shape as you heat it up, it is often used for precision orthotic devices that make customization easy and affordable for everyone.

Memory foam was only unleashed to the general public for retail purposes in the 1980s.
The first company that worked with memory foam was Fagerdala World Foams, which later opened up the famous Swedish Tempur-Pedic mattress range.

Memory foam since then has been consistently developing each year, being infused with cooling agents or made more breathable with more spongy micro-perforation. Nowadays it is used in top of the line shoe inserts, mattresses, recliners, seating, rockets and more!

How Memory Foam Supports Your Feet

Memory foam inserts help support the feet in multiple ways:

  1. Flexible & Responsive – The foam is flexible and responsive, forming an exact shape of the contours of your feet. This feels incredibly comfortable and provides your feet with the precise support they need for their unique shape.
  2. Pressure Point Relief – Memory foam takes all the pressure exerted onto the foot and neutralizes it effectively, leaving your feet free from fatigue and able to walk for longer periods of time.
  3. Adaptive – While you are in mid-stride, memory foam will warp and move with the shape of your arches. This means that you are always given the correct foot support at any given time of the day, no matter what activity your feet are doing at the time.
  4. Cushioning – Memory foam is soft and very comfortable, giving your feet a layer of ideal cushioning.
  5. Distributes Force Evenly – Memory foam absorbs shock indirectly, by redistributing the force or impact that your feet are subject to. When the force is distributed, it disperses, effectively reducing the pressure on your feet.

Characteristics of a Good Memory Foam Insole

Below we have briefly listed five of the best features that should be inherent in your memory foam shoe insert for the best results.

  • Firm Grip Bottom Layer – Memory foam alone is fantastic for foot support, but without a firm grip bottom, the insole may slide around a lot.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is important as many cheap memory foam manufacturers do not create ways for hot air to escape the foam. Without ventilation or perforation of the foam, your feet will perspire unnecessarily, which can cause blisters, discomfort or foot infections.
  • Moisture Wicking – The top of the best memory foam insoles are covered in a layer of moisture-wicking material, which rapidly dissolves moisture and ensures that your feet remain dry and cool.
  • Deep Heel Cup – A deep heel cup adds additional foot support, comfort and also helps to correct the alignment of the feet, controlling pronation as you walk.
  • Thickness – The thicker the insoles are, the more they will compress and that compression will create a more supportive and protective insole.

Reviews: Best Memory Foam Insoles

Have a look at our best selection of memory foam shoe insoles below and click your favourite!

  • Powerstep is one of the best insole brands in the US, specialising in affordable custom orthotics for fatigued feet.
  • These memory foam shoe insoles consist of a dual layer for a great support and a sure-footed grip inside your shoes to prevent sliding around.
  • The deep heel cup and contoured arches help you to control for under or over pronation better.
  • The top memory foam layer feels soft and comfortable, providing tired and aching feet with much-desired pressure relief.
  • The low-profile design makes these suitable for most shoe types, with the exception of sandals and flip-flops.

  • Sof Sole designed these memory foam insoles to give your feet a comfortable experience you’ll never forget!
  • These insoles are incredibly slim and will work in any shoe from a high heel to formalized dress shoes.
  • The thickness of the memory foam ensures ultimate pressure point alleviation on the feet, molding to your exact arch shape as you walk.
  • Covered in a soft nylon cover for durability and sweat resistance, allowing these insoles to last for months without falling apart.
  • Trim to fit these insoles precisely in your shoes without worrying that the size won’t fit.

  • Bolster the comfort of your shoes by using these memory foam insoles everywhere you go!
  • Made from a thick layer of memory foam that bounces back up in 2 seconds after you remove your feet from your shoes.
  • The activated carbon filter inside the insoles prevents odors from building up and leaves your shoes smelling fresh.
  • The top layer is made from a moisture-wicking fabric, and the insoles have a ventilated design to ensure your feet do not get soggy.
  • These insoles are lightweight and ideal for enhancing comfort and walking performance.
  • These insoles are perfect for everyday use, in a large variety of footwear.

  • These contoured insoles are designed uniquely to remove pressure off feet as well as conform to the shape of the foot.
  • Thicker at the heel, the memory foam creates a deep heel cup for additional support, gait control, and stability.
  • The top layer is made from cotton as well as an antimicrobial moisture wicking material that keeps your feet fresh.
  • The neutral design allows these insoles to be used for any foot type from flat to high arches.
  • Trim to fit these insoles into any of your shoes and be amazed by their superior support!

  • These insoles are ideal for sports, athletics as well as casual wear, providing extra stability inside your shoes.
  • The bottom layer provides a sturdy shell for the memory foam to occupy, giving a deep heel cup and fantastic pronation control.
  • Infused with carbon fibers for excellent odor control and antibacterial properties ensuring that your feet don’t smell.
  • The insole is designed to maximize pressure distribution, allowing your feet to perform for longer whether at work or on the sports field.
  • These insoles are easily transferable from shoe to shoe and can be washed for convenience.

  • These memory foam insoles are perfect for anyone who wants to increase their height, boost their confidence while still maintaining comfortable feet.
  • The insoles boast a thick layer of memory foam, making them extra comfortable.
  • Gel shock pads on the underside absorb shock and prevent impact from damaging your joints or tiring out your arches.
  • These insoles are very well ventilated with tens of tiny perforations all along the forefoot area.
  • The bottom is engraved with a pattern that stabilizes the insoles inside your shoes and prevents blisters.
  • A deep heel cradle keeps your heels protected and supports better pronation of the foot.

  • Gosuban’s memory foam insoles are the best of the best when it comes to orthotics, cushioning and comfort.
  • The insoles consist of two layers of memory foam, one is a thick, plush pillow extending to your forefoot and the other covering the entire insole for maximum comfort.
  • A raised heel and deep heel cup take the pressure off your ankles and protect your arches from receiving strain.
  • The outer shell provides the rigidity your feet need to remain in balance and to pronate in good form.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial and moisture wicking, keeping infections at bay while ensuring your feet remain cool and dry.

  • Stridetek’s active insoles are ideal for those who want ultimate foot comfort while participating in outdoors activities.
  • Bio-mechanically designed to support your feet and promote a balanced stride with every step you take.
  • Constructed out of premium high-density memory foam that adapts to your arches and safeguards your feet from foot fatigue.
  • Unlike other sports insoles, these come with inbuilt metatarsal support to keep the pressure off your forefoot.
  • A snug heel cradle positions the feet in an optimal stance so that they don’t slide around inside your sport’s shoes.
  • An Aegis Microbe Shield has been instilled into the upper layer to reduce odors and encourage a healthy environment for your feet.


HappyStep Memory Foam Insoles will make your steps happy and soft. Almost like walking on a cloud.

  • Features High Density memory foam, for all day support.
  • Fite perfectly in high and medium density shoes.
  • Can be used as replacement insoles.
  • Trim to fit design for the perfect fit.


These Orthotic insoles provide superb pain relief and comfort thanks to the luxurious memory foam.

  • Made from Soft and Ultra Lightweight Memory Foam, for cushioned comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Features an antiskid design that will not slip around in your shoes.
  • Scientifically designed arch support to reduce pain in your feet.
  • A great option as a replacement insole.


The Moiso memory foam insoles are orthotic pain relief insoles for every foot shape and type.

  • The perfect solution for flat feet with firm medical grade Orthotic materials and design.
  • Made with a premium PU base and layers of Memory foam for ideal cushioned comfort and shock absorbency.
  • There is a Gel pad in the heel to protect your heels and a heel cradle for stability.
  • Will fit most closed style footwear easily.

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