Best Insoles for Walking

For many of us, the standard factory shoes we buy do not help our feet, especially when having to do lots of walking or standing in them regularly.

Orthopedic shoe inserts are one of the best ways to help tired feet and to make walking more comfortable. Read further for more information on foot support as well as the best insoles for walking.

Best Insoles for Walking

Who Will Benefit From Insoles for Walking?

Many people suffer on a daily basis because the insoles they wear are not suitable for the strain their feet are put through.

Walking every day or standing will put pressure on the feet. Insoles will benefit any who suffer from tired feet, ball of foot pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or bunions.

Those with Edema or diabetes will also benefit from having their sensitive feet supported and protected from any dangers.

If your foot is recovering from an injury, or even your legs or knees, an insole can help you to walk with less pain.

Professionals who require walking or running as a part of their day jobs will find insoles one of the most necessary parts of the job!
This includes Athletes who endure lots of shock and stress on their feet, whether they are running on the court or jumping for a ball.

Chefs and waitrons or anyone involved in the hospitality industry will find that insoles allow them to be on their feet all day or night long without too many complaints.

How Do Orthopedic Shoe Insoles Help Support the Feet?

Shoe insoles are designed to help your feet by providing the correct arch support, diverting pressure away from your feet and to help your feet fit your shoes correctly. Shoe insoles are also designed to control pronation. When we walk, our feet usually go down on our heels first, rolling forward towards the ball of the foot before pushing off to make a stride. Insoles cushion the feet and help ensure that the rolling of the foot forward (pronation) is done correctly in proper alignment.

All of our feet are different too. If we have flat feet, insoles will provide the support necessary for flat arches. This will improve walking for those with flat feet and reduce the pain that one would normally get after wearing standard insoles. High arches have similar problems in the opposite extremes. Shoe insoles for walking will also help in motion transfer, making it seem like walking is made easier or lighter to us than it usually is.

Top 5 Features of Good Insoles for Walking

Here are some of the best features you can find in insoles guaranteed to help keep you on your feet all day long!

  1. Metatarsal Separation – the metatarsal is your big toe bone. When the insole is lifted slightly at the front and separates the big toe a bit from the other toes, you should experience less pain in the ball of the foot. This design diverts pressure away from the ball of the foot, providing effective pain relief.
  2. Multi-Layered Support – these days, the best insoles for walking consist of multiple layers of memory foam, high-density foam, latex and sometimes cork or premium leather. These are the best possible materials insoles are currently made from and in layers, they appear to be more effective!
  3. Moisture Elimination – if you sweat a lot, moisture removal is a big plus for your feet! Often a moisture elimination system has a layer of something ultra absorbent, or a thin layer of microfiber covering the insole. Perforated insoles also work wonders for moisture wicking. Some insoles combine this feature with an odor control function, such as infused activated charcoal.
  4. Adaptive Arch Technology – this means that the arch support in the insole can warp and move with the arches of your feet as you flex them. This relatively new feature has helped many people with foot problems get the most accurate foot support possible. Memory foam is a material that is naturally arch adaptive and will conform to any changes your feet make while you stride.
  5. Deep or Raised Heel Cups – depending on what you knees or arches are up to, either of these features could be good or bad. A deep heel cup is necessary for optimal foot pronation control, plantar fasciitis and low to medium arches. High arches will need a raised heel cup and so will those who suffer from Achilles tendonitis.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Walking

Have a look at our selection of pressure alleviating shoe insoles, designed to help most feet to walk comfortably.

  • These orthotic shoe insoles are perfectly designed to help control pronation and assist in lighter walking.
  • Made from a synthetic sole, the foam cushioning adapts to your feet’s every movement.
  • Two layers of foam work together to bring optimum comfort, breathability and alleviate pressure points off the feet.
  • A deep heel cup ensures your ankles stay in place and provides excellent support for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.
  • Neutral arch support to help those with flat feet to medium arches.
  • Antibacterial top layer contributes to keeping the odor away.
  • Endorsed by podiatrists.

