Best Arch Support Insoles

If your feet ache every single day, consider getting a pair of the best arch support insoles for you.

Fortunately, we compiled this handy buyer’s guide to help you choose the best pair of insoles. For more information on what arch support you need as well as the best features of arch support insoles, read on below!

Best Arch Support Insoles

Arch Support By Foot Type

Every person has a different kind of arch and will thus need different arch support. The three primary foot type categories are:

  1. High Arches – High arches need the highest degree of arch support, the steeper the better. When walking on extremely high arches for long distances, one can experience a lot of pain in the ball of the foot and the heels. High arches also tend to wear out shoes very quickly.
  2. Flat Arches – Flat feet are one of the most common foot types to have, so don’t feel put out by them. The truth about them is that most factory-made shoes use insoles for medium arches, which can often cause discomfort and pronation issues for those with flat arches. A flat pair of insoles with a heel grip will likely do these arches a world of good!
  3. Medium Arches – Medium arches (also known as neutral arches) account for all the arches that fall between the extremes of high and flat. If you have medium arches and your shoes hurt your feet after standing a while, then you will benefit from arch support insoles. Most neutral arch support insoles will work wonders for you and your feet.

Arch Support By Medical Conditions

The list below details some of the greatest medical concerns that require the best insole arch support and the type of support needed for each.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar Fasciitis is likeliest cause of foot pain in the majority of individuals. The plantar fascia (the ligament that creates the arches of the feet) becomes either bruised, fractured or torn. In the most severe cases, walking becomes impossible without the right insoles. Find a thicker pair of insoles for your foot type with a mild heel lift.
  • Heel Spurs – Heel spurs occur when a calcium deposit develops close to the heel of the feet. This creates a nasty, stabbing pain in that area and is naturally, very tender to place any pressure on. To best help you during this time, a pair of soft, cushioned insoles with a deep heel cup can help. You will also need to find a pair that distributes pressure away from the heels.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – This condition is a result of fracturing, bruising or swelling of the upper back portion of the heel – your ‘Achilles heel.’ With this condition, a mild heel lift would be welcomed, as well as a deep heel cup. Arch support helps too because it takes the pressure off the heels.
  • Ball of Foot Pain – Ball of Foot pain is common for those who love their high heels! The forefoot area becomes sore after too much pressure is applied to it. For this condition, one needs a pair of insoles with arch support as well as forefoot support. A metatarsal lift also helps to soothe the pain.
  • Diabetes – Diabetics need good insoles with arch support to prevent themselves from hurting their feet. Diabetic neuropathy causes the feet to go numb and be more susceptible to bruising. Arch support and shock absorbency lower the impact the feet take when making a stride. Diabetic insoles also allow the toes more room to ensure they don’t knock against the sides.

Features of a Good Arch Support Orthotic Insoles

Arch support is at it’s best when in combination with the following features!

  • Energy Return – Carefully designed arch support insoles use principles of applied physics to make walking easier. When we take a step, force is applied on our feet. When we take a step in energy return insoles, a portion of the force is returned to us as energy, making walking feel lighter and reducing the impact.
  • Adaptive Arch Technology – Adaptive arches in insoles are great for all foot types. These arches are made from a material that molds precisely to the feet (like reinforced memory foam). Whenever the arches of your feet flex, the insoles flex with their shape, giving you optimal support at every micro-moment of the way!
  • Multiple Layers – Multiple layers of reinforcement and cushioning add more comfort and support! It is as simple as that.
  • Moisture Wicking – Moisture wicking insoles are highly absorbent and dry off in a flash. This allows them to efficiently remove any moisture and keep your feet dry throughout the day. Reduced moisture in your shoes prevents blisters and foot infections, like Athlete’s Foot.
  • Shock Absorbency – Shock absorbing arch support insoles also reduce the load your feet endure by reducing the impact they are exposed to. Gel shock pads or shock resistant insoles distribute the force evenly over the feet or deflect the majority of the force away entirely.

Reviews: Best Arch Support Insole

The best arch support insoles will keep your feet feeling great no matter what you do. Have a look at a few of the best ones down below.

