Best Insoles for Dress Shoes

If you have ever been in the market for dress shoes, you will know that they almost never come equipped with adequate foot support.

Luckily there are excellent quality insoles on the market designed to aid your feet if you like to wear dress shoes on a daily basis. For more information on the best insoles for dress shoes, keep reading!

Best Insoles for Dress Shoes

Problems Associated with Wearing Dress Shoes on a Daily Basis

If you are new to dress shoe shopping, you will need to know that most dress shoes do not help your feet, especially if you have flat feet or a job that demands you to stand all day. Here we have outlined a few of many foot problems that dress shoes are implicated in helping to cause.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – this refers to an inflammation of the tissue in the foot that stretches across the underside of the foot, from the heel to the toes. Dress shoes that do not provide the right foot arch support can cause you to feel pains in this area of the foot.
  • Ball of Foot Pain – the ball of the foot is the area before the big toe begins. This is more cause for concern in ladies dress shoes (aka high heels), but has also known to affect those who cannot afford good quality men’s dress shoes.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – when your heel feels sore and does not want to stop aching, you likely have a form of Achilles tendonitis. Dress shoes usually do not provide the heel with enough support or lift to prevent this from occurring. Problems with pronation can also cause you to get Achilles tendonitis.
  • Blisters – dress shoes made of tough full-grain leather, in particular, may cause blisters, especially if the shoe is too big or needs wearing in.

How Buying Insoles for Dress Shoes Provides Support & Relief

The best insoles for your dress shoes will provide your foot with adequate support and protection.
You will need to know what arch your foot has and choose an insole that can provide the right support necessary.

Flat feet or very high arches will need specialized orthotic insoles, whereas medium arches tend to do well with standard insole support.

If your heels are an issue in your dress shoes, try to purchase an insole with a heel lift.
This will ensure that all the pressure is taken off your heels and allow you to plod along all day without inflicting more pain upon yourself.

The ball of the foot, on the other end of the scale, demands less heel lift and more toe support.
For ball of foot pain, look for an insole that lifts and separates the big toe from the rest of your toes.

Naturally, all insoles provide protection against blisters and should keep your feet from slipping around – this also provides extra stability and better control overpronation.

Features of a Good Insole for Dress Shoes

Here are some of the top features that the best insoles for dress shoes contain. For more features, have a look at our product selection underneath!

  1. Arch Support – you want some form of arch support in your dress shoe inserts. This means finding either a flat insole (if you have flat feet) or a contoured insole for medium to high arches. A minor heel lift is crucial for perfect arch support, no matter what foot type you have.
  2. Memory Foam – Memory foam is a ‘magic’ material taking the 21st century by storm. This is soft enough to take an impression of your feet, while still being rigid enough to allow for foot support.
  3. Cork or Leather – in many cases, customers prefer natural insoles as they tend to breathe better with less chemical additives. Cork or leather insoles each have equal reputations for providing excellent foot support and breathability. However, each needs to be worn in for a substantial period first before their true benefits emerge.
  4. Thickness – the thicker your insole is, the more shock absorption and foot protection it will provide. If your feet ache constantly, you are definitely in the market for a thicker more padded insole!
  5. Odor Control – one of the complaints to wearing dress shoes, aside from inadequate foot support, has been odor control. The feet release more sweat than most other areas of our bodies every day! Look for an insole that has an activated carbon filter or an odor control mechanism for the best smell-free results.

Reviews: Top Insoles for Dress Shoes

Our luxury selection of supportive insoles for dress shoes for your perusal.

  • This is a simple solution to your dress shoe problem, being a low arch light supportive shoe insert.
  • The base is made with a stabilizer cap in the design, anchoring the insole into your dress shoes and making sure you never slip or slide around again!
  • Made from high-density supportive foam, the heel cup is raised and will provide adequate protection for those with plantar fasciitis or aches in their feet.
  • The top layer is made from an odor control organic coating, designed to destroy any bacteria that may create a smell.
  • Ideal for those with mild flat feet or low arches.

  • If you need a thin protective insole for your dress shoes, this leather insert is likely the one for you!
  • This shoe insole is made seamlessly to fit most dress shoes and will provide you with unmatched handcrafted leather comfort.
  • The design is flat, allowing for neutral arch support until you wear these in – ideal for all foot types, including flat feet.
  • Comes equipped with an activated carbon filtration system base, allowing your foot to breathe throughout the day (or night).
  • This insole is made to support the heel and prevents slipping around inside your shoes.

  • These are one of the best-selling pairs of insoles on the market to date, made and approved by podiatrists for aching feet.
  • Regain full control back over your foot’s pronation with these orthotic memory foam insoles!
  • The fact that these dress shoe inserts are made from memory foam means that they conform perfectly to your feet without needing to be worn in or specially shaped beforehand.
  • Samurai Insoles are designed for low to medium arches and are made to fit just about any shoe for immediate foot pain relief.
  • Do not worry about trimming to fit, these insoles are designed according to generic insole factory sizes and will work in your dress shoes without any hassles.
  • Not recommended for flat feet.

  • The way these insoles are designed will aid sore feet to keep going throughout the entire day.
  • Insert these in your dress shoes for pain relief from plantar fasciitis or aches in the foot, thanks to the deep heel cups and light arch support.
  • The dual layer foam cushioning makes these insoles some of the most comfortable on the market.
  • The shoe inserts will get even more comfortable, the longer you wear them for, as foam adapts to your unique shape (however, due to the design, these insoles can provide immediate pain relief too!).
  • The top layer is made of an odor controlling anti-microbial fabric to help those that suffer from sweaty feet.
  • Feel powerful in your stride with Powerstep’s orthotic insoles for dress shoes!

