The Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Having flat feet can be excruciatingly painful and unprecedented in one’s life.
Fortunately, foot technology has developed insoles that can help even the worst cases of flat feet.
Below we will discuss the known causes of flat feet, how the best insoles for flat feet help, along with examining some of their best features.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Known Causes of Flat Feet

The general consensus on flat feet is that people are born with them.
While flat feet can be genetically passed down, they can be contracted later in life from medical foot conditions.
Flat feet have been categorized into different types which each have various causes.

Three types of flat feet include:

  1. Spasmodic Flat Feet – These are flat feet that are the result of painful outward spasms. Often severe neurological conditions can cause this type of flat feet.
  2. Rigid Flat Feet – Rigid flat feet are excessively painful and will cause discomfort to those who stand for long. These flat feet are the result of a physical abnormality that prevents normal flexing of the feet. Heel spurs, arthritis and other similar conditions in which the blood vessels or tendons of the feet have calcified over can create this foot condition.
  3. Flexible Flat Feet – Flexible flat feet are the least painful of all the kinds of flat feet out there. The person with flexible flat feet can still flex the arches in their feet; however, their feet will be misaligned and will likely ache in ordinary shoes that are not made for flat foot types. This is usually the type of flat feet that is hereditary.

In general, a few known causes for the onset of flat feet in either kids or adults are as follows:

  • Neurological Disorders and Diseases
  • Weak Arches
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Foot Injuries
  • Advanced Heel Spurs
  • Obesity or Rapid Weight Gain

How Insoles for Flat Feet Help to Alleviate Foot Pain

Flat feet often cause foot pain, but more than that, they can also contribute towards:

  • Knee Pain
  • Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Blisters
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Lower Back Pain

The majority of shoes on the market are designed with insoles for those with a medium arch, which causes discomfort for flat feet.
The best insoles for flat feet help immensely by providing the flat arch support your feet need. They also assist in aligning your feet correctly which guards against injuries and fatigue, allowing you to go about your day with little to no discomfort.
Insoles for flat feet are also able to prevent jarring or impact from affecting your feet and keep them well guarded. Having your arch supported, your foot in the right alignment as well as protected will reduce your foot pain and put your feet at ease.

Features of a Good Insole for Flat Feet

Aside from giving the right flat arch support for your flat feet, the following features will set your insoles for flat feet apart from the rest:

  • Deep Heel Cup – A deep heel cup shows that the insoles will help to control for pronation, which is a problem in every case of flat feet. The sides of the insole will hug your heel a little, keeping them fixed in one place and feeling comfortable.
  • Gentle Heel Lift – A gentle heel lift helps to align the feet and to alleviate heel and knee pain.
  • Shock Absorption – Shock absorbing insoles are perfect for those suffering from foot injuries or who need additional protection. They take excess force and direct it away from your feet, allowing you to walk more freely.
  • Copper Infusion – Copper insoles are infused with pure copper ions, which have been proven to improve muscle mobility, joint stiffness and promote healthy bodily function. Athletes, professionals and casual walkers alike wear these insoles to up their game and feel a boost in their stride. These insoles are particularly recommended for those with muscle spasms or very stiff flat feet.
  • Stabilizer Cap – On the underside of some insoles for flat feet is a stabilizer cap which keeps it firmly planted inside your shoes. This provides stability and increases healthy foot alignment and proper pronation.

Reviews: Best Insoles for Flat Feet

Below we have reviewed some of the very best insoles for flat feet, guaranteed to help your feet ward off injury, fatigue and more!

  • These insoles for flat feet were designed specially by a podiatrist who has flat feet himself and that saw the need for better insoles in generic footwear.
  • Samurai insoles have a gentle heel lift, aiding Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, and heel spurs.
  • The neutral arch support is perfect for those who suffer from flat foot pain on a daily basis, alleviating the pain and boosting your stride!
  • Designed to provide pain relief like a custom foot orthotic for flat feet but at a fraction of the price.
  • These insoles will correct flat feet under pronation and enhance proper foot alignment, giving protection against injury.
  • Easily transferable into all of your shoes and able to be used by most shoe types.

  • These flat feet insoles are made to help those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel pain or pronation problems associated with flat arches.
  • The gentle arch support makes walking with flat feet comfortable again, distributing the pressure exerted on your feet evenly.
  • A deep heel cradle gives support and stability, helping your feet to pronate appropriately without causing heel or hip pain.
  • The insoles are made of moisture-wicking materials and will keep your feet cool and dry all day long.
  • If you find these insoles are not the right ones for you, you may return them for a ‘no questions asked’ full refund.

