Danner® Insoles

Danner® is a well-known name in a superior quality crafted work boot that is built to last, and to protect you against the elements.

Danner® likewise offers a range of insoles to fit their boots.

Danner Men's Dxt Comfort Footbed , Blue, 11 M US 2 of 2

Advantages of Insoles in Your Work Boots

There are two main reasons why any individual uses an additional insole in their shoes, these reasons are; for COMFORT and for PAIN RELIEF.

A quality and supportive insole can aid in preventing foot conditions and problems, as well as alleviate symptoms to conditions you may already have. This, in turn, enables you to perform much better and easier at your daily tasks in both work and play.

Many athlete sand sportsman believes in quality insoles in order to increase their activities and performance quality, while providing pain relief and prevention.

The two most important benefits that an insole will bring to the table are; CUSHIONING, and SUPPORT Cushioning provides not only a comfortable place for your feet to rest on but similarly, absorbs shock from impact when walking or running, in turn preventing foot fatigue.

On the contrary, support helps to improve the alignment and balance of your feet, correction issues such as overpronation.

Not all insoles offer both support and cushioning, some only offer one or the other, or some may give better support than cushioning, and visa versa.

Wearing insoles will aid in improving your quality of life, as well as your work performance or sports performance while providing you with great comfort and pain relief.

Similarly, a supportive insole can provide excellent anti-fatigue results and help to prevent your risk of injury. To top of these great benefits, and insole has the ability to prolong the life of the footbed of your shoes or boots.

Who is Danner?

Before we get into Danner Insoles for your Danner shoes or boots let us first look at what the company brings to the table;

Danner boots came to light in Portland since around 1932, when Charles Danner started to manufacture boots specifically for loggers.

Today Danner is a proud subsidiary of La Crosse footwear and a publicly held company in Portland.
Both companies Danner and Keen cater to outdoor and industrial workers when it comes to footwear and gear

Best Features of Danner Insoles

Danner Insoles are manufactured to specifically fit Danner shoes and work boots, providing you with maximum comfort and support, while prolonging the life of your shoe or boot.

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  • Good shock absorption.
  • A heel stabilizing cup.
  • TU Design.
  • Memory foam that conforms to the shape of your foot.
  • Anti-Microbial X-static lining that is quick drying.
  • Polyurethane Air Cushioning.
  • Arch supporting PU cup.

Reviews: Best Available Danner Insoles


We kick off with the Danner DXT Comfort footbed for men, a design for exceptional comfort and support in men’s boots or shoes.

  • A TPU X design which features a much sought after heel cup for improved stability.
  • The cushioning provides extra shock absorbency, making this insole ideal for standing on your feet all day, or a very active lifestyle.
  • A layer of slow rebound memory foam will conform to the unique shape of your feet, enveloping it in luxurious cushioned comfort.
  • On top you can look forward to the ever popular X-static lining, this lining prevents friction and overheating, while the anti-microbial treatment averts fungus and bacteria from growing, which can cause bad foot odor and infections.


Another very popular insole brand from Danner is the fatigue fighter, which features anti-fatigue technology to keep you going all day. This is an insole in sizes for both men and women.

  • Manufactured from fine quality pure microfiber that is a resilient, and highly durable material with excellent breathability properties.
  • The molded TU cup will provide you with the best arch support, suitable for any arch type.
  • Polyurethane air cushioning offers the best in shock absorption and lush cushioned comfort, which in turn helps to fight foot fatigue, and returns energy to your feet.
  • The top cloth is manufactured from microfiber which is breathable and quick drying, so your feet are kept dry and fresh all day.


A molded Thermoplastic polyurethane arch support cup that offers the best in heel alignment, the Danner Airthotic arch cup is an insole made for foot conditions and medical requirements.
Ideal for both men and women who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes which can affect their feet, as well as plantar fasciitis and overpronation.

  • Manufactured from expertly designed molded polyurethane to form a cup that offers the best support for your arches.
  • Offers superior heel alignment for improved stability and motion control.
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Similar to the previous Danner Fatigue Fighter, this insole is designed specifically for Hunting and Hiking boots and shoes, for both men and women.

  • Manufactured from fine quality microfiber for durability and breathability when you need it the most.
  • A molded TPU cup for superior arch support and comfort.
  • The polyurethane air cushioning reduces the impact on your feet and provides you with soft cushioned comfort, even on rough terrain.
  • The top microfiber lining keeps your feet cool and dry by wicking away moisture and preventing friction and overheating.
  • Tough and durable for all-day wear..

What To Look for in a Good Insole

Many people do not give much thought when purchasing insoles, and then wonder why these insoles do not perform.
Danner Airthotic Arch Support, White, M Regular US 2 of 2
Well, here are a few short tips to consider when purchasing any insole;


For the top layer, you need three functions, friction and heat reduction, and anti-microbial properties. Microfiber is a good top layer, and so is Slipure.
The rest should offer cushioning and shock absorbency, therefore anything such as cork, memory foam, EVA, polyurethane, and gel, will be acceptable.

Arch Support

Mainly, make sure that the arch support is right for your arch type, low, high or neutral.

Insole Type

There are many different insole types, meant for diverse shoe types, with many different functions. Make sure you choose the right insole for your needs and shoes. Wearing the wrong insole type may cause pain rather than providing comfort,


Here there are two options, Adjustable or non-adjustable.
You will either need to buy the right size or cut the insole to size, which can be quite tricky.


Although these insoles are tough and durable, they do not last forever and will not function as they should when worn out, which can cause more damage than good. So replace them regularly!

Index Table: The Top Available Danner Insoles and Footbeds

1Danner Men's DXT - Comfort Footbed
  • X-Static Lining
  • Heel Stabilizer
  • Cushioned
2Danner Unisex Fatigue Fighter - Anti-Fatigue Technology Insole
  • TU Cup
  • Quick Dry
  • Cushioned
3Danner Unisex Airthotic - Arch Support Insole Cups
  • Arch Suppport
  • Heel Stability
4Danner Unisex Fatigue Fighter - Hunting Boot Insoles
  • Arch Support
  • Quick Drying

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