Best Insoles for Standing All Day

If you stand a lot for your job or do a lot of walking around, some foot support can help ease any foot pains or discomfort.
In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss how the foot works and why standing all day can result in foot pain over extended periods.
The other sections will discuss foot types as well as the best features of insoles to help alleviate pressure on feet that stand all day.

Best Insoles for Standing All Day

Why Standing All Day Can Cause Foot Pain

When we stand on our feet all day, the blood tends to pool in our feet. This can cause the feet to stop draining themselves efficiently and can lead to swelling, pain or throbbing in the feet or ankles.

The muscles of the feet also remain contracted for the majority of the time, relaxing when you make a stride or sit down. Having your feet muscles contracted for most of the time will likely lead to plantar fasciitis, a common foot problem that is described as inflammation in the arches of the feet.

Other foot problems that those who stand all day may experience is cramping, easy bruising or developing fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot. These can all be aided by some good quality foot support that keeps your feet dry and fresh all day long.

Incorrect foot gear also tends to hurt after a long day, while wearing an orthotic insole that matches your foot type will likely solve this issue.

Your Foot Type & the Foot Support You Need

Everyone’s feet are shaped differently. The form of your arches will show you what kind of foot support you need, along with any foot conditions.

  1. Flat Feet or Low Arches – Flat foot is where the arches of the feet are entirely flat, and it is one of the most common foot types. Generic factory insoles usually make shoe inserts for those with a medium arch profile, making most shoes uncomfortable for those with flat feet. Low arch feet need a flat insert with very mild arch support and a slight heel lift.
  2. Medium or Neutral Arches – Medium arches are the foot type between high arches and flat feet. Moderate arch support, some toe lift, and a heel stabilizer will provide great support for medium arches. If one has sore knees, a slight heel lift can also be useful.
  3. High Arches – High arches are the rarest of the three types, and they need extreme arch support and a lot of padding under the foot. Having a very high arch can be painful to walk on continuously, as the bones in the feet are placed at sharper angles than most and can wear down more quickly. With a thicker insole, steep arch support, shock absorption, and a decent heel lift, high arched feet can feel at ease.

Qualities of a Good Insole for Standing All Day

If you have to stand on your feet all day, the following insole features will benefit you greatly!

  • Heel Lift – A heel lift takes the pressure off your heels and knees. It also provides better circulation around the around and calf, as well as adds more protection between your heels and the ground.
  • Adaptive Arch Support – When we walk, the muscles in our feet flex. Adaptive arch support will have the support move with the arches of your feet when you take a step. This ensures comfort at every step of the way!
  • Moisture Elimination – We sweat a lot from our feet. Having a moisture elimination system in your insoles will help to reduce the chance of odor and bacterial growth. This feature will also reduce the chance of blisters and keep your feet feeling fresh all day.
  • Acupressure Relief – Raised contours or precision arch support will provide a form of acupressure, which targets pressure points and alleviates them. If you suffer from tired feet, then this will help a lot.
  • Metatarsal Lift – For those who have ball of foot pain or pain in their toes, a metatarsal lift is a good idea. When the toes are lifted up slightly and the big toe slightly separated from the others; it takes the pressure off the forefoot, contributes to proper balance while walking and improves overall comfort.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Standing All Day

Below we have our favourite insoles listed for standing all day long!

  • These full length insoles have a low profile with a decent amount of arch support, making them ideal for those with medium or high arches.
  • The deep heel cup allows your feet to feel secure inside your shoes and provides additional grip.
  • The gel drop under the heel is shock absorbent and protects your heels against excessive force
  • Ideal insoles for standing all day, sitting all day, working, wearing for casual use or using for athletics.
  • The top layer is breathable and quick drying, eliminating moisture and keeping your feet dry.

  • These are one of the best insoles for high arches currently available, providing steep arch support for those long days.
  • The heel cup is raised and also cups the heel, giving you full control overpronation while taking the pressure off your heels.
  • The arch support is adaptive, helping to alleviate your foot pain and reduce fatigue with precise and flexible support.
  • Under the heel is a heel cap stabilizer, which contributes to keeping your feet firmly planted in your shoes and improving your sense of balance.
  • Easily transferable from shoe to shoe, these insoles will last a very long time and are capable of supporting your feet daily through all activities.

