Best Insoles for Running

If your running game is not what it used to be or your feet feel tired on a constant basis, a pair of insoles made for running is the answer!

Below we discuss common foot problems that runners experience, how the best insoles for running can help counter them and what features should be present in your running insoles.

Best Insoles for Running

Common Foot Problems Associated with Running

If you enjoy running and experience any of the following foot problems, you will benefit from an insole made for running.

  • Foot Type – Often running shoes are made with insoles for those with medium or neutral arches. Medium arches are not the most common foot type, however, and for many people running in these shoes will cause unnecessary pain! Flat feet will need flat insoles with very mild arch support, and high arched feet will need extremely steep arch support to run without discomfort.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis translates to “inflammation of the plantar fascia,” which is the ligament that forms the arches of the feet and runs from heel to toe. Plantar fasciitis occurs after overuse of the feet or through a mild foot injury and is often the painful result of foot fatigue over time.
  • Pronation – Pronation is the way in which we roll our feet forward when we take a stride. Those who over or under pronate will develop foot, knee or hip problems after a time.
  • Balance – The way we distribute weight on our feet will affect how we walk or run. If you get a ball of foot pain or heel pain, you will benefit from insoles that can protect the sensitive areas of your feet and help correct your balance.

Benefits of a Quality Insoles for Running

There are many ways in which insoles for running will benefit runners. We have discussed the main ones below.

  • Guided Support – The best insoles for running will provide guided support to your feet. They will be the correct shape for your foot type (whether flat, medium or high) and will support your arches with accuracy.
  • Anti-Fatigue – Arch support and certain features like energy return will prevent foot fatigue by protecting the feet, reducing pressure on them and ensuring that the feet walk in the best possible alignment without strain.
  • Protection from Injury – Insoles provide a layer of protection, which contributes to preventing injuries while on the move. Correcting your foot alignment and supporting your foot type will also prevent injuries that can occur from foot strain when the feet are misaligned.
  • Enhances Performance – The best running insoles enhance performance by ensuring a maximum energy output is spent on running and not on accommodating the muscles in the feet from excessive impact or incorrect arch support.
  • Corrects Alignment – Running insoles will correct your center balance, the way you walk or pronate, as well as your foot alignment by the way they are expertly shaped.

Characteristics of a Good Runner’s Insoles

The below features for running insoles will take your game to the next level!

  1. Lightweight – Normally insoles that support your feet are not lightweight enough for runners, who try their best to be as light as possible. Technology has made tremendous leaps and bounds in this department, developing exceedingly lightweight insoles that feel like you’re wearing comfortable air!
  2. Energy Return – Energy return is, as the name suggests, a feature whereby some of the energy expended by the foot to take stride is returned. Energy return makes running feel easier, lighter and as though somebody is propelling you forward each time your feet touch the ground.
  3. Shock Absorption – Shock absorption insoles make sure shock is distributed evenly along the sole of the insole, often absorbing it before it makes contact with your feet. This helps to preserve energy that your feet would otherwise use up to accommodate and also protects the feet from fatigue or possible injury.
  4. Pronation Control – Pronation control will hold your feet in the correct alignment and makes running far more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable. Insoles with pronation control often are also more stabilizing than other insoles, preventing you from sliding in your shoes by having a slight rim, particularly around the heel.
  5. Moisture Elimination – This is not a feature that you will want to overlook in your insoles for running! The best runner’s insoles will have the best moisture elimination systems, allowing your feet to stay 100% dry so that you can train for longer without incurring infections or blisters.

Reviews: Best Running Insoles

Below are some of the best insoles for running available online. Click your favorite pair to find out more or to purchase!

  • These insoles were designed to maximise the force transfer of the foot as it takes off with each stride, bridging the gap in any running shoes.
  • The low profile makes it easy to wear in all your shoes, whether for running or for casual use.
  • The heel dip feels comfortable and is ideal for controlling pronation while on the run, keeping the feet in their correct biomechanical alignment.
  • The underside of the insole is designed to deflect impact as well as remain in the shoe without sliding around.
  • Suitable for those with flat feet or medium arches who suffer from tired, aching or injured feet.