  • The thick heel support of these insoles will protect your feet against all force or exertion experienced out on the sports field.
  • A nylon plate in the arches of the insole provides protection to the feet from tiring out and absorbs excessive shock.
  • Coolmax top fabric helps to keep your feet dry, wicking away moisture.
  • The heel and ball of the foot area come with skydex bubble technology which absorbs shock and diverts pressure off of the feet.
  • Deep heel cup helps to ward off the tiredness of the feet, and in combination with thick padding, this insole will protect your legs and knees from injury.
  • Control pronation entirely and never slips in your shoes when using these insoles.
  • These insoles are ideal for walking, running or playing sports with.

  • This high density latex insole will work to correct the posturing of your feet as you walk.
  • Feel the pressure fade away the moment these inserts are placed in your shoe, thanks to the pressure alleviation this insole provides.
  • Medium arch support combined with the deep heel cups will help with pain relief if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.
  • Controls pronation efficiently.
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • The foot pad is more rigid with a design that is guaranteed to keep the insole from sliding inside your shoe.
  • This is ideal to help you walk if you have foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis or pain in the arches of the feet.

  • Timberland insoles provide your feet with an incredibly comfortable support due to the highly contoured foot bed.
  • Unique hexagonal contouring provides your feet with pressure point alleviation and reduces the pain of plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.
  • The top cover is antifungal and antibacterial, also able to control for odor.
  • These insoles have an adaptive arch with neutral support, making them ideal for most foot types including flat feet.
  • The covering material offers breathability and keeps your feet’s temperature regulated perfectly, hot or cold as required.
  • The contoured design proved to absorb twice the amount of shock than ordinary insoles would.

  • The synthetic insoles are made with a deep heel cup for full pronation and supination control.
  • Perforations allow air to flow through these insoles, keeping the feet cool as they’re on the go.
  • Shaped for the ideal anatomical arch balance and heel support.
  • The neutral arch support is perfect for flat or mild arched feet.
  • Heel support will help walking or running to feel lighter and become easier.
  • The top layer ensures no blistering of the feet and provides a form of odor elimination.
  • Ideal for running, walking, standing or even doing ballet with!

  • Sof Soles Orthotic Insoles for walking are the best for a precision fit for all arch types, whether you have very high arches or flat feet.
  • High-density foam padding is used to cushion your feet and ensure that your arches are protected from impact at all times.
  • A secure heel cup with maximum grip comes standard with each insole to prevent slippage and keep your feet as stabilized as possible inside your shoes.
  • Can be used in casual shoes, work shoes or athletic shoes for all sorts of activities from standing all day to running or hiking.
  • A nylon plate at the back adds additional support and rigidity to the design, helping to correct problems associated with overpronation.

  • The finest in German Sports technology, Pedag Sportsline insoles can bring you the best outdoors experience whether walking or hiking.
  • The top functional fiber layer is moisture wicking, ultra hygienic and contains excellent grip, keeping your feet clean, dry and in one place.
  • The second layer of this multi-layered insole provides optimal shock absorption and helps prevent foot fatigue due to impact while on your walking route.
  • An active carbon filtration system helps to prevent odor and keep your feet cleaned.
  • Shaped anatomically to prevent plantar fasciitis and other common causes of foot pain.
  • Perfect for flat feet and neutral arch foot types.

  • These insoles from Stridetek were made for walking – or more specifically, striding!
  • A patented metatarsal pad design has been incorporated to lift and pad the ball of foot and provide relief to the toes.
  • The deep heel cup keeps your feet in one place and helps to correct foot posture, lower fatigue and improve balance in every step.
  • Anti-odor material covers the top of the inserts incorporating Aegis Microbe Shield technology, keeping your feet healthy and clean.
  • Soft and malleable memory foam conforms to the shape of your arches, making these insoles perfect for supporting almost all foot types.

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