Best Foot Massager Machine

Having your own foot massaging machine in your home can provide you with so much convenient comfort and health benefits. Not to mention how much money you will save on having to go to the salon for a professional foot massage.

You can enjoy a professional foot massage with many other fantastic features additionally in the comfort of your own home with one of these superb foot massage machines.

Benefits of a Foot Massage

When you come to think of it, your feet bear the weight of your entire body on a daily basis and allow you mobile, which is the one thing that without, you will be lost. Yet our feet are the part of our body that we neglect the most and spend the least time on when it comes to caring and pampering.
A daily foot massage, even if only for a couple of minutes can give your feet the pampering and care they so much deserve, along with strengthening and soothing the foot muscles.

A good foot massage can greatly improve the physiological and physical health of your entire body.

  • Improves Blood Circulation – A good foot massage greatly increases your blood circulatory functions and supplies oxygen to the rest of your body. Because we live sedentary lifestyles and have so much strain on our feet blood circulation can usually become a problem.

  • Alleviates Swelling and Edema – during pregnancy or another cause swelling in the feet can occur. A relaxing massage will help to ease pain and swelling.

  • Pain and Inlfammation – using the right products along with a soothing massage will help to reduce pain and inflammation in your feet efficiently, as well as soothe tired and aching feet.

  • Healthy Feet – The most effective and easiest way to keep your feet healthy and free form conditions and issues are to use a Foot Massager on a daily basis. This helps to stimulate the muscles and around your feet lessening stiffness and even reducing pain in the ankles and heels. Likewise, a daily massage in a short one can strengthen your feet and ankles to prevent foot and ankle injuries.

  • Mood – foot Massaging and Reflexology have a direct impact on improving your mood and fighting depression and anxiety. Massaging certain pressure points in your feet can help to reduce the symptoms of depression.

  • Pain Relief – A good foot massage can effectively and efficiently relieve pain.

  • Better Sleep – A foot massageer before bed improves blood circulation and will soothe and relax you so that you can enjoy a peaceful nights rest.

  • Relaxation – there is nothing like a good foot massage to soothe and relax your muscles after a long and stressful day.

Choosing The Right Foot Massager for Your Feet

With the surge of new technologies and different new brands popping up it can be quite a daunting task trying to buy the perfect Foot Massager.

There are so many brands and models and so many different types and designs with an array of features to choose from, so here is a list of things to consider to make your choice much easier and more operative.

  • Puprose of the Foot Massager – what is the result that you want to achieve from your Foot Massager, is it for relaxation and comfort only or for targeted pain relief and sore muscles, or even both. You can choose a massager for stress and relaxation, or an acupuncture relief, or even therapeutic relief model for inflammation and blood circulation as well as pain relief.

  • Know Your Feet – Are your heels painful after a long day, do your toes hurt, are your ankles stiff? All these questions and more should add to what specifically in your feet needs care and attention when deciding on a manager.

  • Your Health – if you are obtaining a Foot Massager because of health conditions make sure to get the recommendation from your health physician for your specific condition.

  • Budget – A good Foot Massager can range from anything from 30# up to 300#, the more expensive means the more features and power it has, so you need to set a clear budget with this regard.

  • Ease of Use – most Foot Massagers today are quite easy to use and come with easy button settings and switches, although you may likewise find some models that are remote controlled.

  • Type – Rolling; Shiatsu; Electrical; Vibrating; Reflexology and even Hydro Therapy water Based Foot Massagers are all options you can consider, you need to pick one that suits your needs and lifestyle the most comfortably.

  • Product Descriptions – Always make sure to read product descriptions scrupulously and do ample research before finally deciding on a massager. Reading customer reviews is a great way to find the best Foot Massager for you.

Features of a Good Foot Massager Machine

  • Easily operated with a button system or remote control.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Offers a variety of intensities and modes of massage such as Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, reflexology, and others.
  • Some models offer a Hydra Therapy massage using rollers and air bubbles for a spa and massage in one.
  • Heating functions are also found in most massagers.

