Best Ice Hockey Skate Insoles

Ice hockey is a very popular contact sport, similar to general Hockey, but played on ice.

This sport requires very specific protective equipment and clothing, Hockey skates are one of these items. For additional comfort and support, the right insoles with your hockey skates can make a huge difference in your overall performance.

Ice Hockey Insoles feature

Ice Hockey Gear

For anyone who is a beginner hockey player, here is a list of the gear that you will require;

  • A good quality helmet, with or without a visor, full cage or a combination of the two.
Ice hockey helmet 2.jpg!d
  • A neck guard, which is optional but will protect you against the off chance that a skate blade might sever your jugular vein.
  • Shoulder pads are not a must but could be a good idea for beginner players.
  • Elbow pads, I would strongly recommend, particularly when you are just learning to skate, because when you fall your elbows usually take much of the impact.
  • Gloves that are comfortable and flexible protect your fingers and hands from hacks and slashes.
  • Hockey pants protect your knees and lower back, make sure that they fit snugly and are not hanging from your hips.
  • Shin pads are important to protect those painful areas, make sure that they are the right size to offer maximum protection.
Ice skates 1
  • Skates, one of the most important pieces of equipment, and most likely the most expensive are your skates. Skates are CRUCIAL, so buy good quality and make sure they FIT PROPERLY!
  • Jocks are important for men and offer protection to a very painful area.
  • Other accessories such as a mouth guard, Practice Jersey, your Hockey socks and Hockey bag are likewise things to look at.
  • Lastly, I am mentioning insoles, as an optional, but similarly vital for comfort and stability.

Why You Need Insoles for Ice Hockey Skates

You might have been one of the unlucky individuals who has purchased the most perfect pair of hockey skates, that is excellent quality and perform so well, but they offer absolutely no support or comfort.

Well, in this case, you do not need to throw them away and look for another pair, keep your favorite hockey skates and just add an insole or footbed!

Hockey skate insoles will provide you with comfort and cushioning, excellent stability, and much sought after shock absorbency.

A good insole will likewise keep your foot cradles and stable preventing injuries and keeping you well aligned.

Lastly, you may prolong the life of your favorite hockey skates with a high-quality insole or footbed.

Insole Features to Look For

So in the end, what should your insoles for your ice hockey skates do for you;
Superfeet, CARBON Pro Hockey, Carbon Fiber Professional Performance Hockey Skate Insoles, Unisex, Blaze Yellow, Medium D: Skate 7-8, US 5 of 6

  • Good air circulation and breathability to keep your feet cool and to prevent hot supports from developing, during intense physical activity.
  • An anti-microbial lining that prevents odor and bacteria from developing.
  • A stabilizing cap or heel to protect your feet against injury, and to provide stability and balance.
  • Flexibility to allow for easier movement.
  • The right arch support for your arch type.
  • A lightweight design that is well cushioned to prevent foot fatigue and keep you comfortable.
  • The best in shock absorbency.
  • Materials such as memory foam to cradle your foot and contour to its unique shape.

Reviews: Top Rated Ice Hockey Skate Insoles


If you are looking for the most flexible and adaptive arch support, I will most definitely recommend the Icebug Fat Insole, ideal with stability and cushioning features, all you need in a good insole for skating.

  • Manufactured from 100% Nylon with a durable and shock absorbing rubber sole.

  • The Arch Flex system supports the structure of your foot and provides exceptional energy return.

  • The insole will react like a stability ball responding to your movement and body and foot type.
  • Offers the utmost in cushioning and shock absorption.
  • The double arch heel cups lessens pressure on your plantar fascia to prevent heel pain and plantar fasccitis.


For professional performance and high stake durability, the carbon fiber Carbon pro insoles from Superfeet is one of your best choices. The perfect insole for more advanced players that is ideal for both women and men.

  • Full-length inserts that have luxuriously plush foam.
  • The AEROLyte closed-cell foam layer offers superb shock absorbency and excellent cushioning.
  • A sturdy heel cup helps your feet to settle comfortably and securely into your skates.
  • This insole aids in improving forward pitch movements while protecting your ankles and alleviating strain on your knees.
  • The slip resistant durable top will prevent blisters and hot spots.
  • The contoured shape will give you the feeling that your skates are transitioning into the form of your feet.


Ideal for the best in shock absorbency and adaptive arch support, the Shock Doctor is one of our top of the range choices, when it comes to the best insoles for ice hockey skates.

  • Features adaptive arch technology which will adapt to the shape and arch type of your foot for comfort and ideal support.
  • Offers protection against overuse injuries with the advantages of natural shock absorbency.
  • An Air/FX top cover that is breathable and prevents heat spots and blisters.
  • The lightweight support cap will cradle your foot and resist lateral torque creating better balance.
  • A mid-foot shock dome aid in relaxing your foot, supporting your heel to prevent plantar fasciitis.
  • Offers full foot shock absorbing cushioning with supportive foam that will likewise aid in reducing fatigue and preventing pain.


Versatile and highly effective, Remind Insoles are the best choice in Orthotic insoles not only for Ice Hockey, but for skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and many other impact sports.

  • Approved by the world’s best athletes, Remind Insoles are one of the top choices when it comes to insoles for skating, snowboarding, BMX and skiing.
  • Biomechanically engineered with an anatomical shape that improves foot and upper body alignment.
  • Manufactured from very durable and lightweight materials offering the best in high impact shock absorption, particularly to the heel and forefoot.
  • Manufactured from self-forming therapeutic foam that is durable and well cushioned.
  • Enhances circulation, supports the foot’s natural movements and reduces pressure on your joints.


Yet another superb insole from Superfeet, the Yellow insole offers the best in motion control while offering powerful support and shock absorption.

  • The top synthetic lining has a natural NXT anti-bacterial coating to prevent odor and bacteria from developing, while being latex free and vegan, reducing shifting and minimizing hot spots.
  • A low arched insole with a slightly elevated heel, that will fit hockey skates, cycling shoes and even track spikes.
  • Excellent shock absorbency and impact protection.
  • Increases stability and provides good motion control.

In the End

When it comes to Ice Hockey, the last thing you want is your feet to slip around in your shoes causing blisters and hot spots, and what you need most is good shock absorbency.

The insoles I have chosen offer cushioned comfort to reduce pressure on impact while giving you’re a stable and secure fit with a slip, friction and heat resistant top sole.

Index Table: Top Insoles for Ice Hockey Skates

1Icebug Men's Fat - Arch Support Hockey Skate Insole
  • Arch Flex System
  • Heel Cup
  • Cushioned
2Superfeet Unisex CARBON Pro - Carbon Ice Hockey Skate Footbed
  • Heel Cup
  • Foam
  • Contoured
3Shock Doctor Unisex Skate - Insoles for Hockey Skates
  • Adaptive Arch Support
  • Lightweight
  • Shock Absorbent
Shock Doctor98
4Remind Insoles Unisex Medic Clouds - Insoles for Ice Hockey and Other Sports
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Arch Support
  • Lightweight
Remind Insoles96
5Superfeet Unisex Yellow - Ice Skating Control and Power Insoles
  • Low Arch
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Stability

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