Best Insoles for Underpronation – Correcting Supination

Underpronation or Supination is a less common problem than overpronation, however, it is not the nicer of the two!

If you suffer from foot pains or your shoe wears down on the outer edge, you may under pronate your feet when you walk. Read further to find out more information on how Insoles can help those who under pronate their feet.

What is Underpronation? Definition and Causes

Underpronation (also known as supination) is not as commonly diagnosed by podiatrists as overpronation of the foot is. Underpronation is more complicated than overpronation, usually the combination of several factors that affect the way our feet “roll” as we walk. When we supinate or under pronate, we don’t roll the ball of the foot enough and usually put pressure on the outer edge of our feet.

The causes of under pronation could be any of the following:

  • Abnormal Bone Structure – if any of the bones in your feet are out of alignment in any way or defected, it can sometimes affect the way you walk and lead to under pronation.
  • Chronic Conditions – being overweight, having diabetes or conditions that affect the way your feet function could cause supination to occur.
  • High Foot Arches – people who are born with naturally high arches in their feet may face the possibility of under pronation in their gait, as the arches are responsible for the movement of the foot in general.
  • Foot Injuries – if your feet have received any injuries affecting the structure of your foot, it’s also possible that you may under pronate.

How Does a Shoe Insole Help Underpronation?

Sometimes under pronation can cause foot aches and pains at the end of a long day. This is because when you walk, your feet are misaligned (usually falling on the outer edge). Insoles for supination help to corrects the way your foot moves, making it easy to pronate or roll the foot. Usually, these insoles provide an even support along the edges of the foot or provide support for high arches. This controls the way the foot places itself, making it feel easier to walk and aiding back posture, which is a problem in those who under pronate their feet.

If you have a severe foot problem, you will want to consult a podiatrist for custom orthopedic insoles. It’s not wise to wear a pair of insoles for under pronation if you are not certain of what the cause is.

Features of a Good Supination Insole

Here are five of the best features you can find inside your insoles, especially if you supinate/under pronate:

  1. Ridged Metatarsal Pads – the outer edges of the foot arches or the metatarsal pads should be ridged to help better those who under pronate. This would stabilize the way you posture your feet if you press too much on the outer edges. Having this feature in your insole will also aid your foot to roll forward more easily, aiding pronation and movement control in general too.
  2. Deep Heel Cups – A deep heel cup can be a good solution, especially if you also happen to have knee pain or aches. A deep heel cup will protect your heel and tends to keep feet in place better than a more shallow heel cup.
  3. Full Foot Support – it’s very important to opt for an insole that supports your entire foot and not just the back or front portion of it, especially for those who under pronate.
  4. Adaptable Arch Technology – if you have high arches, in particular, you will love this option, as adaptable arches will move with your foot as it moves. This helps feet that are tired, suffer from plantar fasciitis or who need help with under-pronation as well as overpronation.
  5. Shock Absorbtion – if you struggle to pronate properly, your feet can always use the extra protection of being padded with shock absorbent material. The less force applied on your feet, the easier it is to walk in your shoes, and the less tired your feet will be at the end of a long day!

Reviews: Top Insoles for Underpronation

Here are the best insoles for those who are prone to underpronation/supination.

  • These synthetic insoles are made from a great stable foam base with a breathable synthetic fiber ETC covering.
  • This insole will protect your whole foot from excessive pressure, including the metatarsal pad and heel.
  • The contoured arch ensures no grinding on the out edges and perfect foot pronation control.
  • The arch is adaptive and will conform to your foot as you walk real-time, helping those with high arches.
  • The deep heel cup will provide you with support if you have weak knees and need to stand all day long.
  • Rectify the way your feet posture themselves by slipping these under pronation insoles into your shoes.

  • These specialised orthopedic insoles are designed to help underpronation by supporting the arches and metatarsal pads.
  • The contoured arch pad uses variable cushioning technology to remove pressure from the entire foot and help control supination.
  • The foam base is made from two layers of soft, yet supportive foams to give more flexibility and protection than an ordinary insole.
  • The heel cup is ideal for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, knee pain or ball of foot pain.
  • Choose your precise size and never worry about trimming to fit the insole.

