Best Insoles for Hip Pain

Believe it or not but the type of insoles and shoes you wear can cause you hip pain, as well as knee, back, and even neck pain! The secret to alleviating hip pain is in choosing the best insoles for hip pain. Read more about how that works below.

Best Insoles for Hip Pain

How Do My Feet Cause Me Hip Pain?

The way you walk can have a devastating impact on how your entire body aligns itself.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Bad Posture – If your feet have a ‘bad posture’ then there is a high chance that your back does too. When your feet and back are out of alignment, it builds a pressure on the lower back which radiates out pain down to the hips.
  2. Overpronation – Pronation is the rolling movement your feet make when you take a step. If you overpronate, it means your feet roll too much at an angle, which can cause both your knees and hips to rotate at too much of an angle. This results in a foot and hip pain in the long run.
  3. Foot Fatigue – If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or foot fatigue, then it can cause the muscles in your feet to tense up. This in itself can cause the alignment of your feet to go out, causing hip pain when both your back and joints move out of their natural position.
  4. Incorrect Shoes – We all have different feet with unique arches. Most shoes are not made with perfect arch support, and often they wear down quickly, causing our feet to suffer. If you don’t get the right arch support for your flat, medium or high arches, your hips are bound to ache after a while.

How The Best Insoles for Hip Pain Provide Relief

Hip pain relief insoles provide relief by correcting the way your feet move and align themselves.

Here are some features of insoles for hip pain that achieve this rather well:

  • Motion Control – Motion control means that your feet are securely in place and will not slip or slide about inside your shoes. It also corrects pronation problems by keeping your feet in the perfect alignment and often is accompanied by a heel cup.
  • Flexible Arch Support – To prevent foot fatigue and awkward positioning, you will want perfect arch support. If the arch support is flexible or semi-flexible, it will conform to the shape of your feet, providing constant support no matter how you walk.
  • Heel Lift – A gentle heel lift helps to take the pressure off your knees, hips, and feet as a whole, helping to improve posture and prevent hip pain.
  • Shock Absorption – The less force your feet have to deal with, the less likely they will be susceptible to fatigue. Shock absorbing insoles are great for minimizing the impact your feet are exposed to.

Reviews: The Best Hip Pain Insoles

Below are some of the best insoles for hip pain, all which of possess recipes of success for all foot types!

  • These insoles are very popular from Superfeet and have alleviated pain in many people’s knees, hips, heels and feet.
  • The neutral arch design allows for all foot types to use this product, supporting all arch types with anatomically correct contouring.
  • A durable base adds a firm degree of support, which ensures proper motion control and corrects problems associated with overpronation.
  • The top layer is antibacterial, preventing pain due to foot infections as well as reducing odors in your shoes.
  • Ideal for those who also suffer from plantar fasciitis or foot fatigue.
  • These insoles provide a low profile, making them suitable for all closed shoes and flats.

  • These orthotic inserts were designed by podistrists to ensure that the feet, knees, hips, back and posture are perfectly aligned.
  • Made to act as a go-between when your feet strike the ground, preventing pain from shooting up your legs or into your feet.
  • A gel heel cup makes these insoles even more comfortable while holding your feet in the correct position.
  • An added acupressure pad insert allows for you to feel as though your feet are receiving a massage all day long for extra relief.
  • Easy to wash and use in all your shoes, as well as being odor free.
  • Great for flat feet and neutral arches.

  • Thick memory foam insoles such as these offer perfect arch support for those who suffer from hip and knee pain.
  • High-density memory foam provides a quick rebound and flexibility, allowing the shape of your feet to be supported at all times.
  • A full arch shell provides improved support and motion control, preventing your feet from moving out of the correct posture.
  • A thick heel cushion helps to raise your heels, taking the pressure off your knees and hips.
  • Lightweight with a low profile allows you to fit these into any shoes, except for sandals.

  • These hald insoles were specially designed to ensure that the feet are stabilized and kept in their correct positioning to maintain healthy posture.
  • Helps to prevent foot, heel, leg, knee, hip and back pain, expressly if you have high arches, flat feet or plantar fasciitis.
  • The design is made to withstand any force that is exerted upon your feet, helping to alleviate pressure on them as well as your legs.
  • The deep heel cup and neutral contour provides perfect arch support and prevents you from slipping inside your shoes.
  • Since these are only half the size of ordinary insoles, they will easily fit into any closed shoes without any trimming or guesswork.

  • WalkHero insoles help to prevent pain caused by joints, misalignment and even painful conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis.
  • The heel cup is deep with extra padding as well as slightly raised to reduce pain and take the pressure off your legs and hips.
  • A smooth arch support system firmly keeps your feet in one position inside your shoes, preventing problems associated with overpronation and foot fatigue.
  • A moisture-wicking fabric is used to cover the insole, keeping your feet dry, cool and comfortable.
  • Thick padding ensures that your feet are guarded against any forceful impacts when you make a wrong move, helping to lessen the load on your hips.

  • Powerstep Pinnacle insoles are medical-grade insoles that are constructed specifically to ease foot pain and improve posture.
  • The semi-flexible arch support keeps your feet in place while still providing enough flexibility to mold to the shape of your feet for comfort.
  • A cushioned heel cup keeps your feet securely in place, preventing awkward movements or overpronation.
  • A top antimicrobial layer helps to prevent excessive moisture buildup, fights infections and removes unpleasant odors from your shoes.
  • These highly versatile insoles can be used every single day by all foot types in a large variety of shoes.

  • Reclaim your mobility in sports with these orthotic motion control insoles, guaranteed to take away hip pain and other debilitating conditions!
  • Uniquely raised arch support and a biomechanical design ensure that your arches are supported, which take pressure off your knee and hip joints.
  • A deep heel cup holds your heels in place and offers better motion control which promotes less hip pain by creating balanced steps.
  • The underside of the insole contains gel shock pads that deflect impact away and prevent them from reverberating up your legs.
  • Covered in a breathable fabric that reduces odor and eliminates moisture.

  • These insoles contain all the comfort and support of Powerstep Pinnacle insoles but with the extra addition of wool.
  • Premium cushioning and soft wool comfort your feet and keep them well-insulated, preventing either hot or cold weather from adding to foot or hip pain.
  • The base is durable and semi-flexible, allowing for you to move naturally while still correcting pronation.
  • Wool is naturally moisture wicking and antibacterial, reducing odors and keeping your feet dry and blister-free.
  • The pressure on your feet is reduced with every step you make in these insoles, helping to prevent strain on the hips, back, knees and ankles.

  • Timberland PRO anti-fatigue insoles are ideal for those with hip pain, providing solid arch support in combination with top-class anti-fatigue technology.
  • The hive pattern on the underside of the insoles redistribute impact and return some energy to your feet, preventing hip pain and energizing your stride!
  • An anatomical footbed helps to alleviate pressure on the feet, especially if you have flat or neutral arches.
  • High-density memory foam cushioning conforms to the shape of your feet, leaving them feeling pampered all day long.
  • The Outlast top covering offers temperature regulation, moisture elimination, and antimicrobial odor control.

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