Best Insoles for Hiking Boots

Shopping for hiking boots is very exciting, especially for those who take it as a serious hobby and go for frequent hikes.

There are a few facts that are little known about hiking boots, including that in most cases, purchasing a pair of insoles will greatly enhance the experience for you and your body.

This article will explain why it’s important to buy only the best insoles for hiking boots, what their functions are and where you can get some great insoles to kit out your hiking shoes.

best insoles for hiking boots

Why Do My Hiking Boots Need Insoles?

What those who are new to hiking will inevitably learn is that the generic insoles to many hiking shoes are not built to last the high impact of the activity, especially when hiking up mountainsides.

All the focus in hiking boot construction goes into the shoe design, contrary to popular belief.

The amount of sweat and impact is too much for cheap generic shoe insoles, which will begin to deteriorate in a few months.

So regardless, you will have to buy insoles for your hiking boots later down the line. These generics also do not help to support your back or feet and can lead to pain later down the line.

With the right insoles, you never need to worry about posture while hiking and you will prevent your feet from experiencing too much strain. You need the right insoles just as much as your hiking shoes need them!

Benefits of Using Insoles for Hiking Boots

Here are ten further best benefits of using insoles in hiking boots:

  1. Height – increasing the height of your heel and under your feet adds extra support to all your foot and calf muscles.
  2. Shock Absorption – the constant, high-density grind that your feet endure from frequent invigorating hiking adds up in the end. Your feet will do better with a thicker barrier that can lessen the impact for them.
  3. Orthotic Value – the best insoles for hiking boots tend to have orthotic value, meaning that they support your foot alignment as well as your hips and your back posture.
  4. Arch Support – not all of us have the same shape foot that generic insoles like to promote. Getting the best insoles for your hiking boots also means you can select the best type of insole, whether you have flat feet or flat arches, high arches or need something in between.
  5. Waterproof – it would make sense to invest in an insole that is waterproof for hiking boots. Often the generic insoles are not, yet the boots are!
  6. Odour Resistance – another perk of using insoles in your boots is that they tend to suck up any odor, especially if odor resistant.
  7. Durability – the best insoles for hiking boots tend to be made of thick leather or athletic-grade foam, made for lasting a very long time.
  8. Metatarsal Support – sometimes insoles for hiking boots lift and separate the metatarsals, providing extra protection to your toes and lessening the pressure from the ball of foot area.
  9. Stride Boost – having a thicker layer in your hiking boots will also help you to walk easier. This is because your feet are supported better and can push off the ground with less resistance.
  10. Firm Feet – Lastly, having insoles in your hiking boots will help your feet not to slip and slide around, keeping them firmly in place. This contributes to correct issues with pronation, as well as allow you to feel as though your feet are unrestricted.

Features Found in a Good Hiking Insole for Boots

The best qualities that your hiking insoles could possess are as follows:

  • Multiple Layers or Pads – Multiple foam layers add different kinds of shock absorption. Similarly, having many shock pads over different areas of your feet will decrease the risk of harmful impacts.
  • Contours – these days insoles are designed with special contours to remove pressure off of the feet. This is known as acupressure, and this makes it possible for those with aching feet to still go for hikes tolerably.
  • Foam – foam, memory foam, in particular, is an ingenious substance that can mold to any shape when heated enough. Memory foam will form a 3-D contour of your foot, providing perfect hiking support every single time.
  • Moisture Wicking – Additives and industrial processing have made it possible for shoes to absorb moisture or become more efficient at allowing moisture to exit the shoe. This helps to decrease odor. Substances such as leather and cork are naturally moisture wicking.
  • Ventilation – synthetic insoles need to have a source of ventilation, or you will get a build-up of heat. Make sure your insoles are perforated or covered with a breathable fabric top layer.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Hiking Boots

If you are looking now for the best insoles for your hiking boots, be sure to have a look at our selection below!