  • Birkenstock have been one of the world’s leading insole brands since the 1700s and specialize in the best quality cork insoles for all shoe types.
  • These cork insoles provide a deep heel cup for optimal foot support and minimal foot fatigue.
  • Cork naturally molds to your foot shape over time and is an incredibly durable substance. These insoles will last longer than your dress shoes will!
  • The sides of the insoles were designed to be high and tight-fitting, ensuring you do not slide in your shoes.
  • Covered in breathable fabric and made from cork, these insoles are fully breathable and naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Recommended for dress shoes with a heel of up to two inches.
  • Ideal for flat feet and all other foot types.

  • These heel snugs are made to be inserted between your heels and the side of your dress shoes to help them fit better.
  • Prevent blisters by keeping your heel from rubbing on the back of your dress shoes.
  • The soft foam padding of these inserts will help your heels to feel comfortable and secure, helping to alleviate pain caused by Achilles tendonitis.
  • Combined with another insole for your dress shoes, this product will also aid foot pronation and give you better control over your foot movements.
  • Help your feet to endure long hours at work with the comfort they deserve.

  • The ultimate in men’s dress shoe orthotics, Superfeet insoles for dress shoes offer the best motion control possible.
  • Slip resistant edges, as well as a deep heel cradle, keep the insoles and your feet firmly planted inside the shoes, preventing slippage and discomfort.
  • The streamlined design is tailored to fit perfectly inside your favorite pair of formal dress shoes.
  • An NXT antibacterial top coating keeps your feet healthy and odorless.
  • 3/4 in length, the insoles offer a more secure fit for all dress shoes without placing pressure on the forefoot or heels.
  • Perfect for those who need intermediate arch support.

  • This superior combination of leather and memory foam insoles will not only have your feet feeling pampered but will also give you the foot support you need!
  • Memory foam pads strategically placed from the heel to the arches provide reflexive arch support, shaping immediately to your feet as you walk.
  • The leather part of the soles are highly absorbent and wick all moisture from your feet away.
  • These insoles have a very low profile of 0.16 inches, making them very easy to wear inside any kind of shoes.
  • Designed to prevent foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis and foot pain.

  • 100% natural tanned sheepskin leather is a luxury in terms of orthotic insoles.
  • The leather itself is absorbent and keeps your feet cool all day long as well as allowing your feet to breathe.
  • The under layer of these insoles contains a sophisticated carbon filter which prevents odors and eliminates fungi and bacteria, such as Athlete’s Foot.
  • After a short wear-in period, these leather insoles will feel like more than home to your feet as they will form in the precise shape of your arches.
  • Comes in a double size with easy guidelines on how to trim them perfectly to match your dress shoes.


HappyStep Dress shoe insoles are perfect for any occasion and for all seasons.

  • Thin and lightweight design that is available in twelve sizes to choose from.
  • The terry top wicks away moisture so you can wear them without socks.
  • Cushioned and shock absorbing for comfort and support.


Dress up or dress down with these arch supportive Gel pads from DR.Foot ideal for any type of shoe, even dress sandals for women.

  • Available in blue, beige, or clear color options to match your shoes.
  • Gel cushioning for comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Perfect arch support and an ergonomic shape.
  • Durable with a sticky fixative to keep them in place in your shoes.


Spenco Insoles are quite popular and sought after for any type of shoe, and will do great in a closed men’s or women’s dress shoe.

  • Made from durable Nylon with a moisture-wicking and cooling top layer.
  • Full length Cushioning.
  • Different layers of cushioning for shock absorbency and support.
  • Treated with a Silpure antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria and odor.

Comparison Table: Best Insoles for Dress Shoes

1Superfeet Unisex Premium Dress Shoe Insoles - Low Arch Shoe Inserts for Daily Use
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Stabilizer Cap
2Shoeslulu Unisex Tan Leather Insoles - Seamless Leather Dress Shoe Insoles
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Genuine Leather
3Samurai Insoles Unisex All Day Insoles - Best Orthotic Insole for Dress Shoes
  • Memory Foam
  • Designed by Podiatrists
Samurai Insoles97
4Powerstep Unisex Pain Relief Insoles - Dual Layer Foam Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Anti-Microbial Top Layer
  • Deep Heel Cradle
5Birkenstock Unisex Neutral Cork Insoles - The Best Cork Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Naturally Lightweight
  • Adaptive
6Profoot Unisex Heel Snugs - Heel Padding for Dress Shoes
  • Prevents Heel Rubbing/ Blisters
  • Foam Heel Support
7Superfeet Men's Dress Shoe Insoles - Easy Fit Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Motion Control
  • Antibacterial
8Gofix Unisex Luxury Leather Insoles - Low Profile Leather Dress Shoe Insoles
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Memory Foam Pads
9Pedag Unisex Natural Leather Insoles - Durable Leather Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Quality Sheepskin
10Happy Step Unisex Terry - Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Absorbent Terry
  • Barefoot Insole
  • Supportive
Happy Step98
11Dr. Foot Unisex Gel - Arch Support Inserts for Dress Shoes
  • Arch Support
  • Pressure Relief
Dr. Foot98
12Spenco Unisex RX Comfort - Lightweight Insoles for Dress Shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Thin
  • Cushioned
  • Antimicrobial
  • Shock Absorbing

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