Best Insoles for Turf Toe

The word Turf Toe is not something that you would want to use right before an important sports match or even a dance debut.

Your main factor to consider in an insole for turf toe is something that will restrict movement.

A full or even half steel insole is ideal for treating Turf toe.

Furthermore, a semi-rigid or rigid insole can likewise do the trick.

Turf Toe Insole

Causes and Symptoms of Turf Toe

The term Turf Toe is used to describe an injury where the ligaments around your big toe are sprained. This condition is more commonly associated with football players, athletes, soccer players, and basketball players who practice on turf grass, hence the name.

Though it can likewise affect those who take part in wrestling, ballet, dance, gymnastics, and other sports. This condition is mainly caused by continually jamming your big toe, or pushing off on your big toe forcefully when you run or jump.

Symptoms of Turf Toe

The most common symptom that you will notice when it comes to Turf Toe, is pain, swelling and limited movement at the base of your big toe.

These symptoms can form gradually if instigated by a repetitive injury or can be sudden when triggered by a forceful motion.

Causes of Turf Toe

Turf toe is in rudimentary terms your big toe ligaments that have become sprained, your big toe ligaments permit up and down movements which in turn will be hindered by this condition.

When you walk or run you start every step by raising your heel, letting your body weight come forward and rest on the ball of your foot, then you propel yourself forward by pushing off on your big toe shifting your weight to the other foot.

This hyperextension of the big toe if repeated with enough force over time, or even vehemently enough at once, can cause a sprain in the ligaments around the big toe joints.

Treating and Managing Turf Toe

It is vital to treat Turf Toe injuries as soon as possible, early treatment can reduce symptoms and facilitate healing. An ignored Turf Toe injury, in turn, will be much more challenging to repair and the symptoms may become very excessive.

Here are a few treatments that can be followed;

  • Firstly you will most likely need to take some time off your sports activities.
  • You can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to manage the pain.

Steel Insole

  • Orthotics to protect the toe and restrict movement are advised and modifying your footwear with a turf toe plate or Morton’s extension.
  • Immobilization of that foot will also speed up healing, a walking boot can help in this regard.
  • After 3 to five day I would recommend starting a few mild motion exercises, nothing too intense.
  • Physical therapy in more severe cases is advised.
  • Rest is most likely one of the most crucial methods of treatment for a Turf toe.

Reviews: The Best Insoles for Turf Toe

Here are some superb choices in insoles to help with treatment and pain management of Turf Toe;


An ideal insole for Turf Toe, the half spring Steel insole from Aetna will help to stabilize your feet and will inhibit excessive motion, to aid in the healing process for Turf Toe.

  • Consists of firm steel on a camel felt insole for rigidity and motion control.
  • The steel likewise offers puncture and shock protection.
  • This insole will limit your range of motion keeping your toe still for faster healing.
  • Excellent for treatment of not only Turf Toe, but likewise, post-Op Bunion Surgery recovery, and Forefoot Arthritis.


Yet another superb steel insole, the Steel-Flex Flexible, and puncture resistant insole will provide you with the best protection and healing comfort for Turf Toe.

  • Will fit perfectly in most shoes and boot, ideal for work boots for additional protection.
  • Flexible steel puncture resistant insoles that are lightweight and comfortable.
  • An ergonomically designed heel cup and superior longitudinal arch support for better foot stability.
  • The midsole is CSA Certifies Steel-Flex steel.
  • Offers superior puncture resistance and likewise motion control and protection for Turf toe.
  • Aids in aligning the skeletal structure of the foot, and lower legs preventing fatigue and injuries.


The MEGAComfort Ant-Fatigue Insole is an optional comfortable insole to provide Turf Toe pain relief, although it does not offer much motion control. I would recommend these as a comfortable alternative when you are lounging at home, or when you have already started healing.

  • Manufactured with a 100% high-density dual layer of memory foam, which ensures excellent rebound.
  • A PAM insole for maximum shock absorbency and comfort, offering superior anti-fatigue properties.
  • A deep heel cup for stability and shock absorbency.
  • Contoured arch support that will firmly support any arch type.
  • The Aeration holes in the insole aids in regulating your foot temperature and offers good ventilation.
  • Completely machine washable for even more convenience.


The Superfeet CARBON is a sports shoe insole, designed for foot conditions including Turf toe. Comes in a very versatile shape that offers you low profile support for better sports performance, preventing and providing protection for Turf Toe.

I would recommend this insole in your sports shoe for protection against Turf toe, or when you start off with slow movement and exercise’s after your rest and healing period.

  • The Carbon fiber stabilizer cap is reinforced with EVOLite carbon fiber and a polymer blend for structure and support.
  • A biomechanical shape in a low profile for better stability and support, to reduce stress on your feet, knees, and ankles.
  • The wider forefoot accommodates a better range of motion, and likewise the swelling from Turf Toe and other forefoot conditions.
  • Lightweight with high density durable closed-cell foam for long lasting comfort.
  • The foam is perforated to reduce weight and for better ventilation and cooling capabilities.
  • The coating is organic and treated with antimicrobial odor control to eliminate bacteria and odor.


This is the perfect insole to limit movement and provide the ultimate in support and protection when you have Turf toe.

  • This insole can be used to stiffen the insole of your shoes to limit motion of the forefoot and midfoot.
  • Manufactured with a very thin Carbon stabilizer plate that is lightweight and fits any shoe.
  • Carbon insoles are designed to limit dorsiflexion at your midsole and metatarsal joints, which is why they are so ideal for Turf Toe or toe injuries.
  • Immobilizes your toe joints preventing them from bending when your walk.
  • Likewise offers exceptional puncture resistance and protection.


As you can see a steel insole or rigid insole aids in restricting movement, which helps with the fast recovery from Turf toe.

Preventing movement, and resting are your greatest allies when you want to recover fast and efficiently from Turf toe!

Index Table: Best Insoles for Turf Toe Treatment

1Aetna Unisex Insole - Half Spring Steel Insole for Turf toe
  • Steel Insole
  • Motion Control
2Steel Flex Unisex Flexible - Puncture Resistant Turf Toe Insole
  • Lightweight
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Flexible
Steel Flex95
3MEGACOMFORT Unisex Anti-Fatigue - Personal
  • Insoles for Turf Toe
4Superfeet Unisex CARBON - Turf Toe Insoles for Sport Shoes
  • Stabilizing Cap
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
5Atlas Biomechanics Unisex Carbon Stabilizer - Insole for Turf Toe
  • Stabilizing
  • Motion Control
Atlas Biomechanics96

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