  • This insole offers some of the most rigid stable support, being made from high density foam layers.
  • Take your hike to the next level with these shoe inserts that are lightweight and odor resistant.
  • The heel cup has been shaped to keep your foot from slipping and to lift your heel slightly.
  • Ideal for foot or ankle pains, as well as those with plantar fasciitis.
  • Low arch foot support for flat to medium arches.
  • These insoles are free of nickel sulfate, formaldehyde, and preservatives.

  • These insoles are made to fit all shoe sizes, just trim to fit to your shoe.
  • These insoles are perfect for hiking as they keep your feet stable and prevent slipping and sliding.
  • The impact-absorption gel foam pads are specially designed in a honeycomb shape to redirect pressure away from the foot.
  • The insoles give medium arch support, offering a deep heel cup for maximum comfort.
  • The top layer of these insoles are anti-slip as well as being anti-bacterial.

  • These are one of the best hiking boot insoles available, being incredibly firm, nature resistant and comfortable.
  • The heel cup along with the design of the insole provides stability, even when hiking over uneven terrain.
  • The insoles are covered with a top layer of fabric which is breathable, odor resistant and anti-microbial.
  • These insoles will work in hiking boots as well as in other boots for skiing or snowboarding.
  • The base of the insole is a dual layer of comfortable foam which will hold your feet in perfect alignment.

  • Ideal for standing in or walking all day to protect the feet, as well as a partner to athletic activity.
  • This insole provides the thinnest layer of cushioning possible, giving the best foot support.
  • The base incorporates open cell technology, ensuring thorough ventilation inside your hiking boots.
  • These insoles for hiking boots have an odor-resistant top layer that actively destroys any smell.
  • The deep heel cup ensures your heel remains in place and helps to give you maximum fine motor control over your feet.
  • This is a product endorsed by the American Podiatric Association.

  • This is an insole designed to tackle foot stabilization, helping those with over pronation to control their feet better.
  • Ideal for hiking in, working in, running in or using on a daily basis to help protect your feet.
  • The multiple shock absorption pads inside this shoe insert contribute to directing pressure away from the feet.
  • This insole is ideal for those with low to medium arches and provides contoured support.
  • These insoles are designed to take the pressure off the foot, helping alleviate symptoms of a ball of foot pain or plantar fasciitis.

  • Pedag International is proud to present the finest in German sport orthotics with their Sportsline insoles.
  • Consisting of 5 durable layers, these insoles will protect your feet from any jarring impacts on your hikes or while partaking of any athletic or outdoor activities.
  • The third layer is an active carbon filter, which keeps all odors out your shoes as well as eliminating bacterial buildup.
  • The top two layers provide excellent arch support for all foot types as well as excellent shock repulsion.
  • The underside contains superior traction, holding the insoles firmly inside your hiking boots or running shoes.

  • If you have very high arches and need a pair of carefully crafted hiking insoles, then look no further.
  • These insoles have an impressive height of 3.3 inches, cradling your high arches with maximum support and optimal positioning.
  • The bottom layer of the insoles consists of a durable, semi-rigid nylon plate that allows for perfect motion control.
  • A very deep heel cup with a lift helps to take the pressure off your heels and arches.
  • Never experience tired feet or pronation problems again on a hike due to your high arched feet!

  • If you need a more natural hiking boot option, a pair of A grade wool insoles like these are perfect.
  • Wool is naturally moisture wicking and has excellent temperature regulating ability.
  • Naturally stays warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
  • Highly durable and ideal for use in hiking boots or other extreme outdoor activities like snowboarding.
  • The EVA shell offers semi-flexible arch support, alleviating the pressure off your feet when trekking on uneven surfaces.
  • Under the layer of soft wool lies a dual-layered system of superior cushioning, designed to support your arches and reduce fatigue.
  • One of the layers offers excellent shock absorption and deflection, lessening the burden on your feet, ankles, and joints.

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