Best Insoles for Work Boots

Finding a great pair of insoles for your work boots can be difficult, which is why we have compiled this buyer’s guide – to make it easy for you!

Read on for more info on what insoles for work boots do, the things you should consider before buying them as well as reviews of their best features.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

What Do Insoles for Work Boots Do?

The best insoles for work boots make life more tolerable for you and your feet!

They do this by offering the best support for your particular kind of feet. Believe it or not, our feet endure a lot of pressure every day whether we stand, walk or run.

Insoles help to provide adequate arch and heel support, both of which contributes to alleviating foot fatigue as well as the onset of multiple foot conditions.

Regarding work boot insoles, insoles provide better stability inside of our work boots. They’re also usually excellent at absorbing shock or distributing pressure so that the impact on the feet is minimized.

Aside from all of this, insoles for work boots make everyday life more comfortable.
Imagine taking a stride where it feels as though your shoes are propelling you forward? Well, this is precisely what wearing the best insoles for your work boots will achieve.

Work Boot Insole Buying Precations

Before selecting the best work boot insoles for you, take heed of the following tips:

  1. Foot Type – Not all feet are the same. Ask yourself if your feet have steep arches, if they have flat or fallen arches, or do they fall somewhere in between? The steeper your arches are, the more arch support you will need.
  2. Medical Conditions – If you suffer from a medical condition, such as plantar fasciitis or diabetes, the type of insole you need will be different. For example, a gentle heel lift will take pressure off the heels, which is great for Achilles Tendonitis, or a toe lift if you have a ball of foot pain. Those with diabetes will need an insulating insole that allows more ‘wiggle room’ for the toes.
  3. Type of Support – The type of arch support you need depends on your foot type and where your feet ache the most. Many people benefit from a flatter insole with adaptive arch support, but there are a few who benefit from very firm arch support. Consult your local practitioner if you have a severe medical foot condition.

Features of a Good Insole for Work Boot

Here below are some of the best features of insoles for work boots and why:

  • Energy Return – The feet exert energy when one takes a stride. When you wear an energy return insole, a portion of that energy returns to you, making it easier to keep going on the job! Energy return insoles also prevent tiredness better than ordinary insoles.
  • Pronation Control – Pronation is the rolling motion our feet make when we walk. Natural pronation is where the feet roll inward about 15 degrees, and anything outside of that can cause problems in the feet, knees, legs or hips. Pronation control avoids these issues and also makes your shoes feel more stable and comfortable.
  • Responsive – Responsive insoles are adaptable, which means that whenever you flex the muscles in your feet, the support of the insole flexes too. This makes responsive insoles very comfortable and also exact, proving the support you need at the precise time you need it!
  • Deep Heel Cup – A deep heel cup makes the insole far more secure, locking your foot in place inside the shoe. It also helps for pronation control and keeps feet properly aligned.
  • Odor Control – Anyone who wears them will know that work boots and the insoles inside of them can stink at the end of the day! Odor control insoles are very effective at eliminating the smell created inside your insoles after a long days work. They are often antimicrobial as this also aids in controlling odors.

Reviews: Best Work Boot Insoles

Below is our custom selection of elite work boot insoles, ready to help you complete the job all day long!

  • These insoles were designed to fend off foot fatigue, giving your feet the most back out of the experience!
  • The underside is designed with a hexagonal shape, which distributes the force evenly and allows for energy return to occur.
  • These insoles have shock absorbers, acting to ameliorate the effects of heavy jarring impact upon the feet.
  • Highly durable, lightweight and with a low profile, these insoles will fill your work boot for years to come.
  • The dynamic arch design helps nearly all foot types, and the top cover prevents odors from building up.

  • These supportive insoles from Sof Sole span the entire length of the feet, providing full length support and pronation control.
  • A deep heel cup offers fantastic pronation control, stability and security, as well as the comfort you need to carry on with your day.
  • At the base of the heel rests a gel shock absorption pad, keeping excessive impact off of your heels.
  • The arch support is enhanced for higher arches, making these insoles suitable for those with medium to high arches.
  • The design under the insoles helps to stabilize them in your shoes and eliminates some of the pressure off your feet.

