The Best Foot Spa to Buy

The Human foot is a highly functional Masterpiece that requires all the help and cares it can get.

A luxury Spa treatment for your feet can in easy reach, as well as done in the comfort of your own home if you invest in one of these Best Home Foot Spas.

The Foot Spa and Its Benefits

The Foot Spa, is a relaxing and effective technique at treating and rejuvenating your feet. This involves primarily socking your feet in lukewarm water with added salts, soaks, and essential oils while scrubbing and massaging them to aid in detoxification and cleaning of the feet.

A foot spa can easily be made at home and you can easily treat your feet to this luxury.

Some Benefits of a Foot Spa include;

  • Blood Circulation – a foot spa improves blood circulation and re-energizes you while relaxing your feet.
  • Stress Relief – Enjoy intensive stress relief from all the days stress and tension, while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.
  • Arthritic Pain Relief – For individuals who suffer from Arthritis an effective Foot Spa can provide pain relief and get rid of the tension and your muscles and joints.
  • reduce headaches – Most of your nerve pints are found In your feet, so during a foot spa these nerve points are stimulated and can treat symptoms like headaches and migraines effectually.
  • Treats Acidity and Indigestion – treat gastrointestinal conditions and ailments by means of proper circulation and stress relief.
  • Treats Insomnia – helps you to relax and get proper sleep.
  • Detoxification – The salts and essential oils in the Foot Spa soak removes toxins and harmful elements from your body through your feet and skin.

Foot Spa Essentials and Procedure

Here are some steps in using your new foot spa for an at home Pedicure and foot treatment.

  • Gather all the essentials required for your foot spas such as the essentials oils and slats and the spa itself, along with some towels.
  • Wash and clean your feet thoroughly.
  • Switch your machine on and add your salts and essential oils.
  • Soak your feet for 15 minutes in Luke warm water.
  • Remove your feet from the spa; Switch the Spa off, and dry your feet thoroughly.
  • File your feet with a buffer, Pumice or electronic file.
  • Trim and cut your nails and cuticles, and push back cuticles.
  • Buffer over rough nails and areas of your feet with the pumice stone or file.
  • Now you can paint your toenails.
  • Use a moisturizing cream to massage into your feet.

Features of a Good Foots Spa

  • Massaging function that can be set to different speeds and vibrations.
  • Heating function with temperature control.
  • Non-Electrical should have a curved arch design and massaging nodes underneath the feet.
  • LED lighting.
  • An easy to use a button or Led display system

Reviews: Best Foot Spa


A massaging foot spa for a customized massaging experience and enhanced comfort and healing.

  • A customized massage experience with the choice of three intensity levels in air massage, and time adjustment, along with six settings for different massage functions.
  • Excellent in relieving foot pain and fatigue with five different massage modes, Rolling, Kneading, Air Compression, Separate rolling, Scraping and Heating function.
  • The rolling massage and air compression along with heating function can be controlled separately for better massage combinations.
  • Very user-friendly offering enhanced comfort and pain relief.
  • There are a detachable foot cover and sleeves that you can clean easily, the hook and loop fasteners on the sleeves ensure a secure and snug fit.


The Ivation foot spa is an all in one massager and foot soak bath that has heating functions as well as massaging and vibration, for full relaxation in your own home.

  • Easily relieve sore and tired feet with this multifunctional massages and foot spa, that combats achy feet and ankles.
  • Offers intensive vibrating massage that encourages circulation and soothes sore and tired feet.
  • The active motorized rollers target tens and tired soles.
  • Oxygenating bubbles by means of multiple jets relieve pressure and pain.
  • You can add essential oil of your choice to your foot spa.
  • Healing heat and temperature control features to aid with swelling and inflammation.
  • An advanced LED display system with a timer and multifunction selection bar.
  • Comes with a free brush and Acupressure Pedicure attachments.


The Conair Active Life features a waterfall design that I soothing and relaxing to your feet, along with massaging rollers and exfoliating loofah discs.

  • Features massaging foot rollers that soothe and massage the soles of your feet.
  • There is a three touch push button that activates bubbles, waterfall, and heating mechanism.
  • Enjoy warm soothing comfort with the heating mechanism and the relaxing waterfall system.
  • Exfoliating loofah discs keeps your skin smooth and feeling rejuvenated, while getting rid of dead skin cells.
  • An LED light showcase for better visibility and a more interesting design.


The Gideon Luxury offers you the most luxurious and relaxing foot spa experience that you will find.

  • There are waterproof digital control buttons that are very quick and easy to operate allowing you’re your favorite spa sessions.
  • You can fully control and maintain the water temperature ate a temperature of your choice.
  • Power on and off the rolling massagers and the bubbling water jests with the touch of a button.
  • There are six deep massaging rollers, with two motorized and four standards for a deep and gentle massaging experience.
  • There is likewise a digital accurate water temperature control and maintenance system.
  • Large in size to fit men’s and women’s feet alike.
  • Has an LED light that you can use as desired.


On a bit of a budget, well why not try this non-motorized and electrical, manual foot spa that has a perfect design to provide just as much soothing comfort for your feet. Just add water and a foot soak for a perfect spa session.

  • Perfect foot soaks bath to relax and rejuvenate sore and tired feet in without any hassle.
  • Restores and pampers tired and aching feet, and super easy to use.
  • Fill with water at the temperature of your choice, add foot’s salts or essential oils and soak your feet.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry design made from durable and safe materials.
  • There are gentle massaging nodes on the surface of the tug, with a raised arch design and convenient water level markers.
  • Very easy to drain and clean with a drainage spout.
  • Multifunctional design, ideal for bathing pets in, or to use as a large drinking dish.
  • Made from BPA free durable and high-quality plastic.

Index Table: Top Rated Foot Spa

1MaxKare Unisex Massager - Massaging Foot Spa
  • 5 Massage Modes
  • Heating
2Ivation Unisex Spa - Foot Spa Massager
  • Massage
  • Vibrating
  • Heating
3Conair Unisex Active Life - Waterfall Foot Spa
  • Exfoliates
  • Massage
4Gideon Unisex Luxury - Therapeutic Foot Spa
  • LED Light
  • Massage
  • Heating
5DRESHah Unisex Foot Bath - Manual Foot Spa
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Massaging Surface
  • Large Size

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