Best Insoles for Heel Pain

Tired feet and aching heels are never a fun thing to have, especially if you work a demanding day job and need to stand all day!
Thankfully, some of the best orthopedic shoe inserts have been specially developed to ward off these painful symptoms. In this buyer’s guide, we will bring to your attention all you need to know about the best insoles for your heel pain.

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Basic Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain is commonly a result of an injury or overexertion of the foot where the heel is placed under excessive pressure. Either of these causes can create a swelling in or around the heel, which makes it ache and feel tender when walking. Here are a few of the most frequent causes of heel pain:

  1. Achilles Tendonitis – the Achilles tendon is found running from the knee to the heel. When this tendon gets bruised or damaged, it can swell and can make walking painful. Occasionally, Achilles tendonitis occurs just above or behind the heel, which can cause that entire area to feel tender. Athletes usually suffer from this problem when they do not warm up properly before entering the playing field. Rest, moderate exercise and good insoles can help to cure this ailment.
  2. Heel Spurs – heel spurs are the result of placing too much pressure on over exhausted feet. The feet react by making little deposits of calcium, that harden over time and jab into the heel of the foot when you stand on them. For this condition, an insole can provide temporary relief, but it is advised to consult a medical professional on the matter.
  3. Plantar Fasciitis – this is the official term given to tired or fatigued feet and refers to a swelling of the arches of the feet. Depending on where under the foot you place most pressure, this can cause direct pain in the heel. A good pair of anti-fatigue or foot protective insoles will help aid this greatly, likely removing all painful symptoms entirely after a few days of use.
  4. Underpronation – this is the most common problem people face with the way they posture their feet. Underpronation occurs when we do not roll the ball of our foot enough, causing the feet to compensate in strange ways, including the addition of heel pain. Many orthopedic insoles correct under pronation.
  5. Incorrect Footwear – factory insoles or generic shoes tend to have weaknesses in their design that come out over time. The insoles of the shoes are often not made perfectly for your foot type and can tire your feet out, or the heels of the shoes grind down unevenly, leading to heel pain as well as joint aches and more! To avoid this, purchase good quality shoes from top manufacturers and purchase high-quality insoles. You won’t be disappointed after years of hassle-free usage.

Different Foot Types & What Insoles Work

Another common dilemma people have with their feet is not understanding that not all our feet are the same! We all have differently shaped arches, and the way our feet move is usually never 100% exact from person to person. To best understand how to help fend off any painful heel symptoms, you will need to know what type of feet you have. There are three different kinds of feet, categorized by the type of arches you have:

  • Flat Arches – those with very flat feet tend to suffer from foot pain on a continuous basis, and it’s a lot more common than one might think! This is because generic shoe insoles are made for those with neutral/medium arches, and the curves and bends of these insoles will be painful to those with completely flat feet. It’s essential to have an insole for flat feet, even if you do not suffer from heel pain yet because you are bound to experience plantar fasciitis or heel pain at some point in the future. Flat feet insoles are made entirely flat with a slight heel lift to help control pronation.
  • High Arches – high arches tend to be the rarest of these feet types, but they are usually the most complex foot type to have. No high arch is the same from foot to foot and the higher the arch is, the more painful it is to walk on them in regular shoes. A high arch usually needs custom-made foot orthotics, but at the very least, an insole that is shaped with a very high heel lift can also benefit this foot type.
  • Neutral or Medium Arches – on average, this is the most generic foot type. Most factory insoles are based on these arch-types, but that does not mean that neutral feet are not susceptible to becoming fatigued. A pair of insoles with decent heel and arch support can help keep your feet from feeling tired all day long.

Qualities of a Good Insoles for Heel Pain

Heel pain can be prevented in some ways with just a pair of perfect insoles. Here we have compiled a list to give you an idea of what you need to look for in your anti-heel pain insoles.

  • Heel Lift – for all heel pain, it is essential to find an insole that gives your heel a nice boost. This puts a layer of protection between your heel and the ground but also helps to direct pressure away from the heel.
  • Shock Absorbency – many insoles have shock pads installed underneath them to absorb any jarring impacts that would otherwise stress the heels out. Athletes should pay extra attention to this feature as they tend to shock their feet multiple times a day.
  • Breathable Top Cover – Having a cover that breathes allows your feet to stay dry and sweat less throughout the day. If you don’t allow your feet to breathe, they can sweat a lot more, and this can cause infections such as athlete’s foot to occur. Infections are known to increase inflammation and swelling in the body, which could also enhance heel pain if the heel becomes infected. Top covers that are anti-microbial have also been developed to prevent this from occurring.
  • Anti-Slip Measures – to avoid heel pain, a heel lift is necessary. However, a slight heel dip or rim around the edge of the heel can also be beneficial to stop the insole from slipping and sliding about. The more stability your feet have inside your shoe, the easier it is to walk.
  • Protective Foam – foam is one of the best materials for your heel protective insoles to be made from because it is soft enough to provide comfort, while sturdy enough to cushion and support your feet from harm. Memory foam is the best foam for the job, as it will adapt to the shape your arches make in each moment, as opposed to wearing-in over time.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Heel Pain

Here is our top selection of insoles for heel pain, all of which are guaranteed to help your heels suffer less from shock or fatigue.