  • This pair of insoles for work boots by foot minders offer double the foot protection with two gel shock absorbers in each insole.
  • Made from multiple layers of orthotic foam and other supportive materials, these insoles feel just as comfortable as they look!
  • Ideal for those with high arches, the insoles provide steep arch support for excellent support and less fatigue.
  • The heel cup is deep and creates heel, foot and ankle stability inside your shoes.
  • The top layer is moisture wicking as well as antibacterial, minimizing blisters and odor from your day to day work.

  • These insoles from Profoot are designed to help hard working feet that stand all day long, alleviating foot pressure and tiredness.
  • Their flatter arch support is ideal for those with flat feet or who require more space inside their work boots.
  • The top layer includes Silverplus Protection which eliminates odors and helps to control bacterial infections.
  • Comes with three shock absorption pads in each insole for the best protection while on the job.
  • The shock pads are designed specifically to redistribute force evenly amongst the insoles, as well as reduce pressure on the feet, providing the ultimate anti-fatigue technology.

  • These work boot insoles are made from superior quality memory foam, which conforms to your arches unique shape and gives the best orthotic support.
  • By wearing these insoles to work, you will not only dramatically reduce foot pain, but you will also prevent it from occurring in the future.
  • The targeted heel protection aims to reduce shock by absorbing it and deflecting it away from the feet.
  • The top layer removes bacteria and the odors that come with them, making it more pleasant to remove your shoes at the end of the day.
  • Ideal for flat feet or for those who stand all day to do their job.

  • RockRooster insoles are ideal for work boots because they provide continuous support no matter what position your feet take.
  • Constructed from superior quality memory foam, the insoles are responsive and will adapt to the precise shape of your arches, regardless of your foot type.
  • CoolMax technology quickly absorbs moisture before wicking it away, keeping feet both cool and dry.
  • Excellent shock absorbing ability prevents your feet from tiring out after a long day of work.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial, protecting your feet from both odors and infections, even after long shifts.
  • An anatomically designed footbed that shapes itself according to you helps to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas of the feet.

  • JobSite anti-fatigue insoles were made for when the going gets tough for tired feet while on the job.
  • A high rebound cushion ensures that your feet are comfortable while enduring a full workload.
  • Perfect arch support and a deep heel cup help to correct problems associated with plantar fasciitis, pronation, and flat feet.
  • A heel shock pad and ridged design contribute towards improved shock distribution, redistributing energy so that your feet don’t get worn out.
  • Lightweight and durable, these insoles will keep your feet comfortable for a decent amount of time.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial to encourage a healthier foot environment.

  • For those seeking that extra layer of comfort padding inside their work boots, these Polysorb insoles from Spenco are what you need!
  • The lightweight Polysorb foam is soft, cushioning and deflects shock, keeping your feet safe from excessive force and jarring pain.
  • An EVA footbed offers superior protection and arch support, providing your feet with energy return to keep your steps light and bouncy.
  • A U-shaped heel cup with balanced arch support controls the motion of the foot, holding it in place with a perfect posture and alleviating pressure in the process.
  • Covered in a Silpure antimicrobial top layer, the insoles will prevent odors and bacteria from accumulating in your shoes.


The Gimhai Home insoles offer the best in cushioning and support for all-day wear at work.

  • The anti-slip design ensures that these insoles stay securely in your shoes.
  • Ensures the best pronation control and stability to prevent foot fatigues and injuries.
  • Well cushioned for comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Highly durable construction and materails.


Powerstep is a top name when it comes to supportive insoles, and the Pinnacle is a favorite among many of their models.

  • Offers excellent semi-rigid arch support and stability, yet enough flexibility for movement.
  • A smooth and dry moisture wicking top lining.
  • Cushioned for comfort with a shock absorbing heel pad.
  • Excellent quality and durability.


Ariat Boots are a favorite among many work boots, and in general, it is usually difficult to find an insole for your square toe work boots, so I have included this one.

  • Made from durable and comfortable Polyurethane with a no-slip bottom.
  • Dry moisture-wicking top lining.
  • Excellent cushioned comfort and support.
  • A square toe to fitAriat and other square toe work boots.

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