  • These thin running insoles provide full length foot protection, support and shock absorption to those with flat or medium arches.
  • The top layer consists of a Hydrologic moisture management system ensuring your feet remain dry while on the go.
  • The heel and forefoot both have gel padding that absorbs shock and distributes it more evenly, preventing your feet from jarring.
  • These insoles are ideal for athletics, hiking, cycling, running, jogging, walking, working or for casual comfort.
  • The arch support and heel cup are designed to help those who have difficulty with overpronation.

  • These insoles for running will help you to correct all problems related to over or under pronation.
  • The molded arch support is comfortable and ideal for most foot types, excluding extremely high arches.
  • Dual layer cushioning enables you to tire out less, providing support to the precise parts of the feet that need it.
  • The heel and forefeet each have additional shock absorption and cushioning, taking tension off the primary pressure points in the feet.
  • The top fabric is moisture wicking, keeping your feet fresh so you can focus on what matters most.

  • These insoles are one of the best for running available, being made of highly supportive graphite.
  • The arch contours of these insoles are designed to support your toes and heel, which are the main components for proper balance.
  • They have been clinically tested to absorb up to just under 95% of shock your feet endure, reducing injuries, pain, and fatigue.
  • Feel lighter with each stride with the energy return these insoles offer, boosting you further as you build up the momentum!
  • The top layer is anti-fungal, non-slip and entirely moisture eliminating, allowing you to enhance your running game without limits.

  • These insoles are specifically designed for athletes who wear specialised shoes that may be uncomfortable to their foot shape.
  • The sturdy grip and stable support offered by these insoles will keep you on track and balanced with each step you take.
  • After 7 or so days, the insoles will have molded to the shape of your arches, providing unique arch support to the individual wearing them.
  • Designed to disperse all impact and pressure evenly so that you can run on uneven surfaces without causing foot injury or worse.
  • While wearing these insoles, you will not lose momentum or energy, no matter what surface you decide to run on.

  • If you are a runner and you suffer from having severely high arches, then these insoles are ideal for alleviating pressure on your feet.
  • Designed for high arches, these lightweight insoles offer steep arch support that molds to the shape of your feet as they flex mid-sprint.
  • A nylon plate on the underside keeps your feet and the inserts firmly planted inside your shoes for better traction.
  • The deep heel cup is slightly raised to control pronation efficiently and help them to feel right at home inside your sneakers.
  • Perfect for all types of athletic shoes, running, jogging, hiking, walking or cross training.

  • These orthotic insoles were made for playing sports or running while your feet are in recovery or need pain relief from conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • The base is made from a soft, velvety layer of low-density foam which cushions the arches of your feet and still allows for adequate movement.
  • A firm torsion bar rests under the insole, extending from the heel to the forefoot and aiding in proper pronation.
  • Two gel shock pads in each insole deflect jarring impact from reverberating through your feet and up your legs.
  • The U-shaped heel cup contributes to excellent motion control and keeps your feet securely in one place even while sprinting at full speed.
  • The top layer is moisture wicking, allowing for cool, dry feet.

  • Physix Gear Sport insoles were made with an incredibly low profile for flat feet that experience pain while running.
  • Ergonomically designed and ultra lightweight, the insoles perfectly control pronation and provide optimal arch support without getting in your way.
  • A dual layer of thin comfort foam keeps your feet feeling comfortable for hours on end so you can keep your head in the game.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial, reducing odors and encouraging a healthy foot environment.
  • Ideal for those with shin splints, runner’s knee, flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, a ball of foot pain and plantar fasciitis.


Wernies are sneaker and running shoe inserts that offer excellent support in a higher arch.

  • A Contoured neutral and high arch support insole for sneakers and athletic shoes.
  • reinforced arch support and a deep heel cup.
  • Anti-Slip moisture wicking top layer with a honeycomb design.
  • Made from durable EVA foam with Gel pads for extra cushioning.

The Currex Run Pro is available in a blue, orange and red color option for a High, Meduim or Low arch.

  • Arch specific support in different options and color codes.
  • Offers excellent cushioning and support.
  • Ideal for reducing injuries and Plantar Fasciitis relief when running.
  • High quality and durable design and materials.
  • Dry moisture-wicking top lining.
  • Breathable and lightweight construction.


The Ailaka Athlete offers you the best in neutral arch support and cushioning for running and other sports activities.

  • A professional sports insole designed for a neutral arch.
  • Excellent shock absorbency with the Gel padding under your heels and forefoot.
  • Satble support, with the U shaped heel cup and reinforced TPU arch support.
  • Offers supereb motion control and stability.

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