  • These insoles are great to give your heel the break it deserves, especially if you have high foot arches!
  • Made from a superior quality foam, the heel cup is lifted away from the ground to protect your feet from unnecessary pressure.
  • Feel the difference in your stride as these insoles help to control overpronation, making it a lot easier to walk.
  • The top fabric of the insole is made from a soft, breathable fabric that is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial for your convenience.
  • The base has a stabilizer cap that holds these insoles in place inside most shoes, while simultaneously providing a firmer layer of foot support.

  • These insoles are a great solution for those who suffer from heel pain, plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis all due to having flat feet.
  • Help to control for overpronation with the cushioned foam support that these insoles provide.
  • The base is made of a firm latex to alleviate pressure off the heels and feet further, allowing you to step with confidence.
  • Unlike other insoles, these insoles also provide forefoot support, cushioning the entire length of the foot from any shock.
  • Never worry that it will not fit your shoe, as these insoles are made with a convenient trim-to-fit system, allowing you to make a perfect fit each and every time!

  • These insoles were developed by leading podiatrists for children who suffer from flat feet or very low arches.
  • The raised heel provides maximum protection to your child’s feet, allowing all pressure to be removed off the heel.
  • These insoles are made to fit inside all types of kid’s shoes, especially school and sports shoes.
  • The firm arch support ensures that pronation is 100% taken care of and that the foot forms in the right way during the developmental stages of the child’s life.
  • Help your child to prevent potentially harmful foot conditions with these fabulous heel alignment insoles!

  • These insoles are great for those with medium to flat foot arches, focusing primarily on heel support and protection.
  • The arches have been shaped to help you to walk better, as well as protect your feet from jarring impacts.
  • The heel pads have shock absorption embedded in them so that the pressure is removed from your heels.
  • A mild heel lift helps to keep your heels pain free and keeps fatigue at bay.
  • The top cover is breathable and antimicrobial to help lessen foot diseases and infections.
  • Wear these insoles all day and enjoy how comfortable and fresh they leave your feet feeling!

  • These are one of the best pairs of flat feet orthotics, designed by a leading podiatrist for those who cannot afford custom insoles.
  • These insoles control pronation very efficiently, giving your heels a mild boost and cushioning them comfortably against any excessive pressure.
  • The contoured arches are slim and molded gently to help keep flat feet exceptionally comfortable.
  • The insoles have been made to fit all factory made shoes without needing to trim or guess your perfect fit.
  • Ideal for those with flat feet suffering from plantar fasciitis or foot fatigue that results in heel pain.
  • These insoles have a lower profile than most, allowing them to be worn in many more types of shoes – easily transferable from shoe to shoe.

  • Say goodbye to heel pain as well as any other kind of foot pain with these luxurious memory foam insoles!
  • The deep heel cradle is designed to secure your heels in one place as well as lifting them up with thick foam padding.
  • Have your feet cushioned at all times with superior comfort thanks to the adaptive arch support memory foam offers.
  • The top fabric wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and ensures that you have no blisters.
  • Odor resistant and antimicrobial, your feet won’t smell even at the end of a long day.

  • Podiatrist designed to keep your heels and arches aligned for perfect support and balance.
  • Made from EVA foam padding to ensure a lightweight insole that will support your heels all day long.
  • A moderate heel lift helps to take the pressure off your heels while also cupping them securely with extra padding.
  • A gel shock pad under the heel deflects force from your problem area, helping to ease the strain on your heels.
  • A slip-proof 3/4 base allows your toes more wiggle room while still posturing your feet in the correct position.
  • An odor repelling top layer is antimicrobial and helps to keep your feet dry.

  • These low profile insoles were made to cushion your entire feet with a slim layer of effective padding so that you can support your heels in nearly any kind of shoe.
  • Built for neutral or high arches, the footbed is made to correct the posture of your feet and take the pressure off your heels and arches.
  • Polygiene permanent active odor control works to minimize odors when you take your shoes off.
  • A secure heel lift cradles your heels and prevents impact as well as sliding around in your shoes from occurring.
  • Approved by podiatrists from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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