The Best Cedar Wood Insoles

Your feet are a crucial part of your body, they keep you mobile and give you the ability to work, play and live your life to the fullest.

Maintaining healthy feet is an absolutely vital part of your life, and will likewise aid in prolonging the life of your shoes. With the natural assistance of an insole such as the Cedarwood insoles, you can keep your feet healthy, happy and germ-free.

Cedar Wood Natural Shoe Insoles

Why Use Cedarwood Insoles

Cedarwood insoles are naturally moisture-absorbing and antibacterial. They aid in keeping your feet dry, cool and fresh while keeping nasty bacteria and fungus at bay.

Bacteria and fungus can cause a range of foot infections and conditions that can be mild, as well as very severe, ending up in the loss of a toe, or a serious foot disease.

  • They absorb sweat and prevent bacteria from developing and growing.
  • Cedarwood is a natural deodorant that smells great and prevents bad odor from emerging inside your shoes.
  • Most Cedar Wood insoles are very thin and lightweight offering simple and comfortable support with their deodorizing and antibacterial features.
  • Cedar Wood Insoles, as well as cedarwood oil, is one hundred percent natural with no chemicals that may be harmful and irritating.
  • Cedarwood is likewise non-allergenic.

The result is healthy feet and fresh smelling shoes, Cedarwood likewise aids in preventing the recurrence of foot odor, athlete’s foot and nail fungus from growing.

How are Cedarwood Insoles Used

For anyone who has itchy skin, foot odor and even more severe issues such as a foot or nail fungus, cedar wood insoles are the answer.

Cedar insoles offer treatment from many foot conditions without chemicals or the hassle of having to use foot creams or powders.

Cedarwood insoles likewise naturally absorb moisture and prevent bad odor and bacteria from forming.

The Cedar in your insoles likewise has the ability to eliminate any spores that may be present inside your shoes.
Furthermore, Cedarwood exudes a natural and pleasant aromatic smell, that is fresh and speaks of coniferous wood.

You can purchase Cedar Wood insoles online or from a store that stocks them, just make sure they are a reputable brand and 100% natural. These insoles are placed inside your shoes, particularly work or sports shoes that you tend to spend plenty of time in.

The other option that I can recommend because Cedar Wood Insoles are a rather rare commodity, is to purchase and absorbent light insole and add a few drops of cedarwood essential oil.

Features of a Good Cedarwood Insoles

  • Comfortable and effective at absorbing sweat and odor.
  • Has a strong woody smell that naturally deodorizes your feet.
  • Must be 100% natural, make sure this is stated.
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Adjustable size or range of size options.
  • Full length insole.

Reviews: Best Cedar Wood Insoles


Anyone searching for the best natural Cedarwood insoles will most likely come across ZEDERNA insoles first and a few times.

They are one of the best and most popular Cedarwood insole brands that you will find. You can purchase them in pairs of one, two or three.

  • This particular model is available in one pair only.
  • One hundred percent natural manufactured from Cedarwood and cotton with no chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • Very thin and flexible with high quality and durable design that will easily mold to the shape of your feet as well as your favorite shoe.
  • The Cedarwood and cotton mix is a powerhouse when it comes to absorbing moisture and keeping your feet super dry.
  • Cedarwood is a natural deodorant that will keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh all day.
  • Anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties to prevent foot conditions and infections including toenail fungus.
  • You can wear these insoles with or without socks.


The Cedar sole Natural Foot odor Eliminator is yet another popular brand of Cedarwood insole that is completely natural and highly effective.

  • An effective natural deterrent against foot odor and bacteria.
  • Will guard your feet against fungus and athletes foot.
  • Comfortable and conform to the natural shape of your feet.
  • Very pleasant to wear even without the use of socks.
  • Pure and natural with excellent deodorizing capabilities.


As mentioned before, Zederna is the king of Cedarwood insoles, and in this case, I am listing the three pair pack, which is excellent if you need a spare, have more than one shoes to wear them in, or would like to share with family.

  • Completely natural manufactured from cotton and Cedarwood.
  • The mix of cotton and Cedarwood is superb at absorbing moisture and keeping your feet dry.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, with a pleasant smell that refreshes your feet and shoes all day long.
  • Very high quality with a light and thin fit.
  • Available in a three, two and one pair pack.


Looking for something that is not an insole rightfully, but will still refresh your shoes. If you do not want to walk around with the smell of Cedarwood insoles, or like your current insoles, you can always opt for cedar blocks.

Cedar blocks will eliminate odor and bacteria from your shoes while they are resting overnight, giving you a clean and refreshed shoe to wear all day.

  • Available in a pack of four Cedarwood blocks that will,fit in your shoes, cupboard, drawers, or anywhere that you would like to eliminate odor from, even a gym bag.
  • Completely natural Cedarwood blocks that are not chemically treated or enhanced, and manufactured from non-endangered trees.

Do you have your own insoles and would like the benefits of Cedarwood treatment without having to purchase a Cedarwood insole.

Well then, why not opt for Cedarwood essential oil, packed with all the goodness of Cedarwood in a strong concentrated oil.

  • This wonderful oil can be used in a diffuser to eliminate odor in a room, repel insects and destroy bacteria, also it can be mixed with skin or hair products for healthy and bacteria free skin and hair.
  • Likewise, you can pour a few drops in your shoes, on your insoles, or make a foot cream with diluted Cedarwood essential oil.
  • Naturally prevents odor and bacteria from developing, repels insects, and has antiseptic properties.
  • Long lasting, and very versatile and easy to use.

To Conclude

Shoes and socks were invented to protect your feet and keep them comfortable.

You can enhance the protection and support features by adding orthotics such as a Cedarwood insole or and insole with Cedarwood oil to prevent bacteria and foot infections while keeping your feet dry and fresh.

Index Table: Top Rated Cedarwood Insoles

1ZEDERNA Unisex Natural - Odor Eliminating Cedarwood Insoles
  • Deodorizes
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Natural
2Cedarsole Unisex Natural - Odor Eliminating Cedarwood Insole
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Natural
3ZEDERNA Unisex Three Pack - Natural Cedarwood Insoles
  • Natural
  • Deodorizing
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
4Bosign Unisex Aroma - Natural Cedarwood Blocks
  • Natural
  • Aromatic
5Doterra Unisex Cedarwood - Essentail Oil
  • Natural

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