  • These three quarter insoles are made in Germany from a superior quality blend of leather atop of a foam base.
  • They were designed specially for over supination or under pronation, providing an edge of resistance to pressing on the edge of the shoe.
  • These leather insoles angle the feet correctly to allow perfect posture while you walk.
  • Suitable for over supinators with flat feet and will help take the pressure off the foot, alleviating symptoms of plantar fasciitis and tired feet.
  • This shoe insert is durable and is made to fit without needing to trim.
  • Perforated for additional ventilation and foot freshness.

  • These insoles are made up of an impressive four layers of foam to aid those who oversupinate to walk without pain.
  • The top layer is made of correctional molded cork to absorb shock, help you walk and keep your feet dry.
  • The thin second layer is made of comfortable padded foam and sits on top the third layer which is an additional layer of shock absorbing soft high-density foam.
  • The base layer is a stay dry mesh that keeps your feet drier than you would like to believe!
  • This is the perfect insole if you have high arches or need to control your over supination while you walk.
  • The high shock absorbency of these insoles helps take all pressure off the foot and alleviates foot pain.

  • These insoles can be used on the sports field as well as in everyday shoes and activities.
  • The arches are rigid for very tight foot support that takes full control of the way you pronate your feet.
  • Helpful for those who have flat to mild arches and who struggle with over or under pronation.
  • The sleek design incorporates many shock pads which protect the feet from any excessive pressure or damages, alleviating foot pain.
  • The insole is ventilated for extra air circulation, helping to wick moisture away.

  • If you underpronate, then these insoles will not only provide your feet with perfect support but also will help your shoes to last longer!
  • Three-point pressure relief technology supports your arches and forefoot, balancing them to guide your steps.
  • Constructed from five unique layers, these insoles will naturally conform to the shape of your feet thanks to two layers of cork padding.
  • The second layer acts to effectively wick away moisture, leaving your feet feeling fresh and dry.
  • Extra side-arm support helps to keep your feet on the right track and provides quality motion control.

  • The ideal insoles for underpronating feet that enjoy playing sports or running, these insoles come with superior support, cushioning and stability.
  • The underside includes two gel shock pads that deflect jarring impact as well as return energy to your feet.
  • Extended arch support and a contoured design offers fantastic balance and prevents tired feet due to pronation problems.
  • A deep heel cup holds the insoles securely in position and further aid motion control, guiding your steps comfortably.
  • Perfect for those with plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue or foot pain.

  • Improve your walking posture with these insoles from WAKI HOME, designed to alleviate pressure on your feet and make them feel at home!
  • Three-point relief mechanics complement the unique sidelined arch support, keeping your feet perfectly positioned for optimal comfort.
  • Dual-layer foam cushioning with moldable cork enables the insoles to mold to the shape of your feet.
  • A U-shaped heel cup caters to the natural form of the foot, lowering foot pain and heel discomfort.
  • An antibacterial fabric covers the top of the insoles and also has a good grip to hold your feet in one spot.
  • The low profile enables you to wear these insoles in a larger variety of shoes from boots to flats.


Powerstep is one of the top brands in insoles, I have chosen the Pinnacle because of its ample cushioning and shock absorbing capabilities.

  • The durable EVA foam base offers maximum cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Semi Rigid Arch Support, that is still flexible enough for easy movement.
  • An antimicrobial top fabric liner to keep your feet dry and fresh.
  • Ideal orthotic insoles for pain relief.


These orthotics for supination will ensure you have all day pain relief and the right support for your arches.

  • Offers excellent pronation control and stability, while still ensuring enough flexibility.
  • Heel patches to provide heel cushioning and pain relief.
  • An anti-slip skin friendly fabric.
  • Dual layers of lasting cushioned comfort.


Miscly brings you their cushioned comfort Gel insole all together with the protection of an anti-bacterial top lining.

  • Gel insoles perfect for walking and standing, as well as for heel and foot pain.
  • A premium design with large impact absorbing Gel in a honeycomb design, with arch support and a deep heel cup for stability.
  • Features an anti-bacterial top lining that will keep your feet dry and odor free.
  • All day comfort and long lasting durability.

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