  • These Samurai Insoles were designed by podiatrists, they are a great choice of flat feet arch support insoles.
  • Living up to this reputation, Samurai Insoles allow those with flat feet to enjoy their daily lives free of pain!
  • The insoles have a very gentle heel lift to accommodate those with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and more.
  • Designed to aid pronation control, which is a common problem in those with fallen arches.
  • Made of multiple layers to help protect your flat arches as well as making them feel luxurious with every step.
  • Reduces moisture inside your shoes and prevent bacterial infections from occurring.

  • These high arch support insoles are made for those who have extremely high arches, giving just under 1.5 inches of arch support!
  • The arches are adaptive, meaning that they will conform to every shape your arches may change into while you walk.
  • The underside has a heel cap stabilizer, promoting endurance, durability, stability and better balance inside your shoes.
  • The deep heel cup is great for those who suffer from heel pain, heel spurs and any other medical condition in which the heel experiences discomfort.
  • Ideal for running, walking or working in and are guaranteed to last an incredibly long time.

  • These insoles will mold to the shape of your feet thanks to the base cork layer and are designed for medium neutral arches.
  • The top layer will keep your feet dry, wicking away moisture and ensuring less bacterial activity.
  • A layer of comfort foam rests right beneath the surface, pampering the feet with every step you take.
  • Reinforced foam padding is used in the heel to make it extra comfortable, especially if you have a heel spur or plantar fasciitis.
  • These arch support insoles will correct foot alignment and get more comfortable as time wears on!

  • These insoles from New Balance aim to take the maximum force off your feet by distributing the pressure evenly during stride.
  • The anatomically designed arch support and gentle heel cradle work together to take the pressure off and provide pain relief.
  • The top layer is made from Plastazote, which incorporates adaptive arch technology to mold to your feet and provide the best possible arch support.
  • The gel shock pads in the heels and forefoot will aid to deflect impact away from these sensitive areas of the feet, thereby improving comfort and reducing pain.
  • Suitable for athletic shoes, work boots, casual shoes or hiking shoes.

  • These insoles by Powerstep were made for most foot types, with the exception of extremely high arches.
  • The semi-rigid shell that encases your feet allows for the best balance of flexibility and firmness, providing immaculate arch support.
  • Dual-layered foam cushioning prevents an overload of force from penetrating into your feet and makes them feel ultra comfortable.
  • An anti-microbial top layer was put in use to reduce heat and friction, which discourages both bacteria and blistering.
  • Cradle your feet in these insoles with their deep heel cradles and enjoy walking around day to day without discomfort.

  • With multiple layers, gel shock pads and a fantastic range of flex, these insoles are ideal for arch support.
  • The U-shaped heel cup is deep and stable, holding your feet in place and improving motion control.
  • The top fabric is antimicrobial, hygienic and breathable, encouraging your feet to remain fresh for all day comfort.
  • A secondary layer focuses on eliminating all moisture, wicking it away quickly so your feet never feel moist.
  • The base consists of a thick layer of energy absorbing EVA foam, which naturally comforts your feet, supports your arches and allows for perfect balanced steps.
  • Gel shock pads on the underside provide grip and deflect any jarring impacts from tiring out your arches.
  • Ideal for flat feet, plantar fasciitis or heel pain.

  • Podiatrist-designed arch support and robust functionality are what make these insoles ideal for both athletics and casual activities.
  • The arch support serves to balance the structure of the feet, offering a pain relief solution to those who have flat feet, shin splints, achilles tendonitis and more.
  • A deep heel cradle crafted from durable high density EVA foam holds your feet in the perfect posture and controls problems associated with pronation.
  • An antimicrobial top layer prevents moisture buildup and puts a halt to bacterial activity, allowing your feet to feel and smell better all day long.
  • The low profile design is ergonomic and made to fit inside any shoe from hiking boots to casual sneakers.

  • High density memory foam insoles are one of the best arch support solutions, providing constant support due to their high rebound.
  • With every step you make, these insoles will change their shape according to the shape your feet make, cushioning you optimally at all times.
  • Ultra lightweight and constructed with a built-in grip, these have an uplifting effect on your feet and are able to fend off foot fatigue.
  • The full arch shell has ridges that deflect force as well as allowing some flexibility in foot movements.
  • A deep heel cup ensures your feet remain in one place inside your shoes and help reduce the risk of blisters or bruises.
  • Ideal for all foot types.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Arch Support Insoles

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