Reviews: The Best Foot Massager Machines


The Renpho offers you a full foot Shiatsu massage for exceptional comfort and pain relief.

  • Simple, hygienic and very healthy to use.
  • Offers Shiatsu massage, kneading, and heating functions.
  • Improves blood flow, treats Plantar Fasciitis, provides pain relief and reduces physical exhaustion.
  • Easy to use with an ergonomic design for a professional foot massage.


A deep kneading and Shiatsu Massager from Homedics with additional heating function for superb pain relief and stress reduction.

  • Features Shiatsu and deep kneaing massage techniques.
  • Optional heating function during massage.
  • A considerate large platform design for all foot types and sizes.
  • Very easy to operate with integrated controls.


A soothing and highly versatile Waterfall design Hydrotherapy massage and pedicure foot soaker.

  • Features waterfall and heating with there touch buttons to activate bubbles for a foot spa.
  • Exfoliating loofah discs that soften and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Comes with a pumice stone, scrub brush and a soft massager fitting for a complete pedicure and massage experience.
  • LED light showcase massaging with massaging foot rollers and massaging bubbles.


The best Choice foot massager will effectively and efficiently relieve stress and pain in your feet by providing you with the most therapeutic massage experience.

  • This machine will alternate beteen 4 pre-programmed massage and 3 different style modes, for complete comfort and relaxation.
  • There is a wireless remote control that allows you to select the speed, directions, and mode settings of your massage.
  • Enjoy a manually selected or pre-programmed massage.
  • The compact design is easily stored and takes up little space.


Human Touch is the Creators of the “Perfect Chair” a Zero gravity chair and many other luxury massaging chairs that are highly sought after. Thus you know you are purchasing only the best when you invest in a Human Touch Foot Massager.

  • A patented 8 figure technology system similar to their massage chairs and other products.
  • This massager will completely surround your feet ankles and claves for a full fluid massage.
  • There are rollers that aid in stimulating underfoot reflexology.
  • The non-skid floor protectors protect your floors and keep the unit firmly in place.
  • An ergonomic design for a comfortable fit.
  • Enjoy a full Therapeutic and Reflexology Massage, that is one in a million.


A soothing pain and stress relief massager for your feet and ankles, with infrared technology and a heating function.

  • A very versatile design with 6 massaging heads.
  • Adjsutable hieght settings.
  • Portable and lightweight, for easy travel.
  • Offers exceptional pain relief and soothes stressed and tense muscles.


A therapeutic and pain relieving, heated massager from CloudMassage.

  • Offers healing massage for conditions such as Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Diabetes, with superb pain relief.
  • Heating, Shiatsu, and Deep Kneading Massage.
  • Designed to massage your feet, ankles and claves.
  • Dual massage settings and adjustable comfort angles.


A soothing and Therapeutic, heated Massager for your feet and ankles.

  • Heating Function.
  • Deep kneading and Shiatsu Massage.
  • Detachable Breathable cover.
  • There are five different massage modes to choose from.

Index Table: The Top Rated Foot Massaging Machines

1RenPho Unisex Shiatsu - Foot Massaging Machine
  • Heating
  • Shiatsu
  • Ergonomic Design
2Homedics Unisex Heating - Deep Kneading Foot Massaging Machine
  • Heating
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
3Conair Unisex Waterfall - Hydro Therapy Foot Massager
  • Exfoliates
  • Massages
  • LED Lights
4Best Choice Products Unisex Therapeutic - Foot Massage Machine
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
Best Choice Products98
5Human Touch Unisex Reflex4 - Massaging Machine for Feet, Calves and Ankles
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
Human Touch99
6Nektech Unisex Electric - Massaging Machine for feet and Ankles
  • Heating
  • Shiatsu
7CloudMassage Unisex Therapeutic - Massaging Machine
  • Heating
  • Shaitsu
  • Kneading
8Arealer Unisex Shiatsu - Shiatsu Massaging Machine
  • Shaitsu Massage
  • Heating
  • Kneading

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