Best Insoles for Overpronation

Overpronation, or under-supination, is very common in feet throughout the world and is usually the primary concern for podiatrists when it comes to foot alignment. Read more to find out if your feet possibly overpronate, the causes of overpronation and what the best insoles for overpronation are to best help provide support and pain relief.

Overpronation: Causes, Symptoms & Definition

When we make a step, our feet roll forward and push back, which sends us forward. The usual way the foot rolls is called pronation. Those that overpronate tend to walk with their feet facing more inwards, putting more pressure on the ball of the foot area. Overpronation can lead to knee aches and foot pain in the ball of foot or the arches. Those who overpronate for a long time can begin to suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Causes of overpronation can be many things from incorrect footgear to having back posture which is out of alignment. Those with conditions such as edema, swollen hips, shin splints, bunions and injuries to anywhere along the leg and feet can be susceptible to overpronation. Over and above these conditions, overpronation is the most naturally occurring problem from feet abnormalities. If you are suffering on a daily basis with lots of foot pain, and you think you may overpronate, it’s likely true – however, you should rather go to consult a medical professional as the cause could be many things. Insoles for overpronation are commonly diagnosed in conjunction with other pain relief treatments depending on the cause.

Buying Considerations When Purchasing Insoles for Overpronation

There are some factors you will need to think about before you buy the best overpronation insoles for your feet. The main one is the type of foot you have.

  • Flat Feet – having flat feet can be painful if you wear shoes without the right support. Those that have flat feet tend to overpronate, but the insole needed is different to other types of feet that require pronation control. Flat feet insoles tend to be flat with neutral arch support or mild arch support.
  • High Arches – High arches can ache a lot and tire easily. Those with high arches may not necessarily overpronate, however, insoles with steep arch support is needed for those with high arches. Those with extreme arches should get custom orthotics made. High arch insoles for overpronation tend to provide a high heel lift.
  • Normal Arches – the range between high and flat is where most people’s feet lie. In this case, you will need an insole that provides protection to the entire foot to control for overpronation. Mild arch support that adapts with a deep heel cup tends to be the most beneficial insoles for overpronating feet in this category.

The Best Overpronation Insole Materials for Foot Support

The best insoles are made from the following materials to provide the best foot support and comfort.

  • Cork – naturally light, breathable and fully conforming to any foot’s shape, cork has been one of the best choices for insoles for the last couple of centuries. After wearing them in, they will last for years, and they are incredibly comfortable, molding precisely to the arches you have.
  • Memory Foam – memory foam and other more recently developed high-density foams are fantastic for supporting feet. They are highly adaptive, able to move with your feet as you walk and absorbing a lot of shocks. Make sure the insole has some form of ventilation, however, to allow for airflow to pass through, otherwise you may sweat.
  • Leather – traditional enthusiasts will know all about the luxury of pure leather shoe inserts. Leather has been used to make footgear for the longest time, spanning back thousands of years. Leather, like cork, takes time to wear in and once it does, it will conform comfortably to your foot shape. Unlike cork, however, the best leather items last a couple of lifetimes!

Reviews: Top Insoles for Overpronation

We have compiled a list of overpronation insoles and their features that people found useful to control their overpronation.

  • These synthetic foam insoles will help to gently support mild arches in the foot, providing a low profile protective layer that will help to control your overpronation.
  • The cover is made of a synthetic material that will allow your feet to breathe.
  • The thinness of this insole guarantees that it works inside nearly all footwear, high heels excluded.
  • The base has a plastic cap under the heel for firmer support, shock absorption and to keep the insole in place inside your shoes.
  • Give your feet a boost in the right direction with these insoles that will control mild overpronation.
  • Children’s sizes are also available.

  • These soft memory foam insoles are ideal for those who suffer from foot exhaustion or plantar fasciitis.
  • The arch support is designed to cushion the arches and will be beneficial to those who have mildly high arches.
  • The heel cup maintains a dip which is used to help control pronation of the foot.
  • The foam is perforated for additional ventilation and is also covered in a soft, breathable material.
  • The foam has inbuilt carbon filtration which will wick away any unwanted odors in your shoes.
  • There are three sizes to choose from, with lines to help you trim to fit if necessary on each of the insoles.

  • These are one of the best pairs of podiatrist-designed insoles on the market, brought to you by the leading brand orthaheel.
  • These are designed to be one of the most balanced, supportive and pain alleviating insoles you will find.
  • Pronation control and foot alignment are achieved by the use of tri-planar motion control, which stabilizes the way the foot walks and brings it back to a neutral position.
  • Covered in a soft, breathable material that will comfort your foot.
  • Made from an EVA base for firm foot support, underneath a foam layer.
  • The shock pads on the heel and under the ball of the foot redirect pressure from the foot during the heel strike phase of walking.
  • Superior orthotic foot support for those with mild arches who overpronate or suffer from foot pain.

  • These insoles are made from all natural cork which is not only healthy for your feet, it helps to support them in a very comfortable way.
  • Cork is highly absorbent and will wick away all the moisture in your feet, allowing these insoles to be worn without socks.
  • Ridges in the underside make these insoles impervious to slipping and sliding about inside your shoes.
  • Neutral arch support has been contoured into these cork insoles to control for overpronation and to soften wearing them in as they adjust to your feet.
  • All you need to do is remove the generic insoles from your shoes and replace them with these insoles – your shoes will never feel the same way ever again!

  • These full length insoles will help to support your whole feet as they endure the impact of the sports field or day to day activities.
  • Gel shock pads live on the underside of the foot pad, providing extra shock absorption to the EVA foam base.
  • The neutral arch support design attempts to be fair to most foot types.
  • The hydrologix moisture management system prevents your feet from sweating profusely during your day.
  • These insoles are lightweight, providing a very gentle control for overpronation of the feet.
  • Take the pressure off your feet with these sporty foot supportive insoles!

Comparison Table: Best Insoles for Overpronation

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