  • These orthotic insoles have been aimed at pronation control, providing excellent arch support and stability.
  • The neutral arch support is ideal for those with medium arches in their feet who are prone to tired feet or plantar fasciitis.
  • The dual layer foam cushioning is soft and does not bottom out while using the insoles, keeping your feet feeling comfortable all day.
  • The top layer is breathable, moisture wicking and antimicrobial, preventing foot infections and blisters from occurring.
  • The deep heel cradle is there to soften your landing with each stride you make, allowing you to take it easy when on your feet often.

  • Birkenstock’s three quarter cork insoles offer all natural, foot adaptive support for those who suffer from flat feet or heel problems.
  • The top layer is made from silk, which is also natural and dries very fast, leaving you feet comfortable and fresh all day.
  • The insole provides your feet with a deep cushioned effect, stabilizing your heels and giving flat feet the support they require.
  • Cork is naturally breathable as well as antibacterial and does not encourage bacterial growth or friction.
  • Over time, the cork insoles will mold themselves to your unique foot shape and become your favorite pair of insoles for standing in all day!

  • These insoles are podiatrist designed especially for those who have flat feet that ache on a continuous basis and who need foot alignment.
  • The multiple layers provide a unique blend of stability, soft foam cushioning and firm, mild arch support, contributing to preventing pain in flat feet.
  • The insole sizes were made to fit your feet precisely without needing to trim or guess what size you are.
  • These insoles have a low profile and can be used in most types of shoes for immediate flat foot relief.
  • Whether you have to stand all day, go for a jog or just walk around the house, these insoles will support your flat feet and make your day comfortable and enjoyable!

  • Crafted from a deluxe double layer of premium high-density foam, these insoles were originally made for athletes but can easily support those who are on their feet all day too!
  • An ergonomic arch design helps support flat feet, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and ankle pain, providing relief and stability.
  • The low profile allows you to place these in almost any kind of shoe, including flats, pumps, sneakers and dress shoes.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial and prevents moisture buildup, which in turn removes odor and eliminates foot infections.
  • The arch support is semi-rigid with enough flexibility to give your feet freedom of movement while still shaping their posture.

  • If you are tired of sore or aching feet from standing all day, then these insoles can help immensely to alleviate your foot pain.
  • Therapeutic medical-grade orthotic arch support and a deep heel cup keep your feet comfortable and reduce foot strain.
  • The breathable base and antibacterial covering soak up excess moisture, preventing infections, odors, and discomfort.
  • A flexible design with a heel lift provides consistent comfort and support for hours on end.
  • The underside contains gel shock pads which deflect impact as well as provide better traction inside your shoes.

  • StepComfy orthotic insoles offer a unique pain relief solution for those who stand all day long with foot pain.
  • Made from five layers of superior materials, two of these layers are natural cork which mold to your feet, prevent infections, absorb moisture and eliminate perspiration.
  • A strategically placed metatarsal pad offers acupressure relief to your arches and to the ball of the foot, allowing you to endure long work shifts.
  • Above the adaptive, cork layers rests a superior comfort foam layer that keeps your feet cool and feeling pampered.
  • The unique design redistributes your weight and any pressure being exerted on your feet, allowing for overall better balance, optimal pronation, and less pain.


Superior cushioning and comfort, particularly when you are on your feet most of your day.

  • Easy trim to fit design that will fit almost any shoe type.
  • Perfect for walking and standing for long periods of time adding stability and comfort.
  • A large impact absorbing Gel surface with a honeycomb design.
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking top layer to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Excellent shock absorbency and cushioning capabilities.


The Copper Compression Insoles have a shock absorbing and cushioning design which is just what you need to protect your feet when standing all day.

  • Excellent cushioning where you need it the most for good shock absorbency and protection against impact.
  • Copper-infused for health and anti-bacterial benefits.
  • Durable and long lasting design.
  • Moisture wicking soft anti-slip top lining.

For those tired and aching feet from many hours on your feet the Logics Best comes highly recommended.

  • All day comfort that lasts with, Anatomical arch support that improves foot and leg alignment.
  • A supportive deep heel cup.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Solid control and support with excellent shock absorbency capabilities.

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