Asics® Replacement Insoles

Asics shoes have some of the best original insoles when it comes to cushioning and shock absorbency. Therefore you need to find and insole that can make up for these features.

Asics Insoles

Asics Shoes Anatomy

Asics is one of my general favorite brands when it comes to athletic shoes for running, walking or even leisure wear. their designs are highly functional and innovative while remaining extremely fashionable and stylish to wear. Asics footwear is lightweight, supportive and comfortable and comes in a vast range of colors and patterns to choose from.

the basic concept in Asics footwear is the forefoot and rearfoot cushioning system that protects your feet against impact in the areas that are the most affected. their designs are very lightweight and flexible allowing for easy movement, and likewise offer superb structural stability and motion control, which in turn is great if you pronate excessively.

Asics Athletic shoes contain so many technologies and features that it may be difficult to replace their insoles. Here are some of their most popular technologies to consider and look forward to;

  • Impact Guidance System – The Impact Guidance System is the overarching principle that Asics used to make all their components work together in harmony and to add additional functions and features too.

  • AHAR Outsole – Asics outsole are manufactured from High abrasion resistant Rubber that offers excellent cushioning and shock absorbency while ensuring perfect grip on wet and dry surfaces and being super durable and long lasting.

  • Trusstic System – This system is used to give structural stability to the shoe while still maintaining its flexibility.

  • Midsole – The Asics midsole is known to be superiorly lightweight and offers the best cushioning, usually made from either SPEVA or Solyte materials.

  • GEL – the Gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel area provides the best in shock absorption and protects the heels and forefeet against impact.

  • Sockliner – The sockliner or insole is made from cushioning foam and is usually removable or replaceable if needed.

  • Uppers – Athe uppers are designed to be form fitting with breathable and cooling materials that are durable and very lightweight.

  • Heel Counter – The heel counter is designed to keep your heels securely in place preventing injuries and ankle sprains.

Choosing the Best Insoles for Your Asics Running or Walking Shoes

The main two aspects to consider when choosing the best replacement insole for your Asics shoes, are to choose the correct fit for your shoe model, and to choose an insole that provides the perfect arch support for your specific arch type, whether low, neutral or high.

I would recommend looking for replacement insoles that hold similar features to the original insoles of your Asics shoe model. Then there is also the factor of sie for your Asics shoes, if you are a runner or avid walker, the right support will be needed in an insole, such as cushioning, shock absorbency and a firm heel counter.

In the end, the fit is key, you can select a replacement insole that is the same size as your shoe, or opts for a trim to fit option that you can cut into the perfect fit.

Features of a Good Asics Replacement Insole

  • Gel toe and Heel padding.
  • Good Foam or gel cushioning.
  • A firm heel cup or counter.
  • The right arch support for your foot type.
  • Anti-Skid or silicone bottom that will not slip in your shoes.
  • Low profile and thin design.
  • Replacement design to replace original insoles.
  • Orthotic arch support for your specific arch type.
  • Athletic durable design.
  • Foam, gel EVA or leather construction.
  • A moisture wicking, stay dry top lining.

Reviews: The Best Asics Replacement Insoles


The Gel Shox High Impact Coolmax design replacement Insoles from Native Planet is designed almost similar to the original Asics insoles and therefore make the perfect replacement insole for your Asics Shoes.

  • Coolmax cooling and drying technology.
  • Gel honeycomb structured technology, for support, cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Ideal pressure relief zones with added cushioning and an arch supportive shape.
  • Will fit almost any shoe type or brand.
  • Perfect for being active on your feet all day.


The Spenco Polysorb offers some unique shock absorbing features, particularly for individuals who suffer from heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis.

Along with this, they are likewise a superb choice in replacement insoles for your Asics shoe brands.

  • A moisture wicking 4-way stretchable Nylon top liner that is bacteria and odor resistant.
  • Layers of Spencore material and Lightweight Polyurethane offers exceptional shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • Extra cushioning in the heel and a supportive metatarsal dome.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.


These insoles from new balance are great replacements for your Asics Bran, in turn, offering exceptional cushioning and support.

  • Ensure the best anatomical arch support with a cradling and stabilizing contoured shape and heel cradle.
  • Platazole comfort top cover.
  • Popular ABZORB cushioning, for comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Uniquely designed metatarsal and heel support to prevent and relieve pain in these areas.


Plush and comfortable orthotic support insoles from Spencore for your Asics shoes.

  • A flexible and moisture wicking Nylon top layer.
  • Treated with Silpure to protect your feet against bacteria and odors.
  • Cushioning Spencore top layer for comfort and Polyurethane mid layers to provide excellent shock absorbency.
  • There are seven sizes available for the perfect fit and arch support placement.
  • The arch is moldable and the entire insole is flexible to support and control motion.


The 3ANGI Orthotic insole for your Asics shoe brand provides exceptional High Arch support and comfort for foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Valgus.

  • Great for foot conditions including Plantar Fasciitis, Foot valgus,metatarsalgia, and high arches or pronation issues.
  • Anti fatigue energyreturning design.
  • The ergonomically contoured shape that provides metatarsal, arch and heel support.
  • Ideal for wider and looser style shoes such as some of your Asics models.


Sof Sole insoles fit perfectly in almost any style shoe or shoe brand and they seem to be quite perfect when it comes to Asics athletic shoe models.

  • The COOLMAX top layer offers superb ventilation and cooling.
  • Skydex air bubbles in the heel provide cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • A comfortable Gel forefoot, And excellent arch support.
  • Similar deisgn to Asics original insoles.
  • The perfect fit and support for running, walking and cross-training shoes.

Index Table: Top Rated Asics Replacement Insoles

1Native Planet Unisex Gel SHOX - High Impact Asics Replacement Insoles
  • COOLMAX Uppers
  • Honeycomb Gel
Native Planet98
2Spenco Unisex Polysorb - Athletic Brooks Shoes Replacement Insoles
  • High Arch Support
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Lightweight Cushioned
3New Balance Unisex 3030 - Pressure Relief Replacement Insoles for Altra Shoes
  • Abzorb Cushioning
  • All Shoe Types
New Balance98
4Spenco Unisex RX - Orthotic Arch Support Asics Replacement Insole
  • Spencore Cushioning
  • Moldable Arch
  • Shock Absorbing
53AGNI Unisex Orthotic - High Arch Asics Replacement Insoles
  • Breathable
  • Stability
  • PU Foam Support
6Sof Sole Unisex - Athletic Replacement Insole for Asics Shoes
  • Gel Forefoot
  • Skydex Air Bubbles
Sof Sole98

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