  • Powerstep insoles are all engineered for boosting your stride, helping you to walk confidently without any foot pain.
  • Made from two layers of enhanced comfort foam cushioning, your feet will get all the support they need to keep going all day.
  • The deep heel cradle offers heel stability and helps to correct pronation problems, ensuring your feet step in perfect alignment.
  • The top layer is antimicrobial, preventing foot infections, excess heat buildup, blisters, and friction.
  • The arch support provided is semi-rigid, allowing flat feet to flex as they need to without pain or discomfort.

  • These high tech insoles are made to provide perfected arch support to flat feet, alleviating plantar fasciitis symptoms and more!
  • The top layer consists of a nano-bamboo carbon fiber which will prevent foot infections, reduce odors and keep your feet feeling fresh.
  • German engineered BASF foam has been used to target pressure points along the entire foot, providing exceptional foot support and acupressure pain relief.
  • The base of the insole has a stabilizer cap as well as a gel shock absorbing pad for additional protection and stability.
  • These insoles for flat feet are biodegradable, machine washable and highly durable in nearly all types of shoes.

  • Copper Compression insoles have one of the highest copper contents inside their copper infused insoles, designed to aid flat feet and other foot conditions.
  • Copper-infused insoles are ideal for stiff joints, aching feet or foot fatigue that often comes with flat feet.
  • The underside of the insoles has two large shock-absorbing pads that will disperse force away from your feet and protect them from injury.
  • A deep heel cup keeps your feet comfortable and corrects the way your feet walk, reducing heel, ankle and knee pain.
  • The gentle contours promote stable arch support and are ideal for flat feet, athletes or working professionals alike.
  • Trim to get a perfect fit inside your favorite pair of shoes.

  • StepComfy’s Orthotic insoles for flat feet offer sophisticated three-point support with an emphasis on the arches and the ball of foot area.
  • A luxury dual-density cork foam footbed is just waiting to mold itself exactly to your foot’s unique shape which will alleviate both pain and pressure.
  • Hi-poly Foam Technology installed above the cork layers ensure that your feet are always cushioned and kept dry.
  • The surface layer is antimicrobial and prevents odors.
  • The unique design is perfect for those with flat feet or plantar fasciitis.
  • Includes a deep heel cradle that gently hugs your heels and keeps the insoles in place.

  • These full length orthotic insoles are exactly what you need to combat foot fatigue coupled with flat feet.
  • A stabilized heel cup along with a foam bottom that has excellent grip will keep your feet from moving inside your shoes and prevent foot pain.
  • The top layer is breathable while the second layer is quick drying and absorbs excess moisture, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Gel shock pads on the bottoms deflect force and alleviate pressure in your feet and joints.
  • The flexible arch support and design allow you to use these in a large variety of shoes from running shoes to work boots.

  • Sof Sole’s impressive orthopedic shoe inserts for flat feet offer steep arch support and improved pronation control with every step.
  • The arch support uniquely molds to the shape of your feet and comes slightly higher for extra firm arch cushioning.
  • A very deep heel cradle confers optimal protection to your heels and keeps your feet planted firmly inside your shoes.
  • A nylon plated underside stabilizes the insoles and helps to prevent jarring impacts from tiring out your feet.
  • Ideal for avoiding flat foot pain in athletic shoes for running, hiking, walking or standing on your feet all day long.


The Copper Compression Insoles are cushioned with Gel for optimal support and shock absorbency.

  • Contains copper with health and healing abilities.
  • Orthotic comfort and support ideal for flat feet.
  • Excellent arch and ball of foot support.
  • High Performance and durability, for everyday wear.


SofSole is another very well known brand in insoles, the AIRR Orthotic provides effective comfort and relief particularly for a flat foot.

  • An Athletic insole ideal for a low arch or flat foot, for running and other training.
  • COOLMAX fabric top, that ensures your feet stay dry and cool and that prevents odor-causing bacteria.
  • Different size options are available for the perfect fit.
  • Ideal cushioning and shock absorbency for full support in a flat foot.


The SofSole Airr Orthotic for Women has a design specific to that of a woman’s foot with support functions for a low or flat arch.

  • Features SKYDEX air bubbles, in the heel and arch to absorb shock and provide cushioning.
  • Excellent reinforced nylon arch support and motion control to promote alignment.
  • COOLMAX fabric top that is cooling, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.
  • Available in two women’s sizes.

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